How To Deal With Rejection From A Crush

(17 Ways) How To Deal With Rejection From A Crush?

Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 06:05 pm

When a crush rejects you, it hurts so deeply. Enough to make you give up on love.

No matter how hard you try to recover, the feeling of rejection never goes away that easily.

Especially when this is your childhood crush or your best friend.

It’s hard to accept, no doubt. But, the reality is clear now. 

Since it’s not easy, you’d better know how to deal with rejection from a crush in the next few days and not weeks or months. 

That way, you can regain your confidence in love and your life. 


How To Deal With Rejection From A Crush?

It takes so long for you to gather your strength to tell your crush what you feel. 

As it turns out, it was worse than you feared. You get rejected by your crush, sigh! 

I wish no one had to deal with that.

Right now, if you’re in the same situation, here are some things to do when your crush rejects you to avoid any embarrassment. 

Ways To Deal With Rejection From A Crush

1. You can thank your crush for being honest and not playing with your emotions.

You were obviously so happy before you approach your crush. Having been rejected by your crush, you’re in shock now.

You might feel broken emotionally. 

Also, it’s respectful to understand your crush’s viewpoint on why you get the rejection. 

You should appreciate your crush telling you the truth.

If they wish, they could play with your feelings. 

But, by rejecting you, your crush not only saves you time but also gives you a chance to find someone genuinely interested in you.


2. Keep it cool. Accept rejection from your crush gracefully. 

It’s common to lash out when a crush rejects you. 

Possibly, you blame your luck, and yourself for falling in love with your crush (or best friend). 

You might also throw temper tantrums in such situations.

This may ruin your reputation if you act out of anger in response to a crush’s rejection.

Perhaps your crush just wanted to get to know you better before accepting your proposal or right now they don’t see this way.

In any case, you better remain calm and accept the rejection with grace.


3. Think positive. Maybe, this is a good thing for you. 

The realization that we can’t control others’ feelings for us, helps us deal with rejection from a crush or romantic partner, quickly. 

It is possible to fall in love with someone and have feelings for them. Not necessarily others feel the same. 

You have (had) feelings for your crush and she isn’t interested in you or your best friend doesn’t like you back, but it’s out of your hands. 

When you look at it this way, you may be able to know that this person is not right for you.

And, there’ll be someone else and you’ll get to meet them sooner. 


4. That’s the end of the story. It’s better to just move on.

That’s it. You proposed to your crush and she said no. 

There is nothing more you can do about the relationship you are hoping for. There is one thing you can do for yourself, and that is to get over it.

It may be easy to say, of course.

However, wasting your time on things that will never happen doesn’t make sense.

You can take it normally and carry on with your routine life as if nothing has happened.

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How To Get Over A Feeling Rejected From A Crush?

It’s a wise move that you decided to recover from the crush’s rejection right away. 

Now, here are some things you can do to get back to your normal life and be hopeful for the future relationship.

How to get over a rejection from a crush

5. Be with your closest people. Those who already love and respect you.

Now that your love interest isn’t interested in coming into your life, you’d better move on.

In your life, you already have some great friends and respectful family members. Don’t forget them.

Make more time for them, and see what a good connection you have already. 

You can tell your friends that your crush rejected you if you trust them. They can provide the emotional support, you need.

It’s better to appreciate the connection you have with your people than to regret something you’ve lost.


6. Take care of yourself. Do more of what you love.

It might take weeks to get over the crush’s rejection. 

However, you can’t simply sit there and think about your broken heart and future dreams. 

To deal with rejection from a crush faster, get yourself involved in things that you enjoy.

Follow your passion, or take up new hobbies when you’re feeling alone.

Even better, you can work on yourself to improve. Plus, work on things that might help you in your future relationships.


7. Don’t let the fear of rejection take over your mind. 

It’s hard to regain trust in love after you get rejected by your crush. 

It may be difficult to fall in love again with someone.

You might prefer not to get caught up in the feelings anymore.

Remember, rejection from a crush means the end of your love relationship with this person only. It’s not the end of your life as a whole. 

No one can help you recover from that, but you have to be strong and open to opportunities to fall in love with the ‘right’ person.

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8. Be more approachable if you’re no longer worried about rejection.

You may now have your confidence back after you’ve properly dealt with rejection from a crush. 

Inside, you already feel positive to get rejected. If so, you begin to look for a genuine person to be in your life.

It’s great if you become more approachable. You also want to create or update your dating profiles. 

You learned something from past experience about your choices and how you might win someone’s love. 

But, ‘trying’ is all you can do until you meet the one who is meant for you.


9. Make sure you know what your ideal match is.

If you fell for your crush who rejected you, you probably weren’t looking for anything specific or just fell in love with their first impression. 

Perhaps you hope for a romantic relationship based on temporary emotions. 

Now that you’re looking for a genuine love interest, you should know what qualities you look for in someone. 

Compatibility makes sense at the beginning of a relationship and also as it grows. 

Be clear about what kind of partner you’re looking for, or what qualities of a good partner you expect. 


And, What You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Rejected From A Crush?

You might already know what to do while dealing with rejection from a crush. 

But, it’s also important to know things you shouldn’t do, especially after your crush rejects you. 

This is essential because this helps you to keep your good impression, as well as to avoid regrets.

What You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Rejected From A Crush

10. (It’s hard, But) Avoid being emotional and taking rejection personally.

Your crush has already expressed their feelings for you. It’s not what you think or feel. 

This is going to make you emotional, like anyone.

But, It is not wise to try and get this person somehow in life by making them emotional.

Stop taking rejection personally, this person is being real.

If you aren’t going to get the same interest and love back, it’s when you should stop chasing a guy for love. 


11. Begging for love or forcing a crush to stay. 

Neither is it a good move nor does it make you look mature. 

When you offer your love to your crush, she doesn’t accept it, and you can’t force her. 

Love is a mutual thing and it’s only complete when two people feel the same. 

You don’t want to pressure your crush into saying yes when they don’t want to. 

Simply accepting their decision is the best thing anyone can do to love interest. 


12. Promising your crush that you will do anything they want.

You don’t want to embarrass yourself, so you don’t try to impress or sell them your love. 

That’s the tough decision you have to make. 

Your false hope or promise in exchange for love, does not show that you are a true lover. It’s more like you seeking possession.

This will also make your crush uncomfortable, wanting to avoid completely cutting you off from life.

Because your crush feels rejection isn’t enough for you.


13. An attempt to spread rumors about your crush.

You expected ‘love’, but you got a rejection from your crush. 

Obviously, you’re angry and sad because this wasn’t what you expected. 

That might lead you to do something wrong to your crush such as talking back, spreading rumors, and all. 

When there’s a ‘clear no’, accept that as it is, instead of spreading rumors and taking it personally.


14. Setting out to destroy a crush’s reputation or relationship.

You loved your crush, and it’s fine if she doesn’t love you back. 

While some men will accept rejection wisely, others will take it to the negative side. 

Knowing their crush has a relationship with someone else, they try to damage their relationship with doubts and unhealthy behaviors. 

Which is in no way acceptable, especially to someone you love. 

Be happy for your crush, and wish them the best for their relationship, to earn their respect.


15. Insist on remaining friends or just cut off completely.

When you have had a crush on your best friend and find out that they don’t see you as anything more than a friend, that’s okay if you both are ready to keep it at friendship only. 

However, you cannot force someone to remain your friend. You shouldn’t hope that one day your crush will be back. 

Sometimes, it would be best to cut off all communication with your crush if you or they don’t feel comfortable being friends.

Being with your crush after rejection could prevent you from finding a new person who is totally into you. 


16. Avoid falling in love and overlooking new romance. 

If you don’t properly deal with rejection from a crush even after weeks, it negatively affects you.

You may begin to feel like you aren’t good enough for anyone. 

Even, you isolate yourself from the people you already know, don’t do that.

Stop putting pressure on yourself just because of someone who hasn’t loved you ever. 

It’s also not a good idea to damage your existing relationship over a hopeful relationship that will never happen.


17. Believing that you don’t deserve love, anymore.

You see your entire world around this person when you are crushing on them. 

You thought this person was the one for you. 

Now that things aren’t what you expected, losing faith in love is an immediate reaction. That you should avoid making it last any longer.

Don’t forget about the other aspects of your life. Put more effort into your career and become a better version of yourself

It’s hard, but try to let go of the rejection feelings from your crush. 

Get rid of anything that reminds you of your crush. This makes it difficult to fall in love again.

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Life never stops with one person. You let it stop you from moving forward. 

Any time you feel emotional when thinking about a crush rejected you, it means you haven’t let go of that event. 

It’s just an experience for you to learn something from and get going. 

The above tips are all about how to deal with rejection from a crush and we’ve already discussed what to do and what not to do when you experience so.

You just can’t wait for someone to come back. Instead, you can thank the person who rejected you, already. 

Because of them, you can reserve a place for the person who has genuine interest and feelings for you, unlike your past crush.


Prepare yourself for the right person in the future. You’ll get someone more suitable than your crush.

It’s more realistic than hoping… one day your crush will value your love and come back to you.