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Work From Home Benefits : Top 10 Reasons to Start Working Remotely

Last updated on July 24th, 2020 at 06:05 pm

What do you prefer: Work from Home or at the Office?

There are some concepts and misconceptions about working from home that relates to its productivity concern. One presenting the work from home benefits with personal life and more. While some argued that a Remote job is not possible at all.

Both have own beliefs and viewpoint over the lifestyle business. But if you are the one who prefers working on own comfort, then this article is for you. Because here we are discussing the valid reasons to work from home.

Irrespective of all the negative opinions,in this article we focus on the advantages of remote working.

We assume that person is Passionate about this lifestyle, knows how to schedule a time and acts accordingly. Based on that further sharing, work from home benefits from a person who actually mean it.

Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home

Work-Life Balance

Balancing the regular time between job and life can be difficult for regular employees. As most of their time is spent in office hours and between. The higher position you have, the less time you have for your own personal life. That is a common scenario. 

Whereas working from home is best to manage your time between working and living. It’s completely up to you how you set your hours to accomplish the task and make free time for your passion and hobby. You always have that one hour to play your favorite instrument for relaxation while you work remotely. 


Saves times a lot

First thing, a regular job takes eight to nine hours each day plus around two hours moving between the office and home. That’s nearly half of the day, that your regular office job takes. Moreover, concerning dedicated hours, most of the office time is spent on long meetings and unnecessary discussions. 

In that case, remote job hours are actual time spending on performance. Remote employees are best at providing good time value. As they aren’t bound by the traffic signals to reach the office on time. Plus they don’t have to wait for superiors’ approvals, to start the project. Decision-making becomes faster and project accomplishment happens sooner.


Flexible Time

The main work from home benefits that one attracted to is, it’s a flexible time. You can operate on your own time and comfort. Regular 9-5 takes your significant time of a day and left with no room for other life aspects.  Even in some companies, you have to urge with a mail to get back 2-3 hours’ time out of your entire day.

When you work remotely, you are free to decide a time to work on your own. Ultimately you can schedule your task as per your comfort and also succeed in occasional things to arrange, such as a family function or to drop your uncle at the airport.


Zero Office Politics

Not most but all offices are filled with politics and bureaucracy. Result most qualified employees working in fear and discomfort. Even worse…Sometimes that impacts their work motivation and passion to grow. It becomes very difficult for the person facing office conflict from other employees.  Office politics is part of the corporate culture. Willingly or unwillingly employees have to live with it. 

But working from home, you can have your own focus and time to invest in the project, you suppose to. You feel mental relief and no other distraction from the office colleagues. Also, you are responsible for your career and not have to depend on egotistic superior to promote you.

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Time with Family

We all are working for our family, to support them. Whether it’s a job or own business, but family is our first priority other than money. Indeed money is important, but your family wants your time.

Work from home benefits you by giving more time to be with your family. Now you can manage your own time to act upon and enough to spend some quality time with loved ones. Now you have time to live your life and making good memories with family.



Work from home ultimately reduces the traveling cost between home and office. Also, it saves you money from buying formal clothes needed for every meeting. It’s your home, operate on your own comfort.  You can be in pajamas, who cares.

Not only from working groups But also from the company side, the WFH concept helps in minimizing the office expenses. Space management, electricity bills, office amenities, cantine & cleanliness services, other general perks that regular employees seek, are ultimately a management cost of the company. Such expenses are successfully reduced to none in the case of remote workers. 


Boosts Productivity

There’s online debate prevailing on the job economy that, Work from home actually impacts productivity adversely. It can be true as per one’s own opinion and experiences, but a work from home productivity studies of  Fundera states the remote employees are more productive than office employees. 

Home is the place where you can have a complete focus on your tasks and no extra distraction during the time. You can set a schedule time and place to accomplish your routine task. In case of an office, that is not possible, as you have to stay in the same cubicles and with colleagues your hate to sit beside.

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More Comfort-More Work

Home is your comfort zone and place to have a complete focus. Yeah, but it’s completely up to you how you take that opportunity to act without any distraction.  Even if you are working in your bedroom or kitchen, you have to understand what your priority are.

Most offices are filled with job pressure and stress due to persuading workers to be a multi-tasker. When you have your own skillset you can leverage that to make money from it. Especially the profession like writing, where you want a peaceful environment to create and implement creative ideas.  


Enjoy the full Freedom

Enjoying the full freedom of own time is the ultimate work from home benefits. Now you don’t have to serve waiting for time to leave. It’s completely up to you how to operate and what time to. You don’t have a multiple superiors report to, and informing how every minute you have spent there. 

All is up to you what task you want to do and with whom. You have complete freedom to decide on what project you like to handle, instead of working with someone with no choice at all.  Looking for some good option to try on, check out this article on, Career Where You Can Work From Home


Actual Working Hours

It’s common that, most employees Be there to spending time at their job, rather than giving right efforts. Why?? Because employees are paid based on the time they have spent in their cubicles and at the office. That may not include the actual job hours. 

Office gossips, meeting at coffee-machine and roaming around the cabinets…are all-inclusive in the working hours.

And for some, these are favorite activities to spend the most time in. Whereas freelancers or remote workers, you pay them for the actual tasks and project completion. Remote workers are away from such timepass activities and deliver the job with whole focus and more result-oriented performance.


Final thoughts

Working from home seems cool and attractive for most. But actually demands patience, focus and adheres to schedule from the first.In the present situation, most companies now accepting that work from home is possible and that is the top lessons from coronavirus outbreak. Due to that work-life balance is also possible to achieve.

As you are at home, chances are your routine life also impacts. While working in a regular job you have some specific hours to give. But the remote task may take some of your personal time even.

After all, it’s up to the concerned person who knows How to work effectively from home and how to minimize distractions at the office. Indeed here we’ve discussed the work from home benefits, but there are drawbacks as well. Those who know what is the priority in the present time can win in both cases.

There are some cases where remote employees are delivering the results with no direct supports. And also there are the once, who are under tight monitoring and still not giving as expected.

Because…Performers’ own interests and dedication matters.

things to consider while working from home is, you have to prepare your own schedule. And following that is quite a challenging job, too. Again, it’s purely to one’s personality that what are their driving forces. And what they prefer…

Is it working from home, alone with full focus OR  at the office, surrounded by teams and all.  And that’s something which decides If they will acquire work from home benefits or not?


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