How to respond to How are you Properly

How to Respond to How are you Properly.

“How are you?”

“I’m doing good.”

Isn’t that simple? Yes, very simple, indeed. 

Probably you’re tired of using this same phrase over and over again.

And maybe, you want some creative ways to respond to how are you, How is it going or how are you doing? 

You don’t want to look like a boring person

You want to respond to that nice person with the same positive gestures, right? Because, at least, that someone spares their time to even ask you. 

Well, if you are looking for some of the best, and interesting ideas over how to respond to how are you over text or in regular meetings…then we have something for you. 

These ways not like thanking notes only but also make that other person feel good about themselves as well.

And who knows your unusual and proper response make their day, too.

After all, they are a good person and they deserve genuine respect, attention, and honest answer, too. 


Proper Ways of “How to respond to how are you doing?”

1. “I’m great, friend.”

Indeed a very simple and direct, isn’t it? But, worth replying with a smile and a friendly gesture. It delivers good vibes to the person who actually cares for you. 


2. “I’m well.”

Another short but simpler reply to someone who is not that much connected to you. The best response to someone with who you just built a fresh connection. 


3. “Fine.”

The shortest and commonly used reply to how are you doing is just “Fine.”

Good enough, to respond to someone at college or office, to the one, you meet usually.

But, Know this showing a clear sign that you’re not in the mood to talk with a person or also don’t want to keep this conversation going.

But, it worth using when you are in a hurry and someone about to stop you to have some chit-chat. 


4. “Fine, thank you.”

This really makes a better reply, when you are in a hurry and don’t want a person to feel sorry to ask you “How are you today”.

It accomplishes the purpose of saying “hello,” a lot better.

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5. “I’m great, How are you doing?”

Show them this day is really great for you.

Don’t just be too rushy and move away. If you really want a nice morning conversation with someone, then this is the better response to answer with.

how to respond to how are you doing


6. “Now I’m feeling better.”

Is that person your closed one? Or Are you looking for someone to share your sad stories?

Well, if that’s the case, then this one can be your proper response. It clearly shows that you are in some tension and looking for someone to share that.


7. “It’s going well.”

Like “How are you?” can be asked formally and informally, the response of that can be a unique one, too. 

When you joined a new job and your team leader or boss asked you about how you’re doing, this is your honest answer and a way to show your enthusiasm.


8. “Nothing much, just regular life.”

Suppose, you are going to the office and your neighbor joins you on the way, then this one is a polite answer to their warm question “How are you doing today?” 

It suits better with colleagues, neighbors, your drivers, a postman, and someone who is not connected with you that much, but still asked you- How is your life going? 

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9. “Nothing, just daily struggle and worries.”

When you two office friends, relate to the same life phase but aren’t aware of the fact, this is the honest answer. 

On the way to the office or return from it, this can be the formal option to start the further conversion to support each other well. 


10. “Not too bad, I’m cool.”

A relaxed and comfortable reply to how are you and what are you doing today?

This one shows that you are in a nice mood, I think it’s best to show your junior when they come to learn something from you.


11. “I’m alive.”

Indeed, a funny way to respond to how are you? when asked by close friends or college buddies.

A perfect one to start a logical and witty conversion afterward. 


12. “I’m blessed.”

Want to inform others how grateful you are feeling with your current life stage?

Then, this is the best response to show that you’re living a confident, and pleasant life.

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13. “I’m confused.”

Whether you suffering in your relationship or fail in the exam, this further makes the perfect reply.

Let them know you are facing some tension, and going through any life drama. Use this one, only if you really want a solution, plus if that person understands you better.


14. “Not feeling well, thanks for asking.”

Not every “I’m okay” is actually okay. 

Only true friends can feel the pain behind this “I’m fine.” When that person is really your true friend and is someone to whom you can talk about anything freely then, this is the best answer for “how are you?”


15. “Good, thanks.”

Like a random how are you doing, this one is the even quick and simplest response? If you have nothing to add and to share with a person, this saves their day, too. 

how to respond to how are you over text


16. “I’m alright.”

If your best friends are worrying about you due to your new break up, this one you can use to make them feel relaxed.

They really care for you, and you better value their presence well.

Just keep your emotion and thoughts unmixed. And give them an honest response they expecting from you.

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17. “I’ve been better.”

Want someone to hear your stories then this is your reply.

The general feedback after that would be… “What happened?”

So, make sure you reply to only those whom you want to explain your mental dilemma. 


18. “I’m excited.”

Whether you are about to perform in your first concert or going to special events in your life, your team member and family want to know how excited you are about the next adventurous things.  


19. “Waiting for Friday.”

Not to mention this can be an honest answer during office gossip.

Remind your other like-minded colleague, how badly you are waiting for weekends to come.

how to respond to how are you text

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20. “Just waiting for someone to ask,…How are you?”

Better for the fresh connections or for someone with whom you just met.

Moreover, if you are new to a place, this can be a better idea to connect with someone and be part of the group. 

This can be the first move for your long-lasting friendship when you’re alone in a new environment. 


21. “Who cares?”

When you are too concerned over a particular thing, because you are a boss or a perfectionist, then this reply perfectly suits you there.

When someone with the same position asks you how are you? and you want to complain about your staff and employees, this is the best conversion starter. 

Moreover, you can use this with someone with informal connections, and for arguing that no one cares for you.


22. “Start feeling great as you asked.”

This is how to respond to how are you when your best friend or BAE asked over text or in regular chat.

Show them, no one else but only they can understand you well. This also a better option to inform them how special they are in your life.

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23. I was fine before you asked.

When you are with your best friends and want some clever reply of how are you, then this is the right idea. 

Advisable to use only with someone who very well knows you and you are very comfortable with.

Not suitable for every environment and mind, because they may take it personally, too. 


24. “I don’t know. Do you know how I’m doing?”

This is what you should rely on when your irritating friend asks you repeatedly.

If his “How are you?’ is there just to annoy you, then nothing is best than this quick and fun reply.

Simply counter attack your friend with this witty reply and let them find an answer by own.

how to respond to how are you text from a guy


25. “I’m good, How about you?”

And this is the last and the best way to respond to “How are you doing?”,“How’s going” and on.

Whether you meet someone face to face or texting over social media, I think this is the commonly used revert that we all can relate with.

No matter is it a formal or informal connection, such a reply indicating that you are equally interested as the questioner. 

Overall, this delivers the positive energies to them, plus informs that you respect and care for them, as well.

This phrase gives a good start to any communication and to develop a genuine connection, firstly.

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So, How are you doing?

How are you?, is all that simple way to say a person Hi. 

There can be multiple ways and ideas on how to respond to how are you doing properly. Moreover, it also depends on your mental situation and personal connection with that person, too. 

Directly replying with any sarcastic and random words may feel the other person regretful as well. You don’t want to be that rude guy, I know.

You want to make that person feel equally important, right? So make sure you reply with the same excitement and care as they deserve.


People very well, know what your answer will be, while asking this regular questions.

But, your unexpected answer with delightful feeling will definitely excite them to ask you next time, “How are you?”