high paying job vs happiness, personal reasons for leaving a job. Left that High paying job for work which I Passionate about

Leaving High paying job to follow my Passion

What’s your choice between High paying job vs Happiness ??

Keep doing high paying job that lacks your personal interest or start working on your passion. A work, you really enjoy doing that fulfills your passion plus career interest.

No matter how much it benefits you presently, But makes you happy inside.  

This article is for you if you prefer to chase your passion instead of the money only. Read further of my views plus personal reasons for leaving a high paying job, to do things that you are passionate about.

Money vs Passion

High paying job gives me a good amount of money, that makes you happy at only one day and that is your payday. While working on your passion, Feels you alive every day.

Doing your favorite work gives you a feeling like living your life to the fullest.  You have a choice between high paying job vs happiness, especially in your early career phase, in your 20s.

The reason to go for happiness.

Just because you will never have to force yourself doing anything. Or only for money.

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Change job for Learning perspective

High paying job gives me zero time to learn something new from work or outside the workplace. Because that work won’t let me have enough time to pursue my own passion.

A work for which I passionate about is itself inspiring to learn new things and work actively. When you work on yourself, for your passion.

You start getting ideas from hearts, not just from minds. I have a solid answer for them who ask me why change jobs too often, Because i really want to work and learn.

To reach own full potentials

When you are doing high paying jobs, you completely driven by the money.

Money is indeed a need for life. But only chasing money and not working on ownself, can damage your career. 

The reason for Leaving High paying job is also due to not having well future growth opportunities.

As it was not developing a skill that leads me a future success.  While the work 0n, what I passionate about fulfilling my interests and exciting about the better future. 

High paying job makes you miserable

When I was in that High paying job, I used to question myself over what I was doing. Always thought about quitting the job, I had no idea where I was going.

I thought I only work to pay my bills and repeat it every month. But from the moment I have starting work on my own self, no I realize what i misssed in my early 20s.

That’s a regret of not doing the things when I had time to do.

Not working on passion and having a money mindset only on the early career stage, that may lead to unfulfilling future regrets.  

A clear idea of where this career leads you

High paying job makes you go only for the sake of money. While working on passion leads you to Personal discovery, inner happiness.

A passion always keeps your inside child alive and never let to get bored. Working on passion adds value to yourself and your life.

Delivers Purpose of your life. Pursing own passion gives you a reason to live your life fully.

That high paying job will realize you Money is not everything

At the initial career stage, not solely focus on the money first. Aim to build your skills and career around your interest.

That’s what experience taught me, after found myself lost when looking at own career development. A high paying job undoubtedly gives me good money and support for my dream life.

But when I came to know the actual picture, realized Self-development is a great investment. Instead of chasing money prefer to improve your skills and invest your time like real money.

If you have that work Passion and you Satisfy that with actively working it, Then money will definitely follow.

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Working on passion, Leads you to Better future

When I was in my well paying job, I put my every efforts to achieve the company’s targets.

Agree…that’s what for which you are responsible.

But that becomes tragic when you have to sacrifice own principles and work ethic. Sometimes you don’t have even time for yourself, too. Due to high paying jobs, it’s impossible to work on my own self. 

That led me to a decision for making career change and start work For own growth.

For fulfilling own passion.

Think about a career change when career changes you

Whatever you do in your career, our prime focus has to be a self-development. We all, don’t want to stay in the same situation, Right ??

A High paying job adds no more value to your life… if there’s only money that motivates you. 

It actually cost your time and efforts, if not inspiring to work harder. At the early career stage, have an aim to acquire experiences and learn from it.

That make me realize what  I’m passionate about and what I require to do further.

That negative marks on your Personality

A High paying job makes me more conscious about work than life quality. There’s always a company’s targets, customer’s complaints, company goals are first over your own health and time.

Remember paycheck is an amount that you received for handling the company’s every burden, and sacrificing own wishes.

That work puts you in negative situation , affects your personality and behavior adversely.

Instead, working for a paycheck, prefer to work on yourself. Have a focus to maintain your cool and Work with full concent.

Prefer to quit high paying job for less stress, more time freedom.

Find your Career Calling, your purpose

At any career stage, you realize that your high paying job is not worth to spend your time and efforts. Then it’s better to leave that job immediately.  

Focus on the things you are passionate about and fulfill your career interest. It’s your career calling, your passion. Leave the job that forcing you to forget about your own life and career goals.

Do the work, that makes you jump out of the bed every morning. 

Just ask yourself, What makes you more fulfilling and Happy ??

Money or happiness of working on own passion.

High paying job or Passion that feels you complete. 

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