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You are passionate about something. Here are the signs…

Last updated on May 26th, 2020 at 04:03 pm

Passion is a requirement of success.

Not everyone can find it easily.  As that won’t find any way.

But it all depends on your work dedication and actual interest.

Your work approach itself showing you are passionate about something or not.

Everyone in this world is gifted with unique skill-sets.

So it may happen that, work seems boring to one, Others may have passionate about it.

We all had that one or more work, which we never get tired of doing.

When we do it, we feel like we are not in this world.

We forget the time, we forget others around us, all there is to enjoy doing it.

And this seems unnatural behavior to others because they tend to treat that person like crazy scientists. Read further…

What does it mean to be passionate about something?

It’s your passion, when money is not first here.

When you are dedicated to your work or passionate about own doing, you don’t have concern for income. At early phase.

You have that passion to learn this thing and work on that, so it’s not money that motivates you to work.

If it’s your passion that let you work happily, even you getting less from it.

But you do it for learning.

People around you call you crazy, as you don’t hesitate to leave the high paying job you have and doing the work of your interest with less pay.


You ownself invest in leaning things, you passionate about 

Your learning interest and self interest, itself show you are passionate about something.

You always in search of learning something you feel the passion.

Usually, you kept yourself busy learning new strategies to improve work. 

You also spend your free time to search for new updates & news related to your work. Because all you want is to deliver good results.


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When your passion motivating you

If you are passionate about something then the seeing yourself doing, itself motivates you.

You don’t need any external sources to motivate you to start work, you motivate on your own.

Because this is your passion and you committed to your passion.

Whatever you do, you just like anything else.

You always in search of the ways through which you can how to improve your work and make a better results.


You make a plan, what to do this coming six months

An ultimate reason for not committing to working is due to having no interest in it.

If you are passionate about what you are doing, you ownself make a plan and adhere to it.

You very well know what you doing and why you are doing.

Because you taking interest in work and known to every detail of it.

No one takes so interest in the things, they don’t like.  

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You like to talk more about your work

Everyone likes to discuss the things they like the most.

You like to talk about the work you are doing, how you doing and all.

Because of this others may take you as a Boring person, who kept own self busy at work only.

But you have no any problem with that tag.

You simply are that unique species who don’t complain and just working

You find enjoyment for you, at work you are doing. 

Because you are so much into living your passion, you just love working.


You don’t hate Monday (Only if you are passionate about something) 

A reason for liking the weekends more shows that you are not happy with the work you are doing or you have to force yourself to do it.

Many people’s Sunday pass by the idea in mind that they have to work tomorrow.

It’s not in the case of passionate people.

A person who dedicated to his work simply enjoys Monday morning as much as weekends.

They are not afraid of Monday, they are ready for a new task, new week.


Have enough quality time, apart from work

You like your work because it lets you give extra time to do things that you love.

This work gives you personal space so that you can spend time with your family & in your habits.

You like this work because this doesn’t impact on your personal life, as well.

You can enjoy that free time to improve yourself & refreshments.


Like to guide other for work, you doing

It’s said that you know the stuff well if you can teach others well about it.

As you are passionate about your work, you like to teach others about it.

You like to discuss your work, strategies & methods.  

And because of that immense interest in the subject, it also impacts positively on others who take lessons from you.

Your passion to motivate them to do well.

Everyone around you starts liking you for the work you are doing and come to your desk for getting advice.

Because they know you’ll like to help.


You manage work properly

You make a plan for the things, for which you care.

You’ll do nothing if it’s mean nothing to you.

You know your work, responsibility and hence you yourself make a plan to do it.

Because others are not as passionate as you are.

So you decided to make it happen by own terms.

You manage your work well and also keep checking the progress.


Have set the future goals based on current work

As you are passionate about your work, you know where you are & where you will in the future.

You have that idea in mind, How this work will make your future.

You want to see yourself to achieve expertise in this, hence you determine some targets to achieve.

You very well know how to stay focused on goals and achieve them.

You direct all current actions towards the goal, passionate about thing you do.   


You work for passion, not for Hours

If you are self-employed, you know that you simply can’t get that expert tag, by spending more years in it.

You have to keep learning & practicing, this will set the benchmark.

Same as, if you are an employee, you don’t work for completing the working hours, you do it to complete the task.

Because you living your passion, your focus is on completing the task.

Not just to wait for the time finish.

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