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Some of the Life Lessons Learned by 20s age

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Life in the 20s is full of surprises and adventures on a daily basis.  And why not, major important life lessons learned in anyone’s life come from their  20s. 

You can take 20s as the most challenging times of your life or the precious time to work upon yourself for a better future.  You can be that depressed one, who argues and complains about everything happening in life or to be the one who learned a lot of life changing lessons in 20s that help you in your entire life. 

So what is the lesson that life in your 20s teaches you and what are those major things to achieve from this developing era? Here are the top life lessons you learned in your 20s.

List of Life Lessons Learned in your 20s

You are being too hard for yourself

Agree, that you have to settle the career first also facing pressure to settle in personal life, to be with someone in positive relations. But because of that everything you just being too hard for yourself. You have to take yourself easily because you are just being so hard to yourself.

You think you can handle everything and you should do it all alone, and that’s the reason you learn important life lessons in your 20s that you need to take some break and make yourself free from the pressure created by you.

So give yourself some credit and time to lose some burden.


In 20s, You lose a friend as you grow

That’s right as the time passes in your 20s, the more you get to know that you start losing your friends. Your friend circle becomes smaller and smaller and that’s completely normal.

You don’t have to blame yourself for that, you are not the reason for losing friends in your 20s. After all, that’s good for you because now you left with the friend those ones who are actually your true friends.

So don’t panic, let them go who are leaving, But stay with the ones who are with you. 


Life in your 20s is Unpredictable

You have to make yourself believe that life in your 20s will not be easy. You have to be ready for the ups and downs regularly, life will never stay the same, and of course the easy one.

You have to make yourself capable enough to cope with the regular difficulties and challenges. Nothing is certain, nor the problems in your 20s. So don’t panic if your plan is not working or you failed. Just be flexible enough and adjust as the situation and time demands. 

Again, don’t forget to learn life lessons from your 20s.

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Money is not everything

Solely having a money goal, later on, teaches you life lessons that money’s not everything. Because money can’t buy happiness and can give you everything in life.

Not everything you can afford with the money. If you are in your 20s and focusing on career growth, then better to set the goal to improve your skills and make a personal brand.

Earning more money shouldn’t be the initial goal if you are really serious about the particular skill you want to develop.

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You are changing jobs too often

When you are in your 20s, a developing year, chances are you find yourself jumping from one job to another every three and six months.

You just can’t stay at one job too often, and there can be a lot of reasons related to lack of interest or missing passion or any personal reason. You find yourself, changing jobs too often, you just can’t settle with one for even longer. Indeed, you feel that every job is perfect till a week or two, but after that, you just lose interest from it gradually.

Especially, here you are learning career life lessons, over what’s working for you and what’s not.


Find the Passion…That’s what 20s is about

Life in your 20s teaches you a lot of important life lessons that create your personality and behavior for the future.

You need to try as many things as possible to find out that one thing of your interest. Finding your passion should be your top priority in your 20s. Without passion and interest, you can not achieve success.

You have to figure out the things you are good at and things you want to work for your entire life.

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A Relationship is not that easy as it Seems

Now you are not that teenagers, who daydream a lot about romantic feelings and believe that movie love stories can be true. 

You have a lot of heartbreaks and suffering from love incidents that completely change your thinking about it. That right person, you do not get that easily as it has been shown.

You believe that it’s better to move on, rather than change yourself completely so that others can like you.

In 20s, you prefer to stay away from such negative aspects of life and anything that hurt yourself, because you have important life lessons learned from past relationships.


You understand the value of Self-improvements

It’s you or external events in your life, make you realize that time is everything. You are not partying anymore, in the same manner as you used to.

In your 20s, you learned a life lesson that time is everything and self improvement goals are required. So now you invest significant amounts of your time in the things that actually help you make a better person.

You prefer to read books, online learning, developing skills, and everything that is part of your self-improvements program. 


You need to stop being a Perfectionist

Till your 20s, you are chained in the process to do everything perfectly. Now in a practical world, you realize that you don’t have to follow perfectionism.

Nothing is perfect and also not required as well.

At some point,you learned life lessons that in order to accomplish the task and meet your goal, you have to let go of your nature of being perfect.

That just delaying the work completion process and creating the gap between the end goals.

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You really need to get out of your shell

Now you realize why your school teachers were forcing you to participate in public speaking. Now you realize that you are reserved personality and 20s is the time to leave your shell.

You just can not do anything great, if you stay in your comfort zone.

You need to leave your introvert behavior and explore new things. It’s better to try something new and fail many times, rather than doing nothing due to negative thinking.

You have to be your own supporter and stand up for yourself. Because no one else can do that for you.


Things are not Free, you have to Give something every time

You are in your practical phase of life, in your 20s where you learn that you have to pay for everything you have got in life.

Not every time you can pay money and get things in return.

Some easy things you can buy in exchange for money. But talking about the experience, learning, skills you just can not acquire that with money so easily.

You have to give your efforts, persistence, passion, and especially a time to achieve something.

The 20s age teaches you life lessons that time is real money.

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Final thoughts

Life in 20s brings a lot of growth opportunities and several testing, and ways to understand your own self.

Indeed, if you are a learner you end up getting more and more life lessons learned from life, and not only in your 20s but from the rest life. But 20s are the time that you get to the practical aspects of life and learn things through experiences. 

Like said earlier, you don’t necessarily need to be perfect in every, in your 20s.

All you need is to find the right things for you. You require to know your passion and purpose in your life and keep doing it for your entire life.

Just don’t stop Learning in 20s, because that’s the way to get Going and Growing.

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