Things I Don't Have Time For

74 Ridiculous Things I Don’t Have Time For (To Waste Again)

Even if you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 50s, there are some things that you shouldn’t have time for. 

Not sure about anyone. But I find those things wasteful, it’s just not worth your time. 

Being in my 20s, I too like to share some daily things that I don’t have time to do (or waste). 

Please don’t ask me why, it just doesn’t fit into my routine. 


Regular Things I Don’t Have Time For To Do Ever

In our daily lives, we spend most of our time on things that we shouldn’t. 

To make the most of your time, make sure you don’t do these things or waste any minute on them. 

Regular Things I Don't Have Time To Do

1. Checking, How many likes or comments I get on Instagram.

2. Going on mindless scrolling while I need to write a blog for you.

3. Changing my WhatsApp profile, which I’ve never changed in the last four years.

4. Updating my status online to prove that I’m alive or happy today.

5. Spending time with someone I don’t understand or relate with. 

6. Going to family functions with no valid reason or special event. 

7. Answering ‘why I am still single‘ while most of my ages are married or have kids.

8. Explaining to someone what I am doing with my life, I know that it’s enough.

9. Proving to someone that there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m fine. 

10. Complaining about luck and blaming someone else for my situation. 

11. Waiting for the perfect moment to do something. 

12. Teaching someone what to do and what not to do with their life.

13. Advising the younger ones about lessons I have learned so far. They’re smarter. 

14. Spending an extra one hour when I’ve completed my work responsibility. 

15. Arguing with someone who isn’t going to accept their flaws. 

16. Trying to put you down someone compete with me. 

17. Replying to backstabbing colleagues who have nothing but rumors to spread about me.

18. Helping someone who isn’t even helping themselves. 

19. Impressing others and thinking they will accept me. 

20. Gossiping behind someone’s back who don’t even there. 

21. Watching TV or favorite the same shows again. (We’ve had no television for nine years)

22. Doing things for someone and not for me. Especially something I hate to do.

23. Searching for love and being desperate to get married anyhow. 

24. Binge-watching anything on weekends just because of someone’s plan.

25. Deleting messages from the teleoperators’ services and notifications.

26. Doing something for someone who has no value for you.

27. Checking out how my old school friends are doing in their life.

28. Comparing my present state of life with someone else’s.

29. Following any dancing trends and making a cringe video for social media. 

30. Continuing learning guitar and practicing that.

31. Thinking too much about something I have no control over. 

32. Learning a new language and keeping the streak on that learning app.

33. Wasting time on a job where the boss or manager isn’t supportive. 

34. Sneak-peeking in a neighbor’s home, at any time of the day.

35. Watching the news channels or investigating as if I want to know all. 

36. Trying to be perfect in most things, or everything. 

37. Searching for celebrities’ lifestyles, ages, incomes, affairs, or what they do now.

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Ridiculous Things I Don’t Have Time For To Do Again

Sometimes, we spend our important time on silly things. I found such things and decided not to dedicate my time to that again. 

Now such things surprise me, how one has time for such things.

Ridiculous Things I Don't Have Time For

1. Talking with someone over the phone or text during work time. 

2. Handling too many tasks at the same time. 

3. Thinking about the regents and mistakes I have made. 

4. Playing dinosaur games while there’s no internet. 

5. Checking any random YouTube videos for no reason. 

6. Playing mobile games during work hours even out of boredom. 

7. Taking half an hour just to get ready for going out. 

8. Waiting for someone to come and help me to do something. 

9. Finding the perfect shoes for the next family function I’m invited to. 

10. Talking with someone because they feel bored on weekend

11. Making the same mistakes over and over again. 

12. Stalking all my crushes from the past and checked is if they married now.

13. Making my ex jealous that I got a better living than we together back there. 

14. Going to the gym when I can do yoga and exercise at home and still be fit. 

15. Thank everyone who wishes me happy birthday wishes online (not offline).

16. Searching for the things even though I know I’m not going to buy that. 

17. Thinking about the future and wasting my present time.

18. Making new year’s resolutions and hoping to get them. 

19. Talking to someone for hours after working on anything. 

20. Keeping conversation with someone who isn’t sound interested or excited. 

21. Taking stress over small things in my life. 

22. Doing crazy things just to get attention from others. 

23. Letting others know that I do exist, to prove my presence. 

24. Making promises that I can’t keep. 

25. Explaining to someone why I left my last job, and what’s the issue.

26. Making connections only because I need something from them.

27. Misunderstanding the temporary attraction as a ‘pure love’. 

28. Spending any time with someone with no direction or life goal

29. Proving someone who I am and what I do with my life. 

30. Picking songs to listen to from my playlist, I rather just play ‘shuffle’ mode.

31. Checking my phone for literally no reason. 

32. Worrying about what others will think of me or how they see me. 

33. Taking selfies from every angle, I rather take more site pictures. 

34. Ignoring my priorities and doing something to make someone happy. 

35. Judging people based on their looks or first impression.

36. Pressuring myself to be better than others. 

37. Reading the ‘Terms and conditions’ before ticking ‘I’ve read all terms. 

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Hey, the shared things that I don’t have time for are something I just don’t enjoy or don’t believe are worth investing my time in. 

This is just what I think regarding my routine life.  

You’re okay if something is your favorite activity from the list.

It’s not to make you feel bad if you enjoy these things. Maybe this is just because we’re not the same.