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“Why Do You Love Me?” [124 Flirty To Funny Answers When Girlfriend/Boyfriend Asks]

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 04:54 pm

When you are truly in love with someone, you don’t care for any reason why to love them.

You just love them, without thinking much.

That’s why it’s sometimes hard to answer ‘why do you love me’ type questions from your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse.

And, when they ask, you might feel anxiety.

Don’t take it to your head, they aren’t interrogating you, they just want to know why you love them.

That’s why in this post, we will share with you some of the best romantic, flirty, funny responses and the perfect answers to ‘Why you love me’… to make your partner feel admired in the end.

(Or, keep these good replies handy, at least you’ve some reasons to share.)


How Do You Answer Why Do You Love Me?

Like it’s hard to tell someone that I love them, is equally hard to explain ‘why’.

As long as they don’t ask you this question when you propose, you’re in luck. 

Once you finally get together and have been together for a while, you will sometimes be asked by your partner, ‘why do you love me? ‘

By asking the same questions, a person wants to make sure whether you are both thinking the same way.

They actually want to hear something praising and special about them. 

And that’s why they ask Why do you love me?

The reason you love someone cannot be the only one.

But, when this question comes up, like what makes you love me... you have no choice but to give just ‘one reason’. 

As a partner, this might seem like a trap.

Especially when your answer may not be as exciting or what they want to hear.

When you find yourself in this situation, you should know what are some romantic, funny, and special things to say to them to make your relationship even stronger.

And, when you’re still at the edge of starting a relationship.

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When your Girlfriend asks, ‘Why do you love me?’ (Flirty Replies)

When this question appears out of nowhere, it will catch you by surprise.

What does the partner mean, does she doubt your feelings or are you being investigated? 

Well, relax, such are some flirty replies you can share when your girlfriend asks ‘why do you love me’, next time. Don’t overthink, these are the sweetest answers.

When your Girlfriend asks Why do you love me

1. Because that’s the best thing I can do for you. 

2. Because I’m happy that you’re part of my life. 

3. Because you are my pride and I am grateful for you. 

4. Because you are just perfect to me. 

5. Because you deserve my love and respect, that’s it. 

6. Because I want to. 

7. Because you make me feel complete. 

8. Because you are my everything from ‘morning’ to ‘night’.

9. Because with you, I feel at home. 

10. Because your love to me is purely unconditional.

11. Because of the way I connect with you, I feel with no one else. 

12. Because you’re not just a beautiful lady but also a kind person. 

13. Because you listen to me when I share, speak or suggest something. 

14. Because you always surprise me and make me happy

15. Because we both look so great together. 

16. Because you are the reason for so many good things in my life. 

17. Because you are just my type. 

18. Because with just your goodnight to morning wishes you make me feel special. 

19. Because I love almost everything about you. 

20. Because you work hard, are a genuine person, and treat me well.

21. Because you make me feel heard, I find comfort in your presence.

22. Because that’s my right. Am I doing anything wrong?

23. Because god has chosen you for me. 

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When Boyfriend asks, Why Do You Love Me (Good Responses to Share)

It’s not just about the girlfriend, sometimes the boyfriend might ask you ‘why are you in love with me’.

This is actually your chance to thank him for loving you so much.

Additionally, you can also point out his best unique qualities that make you fall in love with him. 

Boyfriend asks Why do you love me

1. Because you have a pure heart and I just respect you. 

2. Because you are the cutest person I ever met. 

3. Because every small gesture from you makes me feel great. 

4. Because I care for you. 

5. Because you’re a very responsible and understandable person. 

6. Because we know almost everything about each other and still haven’t judged.

7. Because you’re the best at everything. 

8. Because you are my ‘that one’.

9. Because you make me feel relaxed and confident. 

10. Because my mom told me that you’re a good person

11. Because I know everything about you and I just love them all. 

12. Because I can see you in my future. 

13. Because you’re a passionate person. 

14. Because you take good care of yourself, so the others. 

15. Because when I see you I see my future. 

16. Because when I’m with you I forget about the others. 

17. Because you never fall behind from impressing me.

18. Because you’re working so hard for our family and supporting us. 

19. Because you never get bored and I enjoy doing new things with you. 

20. Because you have a cute pet dog.

21. Because you’re the most caring, charming, and handsome person I know. 

22. Because you always keep your promise, just like a caring partner.

23. Because I want to see you for the rest of my life.

24. Because I never meet someone so perfect like you.

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Cute Why Do You Love Me Answer for Her

Be sure to know in which context your wife or girlfriend is asking this question.

And, being silent, taking more than 30 seconds to answer is also not a good solution. To break the awkward silence, you can take some good ideas from the given list. 

And these answers are a clever, and lovely response to make her feel great. 

Cute why do you love me answer for her

1. Because you care and respect yourself. 

2. Because I have the most romantic reason to marry you

3. Because you care for me and are afraid of losing me. 

4. Because your touch makes me feel something. 

5. Because there’s something special about you.

6. Because we are not perfect and still we complete each other well. 

7. Because you’re not a selfish person. 

8. Because around you, I feel the special vibe. 

9. Because you are my inspiration. 

10. Because it’s my responsibility, we’re married. Do you forget that?

11. Because you’re not so different than me. 

12. Because you’re a romantic person and I love to do a good thing for you. 

13. Because with you I never feel alone or bored sound you. 

14. Because you completely changed my whole perspective. 

15. Because you’re a cute girl, I’m your guy. 

16. Because I have never met someone like you before. 

17. Because my parents choose you for me. 

18. Because that’s what god ordered me to do. 

19. Because you’re the only person that I rely on

20. Because I love the way you’re.

21. Because I can’t control myself from loving you.

22. Because that’s the only job I have.

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Romantic Why Do You Love Me Answer for Him

Whether you’re in a fresh relationship or the long-lasting one, such questions will come there anyway.

And if you answer without looking into why they asked, you may regret it later. Answer in such a way that increases the level of intimacy between you two.

Let them know that you not only just love them but also cherish them dearly.

Romantic why do you love me answer for him

1. Because you’re not just handsome but also a good guy. 

2. Because you’re the one I want to share my everything. 

3. Because I feel great seeing you smile because of me. 

4. Because you’re making my life a lot better every day. 

5. Because you’re a caring, lovable and honest person. 

6. Because you help me to be myself.

7. Because you’re the good thing that happened to me. 

8. Because you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever been with. 

9. Because you make me something which I never without you.

10. Because you taught me how to love.

11. Because I’m your woman and you’re my man. 

12. Because you accept me for whoever I am.

13. Because you invest in our connection equally and genuinely. 

14. Because I want to know how it feels when you’re in love.

15. Because I enjoy spending time with you. 

16. Because that’s what I can do the best. 

17. Because you are a whole different person in this world.

18. Because I’m sure no one has ever loved you this way.

19. Because you are my lucky charm and a charming person, too.

20. Because you’re my crush.

21. Because when I can pretend you and me like a husband and a wife.

22. Because you’re worthy of my love. You deserve it.

23. Because it is only you who made me realize what it is like to be loved. 

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Funny Answers to Why Do You Love Me

Now, before we move on with this list, you need to be sure about their moods.

Also, why they are asking this? Whenever they ask in a relaxed mood, you can use these witty responses to answer why you love them.

However, this is not the best option when they expect a romantic, serious, and honest response on why you love me.

This response may break their heart because you’re making it fun, not taking it seriously. So, go ahead wisely. 

Funny answers to why do you love me

1. Because I have no other option. 

2. Wait a minute, who said that?

3. Because you’re my girlfriend/boyfriend. Should I stop it?

4. Because you love me, I guess. Don’t you love me?

5. Because my parents and family love you and see you as a good person. 

6. Because there’s no one else I can make love to.

7. Because that’s my right. 

8. Because you need my Love.

9. I never know that I love you, I just do what I want to do for you. 

10. Oh, do you have any problem with that? Sorry, I won’t do it again. 

11. Because you always share the last slice of the pizza with me.

12. Because I can’t hate you. 

13. Because I feel comfortable farting around you. 

14. Because you laugh at my lame jokes. 

15. Because that’s the only thing I’m good at.

16. How can you forget that?

17. Because no one loves you. And I can’t be that no one.

18. Because I am on a mission to make you feel happy and smile every day.

19. Because it’s very easy for me to make love to you.

20. Hold on. Are you filming us?

21. Because around you, I have nothing to hide. 

22. Because you do homework for me. 

23. Because you earn a lot of money for me. 

24. Because you enjoy shopping just like me. 

25. Because you and I look all great together. 

26. Because I am afraid of losing you to someone else. 

27. Because you allowed me to. 

28. Because you are a wifey/husband material. 

29. Because you pay for my bills.

30. Because I don’t know anything else to do. 

31. Because I don’t think anybody can do this. 

32. Because you’re a lookalike of my celebrity crush. I can’t have her, but you. 

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Final thoughts

So far we have shared some interesting and perfect responses to why do you love me. 

Instead of being panicked, confused, or scared while answering…

It is best to check the situation, their mood, and the feelings behind their asking. 

Due to varying situations, your partner may ask questions to clarify it or to know how much you care for them. 

So, anytime when your partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend asks- ‘Why do you love me’, make sure you answer in a way that makes them feel special and appreciated. 

And if she doesn’t convince, she might ask how much. In such a case we also have something for you. Those are some sweet and cute replies to how much do you love me, to save your relationship. 


Of course, with your unique approach to routine conversation, you add excitement and a little spice to your relationship. Next, that keeps increasing your respect and love for each other every day.