Different and Creative Ways to Say YES

144 Creative, Flirty and Funny Ways to Say YES [Unique Ones!]

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“Okay, get it.”

“Yea, I will do it.”

Do you know… your boring ‘YES can hurt their feelings more than your confident ‘NOO’.

So, if you are looking for different, creative, and funny ways to say yes, then you are at the right place.

Here, we are sharing the list of other ways to say YES to make them feel excited, inspired, and especially appreciated in the end.


Say ‘YES’, As You Mean It!!

Simply saying YES to everyone, to everything is not enough every time.

Sometimes you better have more creative ways to say yes, to make it more engaging, and comforting, for them. 

Don’t be so boring, by simply saying yes to them, there are some creative, different, surprising, and flirty ways to agree with someone or their very special proposal for you. 

Overall, such positive responses help in developing a stronger and better connection with them. 

If you want to make your approval look unique, special, and memorable… then there are the best ways to say yes.

With such perfect lists of saying yes, we want you to look different from the crowd.

Apart from that, there are also witty and sarcastic ways to agree with someone.

That you can use when you’re not in the right mood.

But, you still agree with them. Because… you can’t say no or don’t want to make anyone cry because of you. 

Are you ready to be a nice and supportive person? So, let’s get started.


Funny Ways To Say YES

Funny ways to say YES

First, we start with some hilarious and sarcastic ways to say yes.

These are some amazing approvals that you can reply to when asked by your best friend and close ones.

Follow some witty ways to make them smile, who ask or seek your approval or support even in tough situations.

These help to make some light mood and to feel relaxed a bit. 

1. You know, that I can’t say No. 

2. Do I have any other choice?

3. This is the final time, I’m going to help you.

4. I’m in. But, Do you take responsibility if things go wrong?

5. And, what if we will get caught by someone. 

6. You are my buddies, How can I say no to you? 

7. YES, YES, YES. 

8. Have you ever heard ‘No’ from me? 

9. Don’t ever ask me again? Just order. 

10. Yes, Because I know, No one will ever help you. 

11. I wish you never asked. But, okay… it’s fine. 

12. Oh, look even my cat agreeing with you. 

13. So, what is the plan?

14. Wait, have you arranged the bail?

15. Yes, only if you sign me a dollar cheque.

16. You are about to get the simplest YES from me.

17. Okay, but never forget my contribution.

18. It’s a YES from me. 

19. I’m with you friend, only because no one believes you.

20. No worries, I’m always with you. 

21. I hate you, but I love you. 

22. Ok, so let me check my availability. 

23. Wow, you get a special discount, a yes from me. 

24. Captain (Your name), Reporting Sir!!

25. Well, I think you forget to say PLEASE.

26. I wish to have the same people on the list as you have.

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Creative Ways To Say YES

Creative ways to say YES

Now let’s have a look at some innovative and unusual ways to express your approval to them.

Want to make them feel special and respected, then these are such cool ways to say yes to them.

Using this you don’t look different, but also show your enthusiasm to contribute likewise. 

1. I’m always in, brother.

2. There was already yes, before even your asking. 

3. Not a thousand, but a million times… YES, my friend.

4. I’m here only for you.

5. You know the art of asking for help. 

6. You will get your approval letter soon. 

7. You never left me with the other option.

8. Agree with you. 

9. I hope you will never forget my help, right now. 

10. Just remember this time, you need to pay back later.

11. Of course, let’s do this. 

12. I’m happy to help, sir.

13. Feeling grateful that you ask for my help.

14. Seriously, I couldn’t agree more. 

15. I know, only I can solve this for you.

16. Still, I’m waiting for the time, when you help me back. 

17. Now you have my vote.

18. So, let’s do the paperwork. 

19. Only because I hate arguments, I’m saying YES.

20. Stop crying, I’m with you. Okay!!

21. I wish I could say NO. 

22. Yes, only if you have asked me first, before anyone else. 

23. It’s a green signal. Let’s GO.

24. Indeed, I don’t have any problem with that. 

25. Seems like a great idea. I’m in.

26. Ask me again and it will be No. Try it.

27. I don’t want to see you cry, I’m saying YES.

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Cute Ways To Say YES

Cute ways to say YES

Time to respond to their questions or proposals in a cuter way possible.

Whether it’s your partner or bae, such responses are enough to express your feelings for them greatly.

If that person means something special and you want to feel the same, then these are your perfect ways to say yes.  

1. That’s great, let’s do this. 

2. I’m here only for you. 

3. This is the purpose of my life. Thank you. 

4. Welcome. Oh, I thought you thanked me. 

5. I don’t have any other option than to say yes. 

6. Whatever you say, I agree with you. 

7. Yes, but you have to give me your car for one day. 

8. Feeling so proud of you, let’s do it.

9. Liked your idea, that’s amazing. 

10. So, when will we start?

11. Ok, inform me, whenever you need something. 

12. I don’t know why, but have to say YES.

13. This is crazy, but you know… I can’t leave you alone

14. Do you have anyone who will say Yes to this?

15. I know this is insane, but everything is fair for our friendship.

16. What will you do, if I say yes to this? 

17. Do I have to approve it or have you already thought in the same way?

18. For our friendship, it’s yes. 

19. Yes, only because you are a good guy. 

20. First, tell me, who is the best?

21. It’s already yes, my friend. 

22. Just for you, baby.

23. What do you do if I say No?

24. Can you see the smile on my face? It’s saying yes.

25. Based on our friendship and your genuine nature, I’m saying yes to you.

26. Have I ever said no to you for anything? Then. 

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Flirty Ways To Say Yes To A Date or Something

Flirty Ways To Say Yes To A Date or Proposals

Whether your best friend who has a crush on you asks you out or you meet someone on tinder or bumble who set up a date with you, be dramatic and flirty when you accept any proposal. 

Well, they may have taken a long time to propose but you’re really happy that they finally approached you for a date or meetup plan.

Such a surpirsing approach shows your excitement through text, allowing them to plan something special even if you’re meeting after a long time or for the first time. 

1. I’ll only do it, only if you give me a kiss. 

2. So, finally you found the one, huh!

3. I never know that you’re seeing me that way. 

4. Yeah, I’m ready. But, why so late to confess this.

5. Can I get a hug for it, If I agree to this?

6. Well, you’ve taken so much time to ask. I’ve been crushing you, also. 

7. And, I thought you didn’t love me at all. 

8. I’ll agree only if you buy something for me. 

9. I hope you really know what you mean by that. 

10. You’re not the only one who asks me out. But, I still prefer to go out with you.

11. So now you also find it challenging to go out alone without me, huh?

12. Are you asking me? Just Order me, I’m yours, Btw.

13. Don’t do that, you know how much I love you. 

14. Even if i want to say no, your cuteness make me say Yes for anything.

15. I’ve been waiting for this for ages. You should know that.

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Witty Ways To Say YES to Any Proposals

Witty ways to say YES to Others

Sometimes it’s a good idea to trick your friend a bit, even if you’re ready for their plan or proposals.

After all, you’re bestie and it’s fine to tease them rather than just show your agreement quite easily. 

And when you want to know how to say yes without sounding like approval, to confuse your friends, then these are the best ideas you can follow along.

1. I think I don’t have an option, Right?

2. Don’t ask me, you know I’m always in, Bro. 

3 Yeah, but I will go first in that, Okay?

4. I never expected this from you. 

5. Thank you for this opportunity. 

6. But, why always me, huh!

7. Did you anytime hear no from me, then??

8. You asked me first so i’m coming. 

9. Oh, here we go!

10. Only a fool can ignore this plan. 

11. Don’t say anything extra, Let’s go!

12. I trust you, buddy, I’m in.

13. Your proposal is accepted. 

14. I have been waiting for this moment. 

15.  Wow, you’re a nice person. 

16. I’m glad that you asked for permission. 

17. Agree but don’t tell anyone about it. 

18. Let’s go, I have nothing to do here. 

19. I love you, Did you forget that?

20. It’s only you who know my value, friend. 

21. Oh My God, are you crying? Please, don’t do that. 

22. And who will be responsible?

23. Yeah, anything to get out of this place. 

24. I hope you don’t forget your wallet this time. 

25. It’s a Deal, Okay!

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Sarcastic Ways To Say YES

Sarcastic ways to say yes, witty ways to say yes

Whether you’re a couch potato or have decided to spend the weekend alone, saying yes to your friend’s party invitation will be definitely hard for you.

But yeah, you have to… ‘a friendship formality’ we know. 

Such funny ways of saying yes and you give them hints that if their plan will be no good, they are in trouble. 

So, if you want some sarcastic and witty ways of saying yes, then here are some good ideas. 

1. Aye sir, Let’s go. 

2. Okay then, let’s see what’s there?

3. Well, I have some different plans. But, let’s go, anyway. 

4. Yes, I’m coming. Told you already. 

4. So, Is this your plan? Let’s see. 

5. Okay, but you have to pay. 

6. Just for this last time, Understood!!

7. Well, you know how to make someone agree. 

8. Make sure it won’t happen like last time. 

9. If this will be no good, you pay for this. 

10. Yeah, I’m in. I have no other option than to say yes. 

11. So you know what exactly kicks me, Right?

12. I’m totally confused. But still, I want to give it a try. 

13. Go one and I will join you later. 

14. Yes, my lord. I accept what you say. 

15. There is no need to ask, I’m in, you know!

16. See my dog also wants to join, Can he?

17. I know what you’re going to do to me, when I say no. 

18. It’s your plan, so I hope that’ll be good. 

19. So, Is it everything done? Then, let’s go. 

20. It’s only the first and last time I’m saying… YESSS!

21. I’m in, but I will drive. 

22. You always spoil my weekends, Right?

23. The one more reason to hate you.

24. You’re such a master manipulator. 

25. NO (But, nod your head in approval with a thumbs up)

26. Now I get it. This is the reason why you’ve been buttering me up lately, Right? That’s fine… let’s Go.

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How many different ways can you say ‘Yes’?

Well, there are numerous different ways to say yes.

But, it’s up to you, how to express your approval to them.

Of course, you can reply with simply ‘YES’ like the regular ones, or you can have your unique approach to express your acceptance, just like we discussed here. 

With these discussed unusual, flirty creative ways to say yes to someone, we don’t want you to make your approval feel tired or make them feel helpless, anyhow.

Show your enthusiasm, and give your moral support, in other ways that make real sense.  

Such different ways are worth following when that person means special to you.

To inspire them or be that one and only true friend, But make sure your ‘YES’ is not that regular one.

Because ultimately, it’s not about saying yes that matters… ]

It’s about how much you are excited to help them while saying YES that matters for your connections.

Whether your ‘Yes’ is for the date proposal or any regular assistance, you better want to make it clearly respectful, supportive, and special to them.

It has to make them feel relaxed that… they asked and approached the right person. 


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