Be Different. Be Unique. Be Yourself

Be Different: Feel Proud of Being yourself.

Last updated on October 10th, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Be Different.

It’s not only a good things to do to your life, But that’s what your life Demands.

You will never become great in life. If you are doing the same as others are doing.

You have to think differently, you have to plan different and you have to be different. 

Every great story never come from ordinary tasks by ordinary people. That always from that one unique person who works on own and Do something different that no one dares, to think. 

If you keep doing what you used to do and never try something different, you end up staying in the same position for years. No one gets success, just doing things in a normal way.

You have to be creative…to be successful. Don’t try to be a perfectionist personality.

You have to learn more things and explore all possibilities. For that keep testing and experimenting with the new things. Challenge yourself daily, do something that you are afraid of, think beyond where everyone stops.

Because ultimately, that’s what life wants you to become…Being Different. Be Unique.

Feel Proud of yourself for Being Different.

You are the only one

There are the ones who are better and worse than yours, who are far greater in particular skill sets. But you don’t need to be just like them. You have to be like your own.

You are the only one in the world, you are unique. So focus on becoming the one who thinks and do things differently. Be the one who lives own way.


Success happens only when you do it Differently

No matter what you are about to do. May happen that others already have done that earlier. Don’t aim to compete with them. Because if you do, you’ll end up remaining the same as theirs. Your goal has to be to do something different that they couldn’t.

As that’s the only way people will remember you and your success. Think creative, Plan effective and Be different.

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Be Different. Be yourself

Being different means, not remaining the same. Everyone has their own way of doing the same things. Not everyone has dare to do something great. That’s what makes you unique. 

But as a passionate one, you have to work upon your interest the best way. Do the work that no one can think and Be the one, no can ever think of becoming. 


Challenge yourself for staying Unique

Don’t bother about what others will say or think. Even if you succeed or fail, they’ll be talking behind you. So better to keep improving and working on your goals. Your approach has to create your own self uniquely and differently.

Take the challenges that you are afraid of, challenge your inner one who stops you from doing great things. Be bold, Be different that no one can. Before achieving the success you have to win your ownself.


To overcome that fear within

I know you are afraid over “what if you fail ” and  “what to answer them”, actually you don’t have to answer anyone. Because it’s you, for whom you are making efforts.

Don’t let the past failure and mistakes ruin your future. Take that as a stepping stone. Try again, but this time harder and differently.

You are here to overcome your fear, and open up all possibilities that you can achieve. 

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Break those chains

Don’t think about those who criticized you to think new and Being different. Because they believe it’s impossible, as they haven’t tried something new. Make them believe with your action and show the better way, than the usual one. Show them opportunities, that it is possible. 

When doing different things, you have no idea but you actually stimulate future possibilities. Your action will guide them in the future and show a new way.

Be the one who Broke the chain and let others think differently. And support them to be different and stay unique.


Get yourself out from the comfort zone

Staying in comfort may seem better and relaxed today, But ultimately makes you lazy and dreamer. You can do anything you want and can achieve all things.

You have to step out and make the first move. Don’t be habitual to stay in that comfort zone. Set some exceptional goals, challenge the new things that you haven’t tried earlier.

You’re supposed to be a brave one, Don’t be so lazy and relaxed in this age. It’s time to embrace yourself, for the Bright Future. It’s better to live with failures, rather than regrets of not doing the things at a time.


Being different makes you popular

You can see that staying normal won’t be beneficial at all. After all, everyone is the same, then what’s the matter. No one noticed the regular one. But being different ranks you as a unique person in the group and in the society.

You get more attention and interest from being different rather than staying like everyone else. Be the one that no one can be.

Because.. only that way people will realize you exist. Or else you just lost in the same thud.

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Don’t be so Boring, Be Different

If everyone has the same journey, then no one wants to read that. Everyone wants to see and hear something unique, something that they never hear anywhere. Be yourself, Be different, make your own unique stories that people like to know. You never become likable with just staying the normal ones.

You have to act and behave, that no one can expect. Show them how you are different and what makes you unique. 


That Boosts your Self-confidence

You are not afraid of being different. You are afraid of being alone. Right ?? Don’t feel shame or hesitate to freely live your own. You are not here to please everyone, you are here to live your life your own way.

Also, you don’t need to answer their every question, as they are not who stays with you in hard times. It’s only you and has to be you, to make you feel confident and motivated.

Be your own inspirational source, you don’t need others to do your jobs.

Train yourself to be harder and stay the one. Ultimately, it has to be you who helps you grow in life and make a great life ahead.

Let your action speak how confident you are feeling and how daring you are for taking a new route.

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Final thoughts

The reason it’s good to be different, as everyone is trying to be like someone else. Everyone has a desire to beat others and become better than them. But nobody is thinking about staying by themselves.

If you really want those people to remember you for what you are and what you have done, then be unique and do something great.

You are here not to compare with anyone else and to beat them. You are here because you have to play your own role, that God assigns you. And that’s definitely not to imitate others.

Be your own self and play your personal role. Be different…that’s you suppose to do in this life.

Stay what you are…Because everyone are the someone else.


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