Good people suffer more in Relationship, suffering from love, why do good people suffer

Reasons : Why do good people suffer more in Relationship ?

Any relationship Facts, always a Good people suffer more in any relationship.

Whether it’s a life, career or relationship, a loyal & right person, are the one who suffer from love most.


Because they have put so much into relation.

Also, it’s their loyalty which gives chance to another person to cheat and let them suffer in pain. Further sharing reasons…

Why do good people suffering more in any relationship ??

Because good one gives them more chances 

The most reason for the right one suffering from love most because it’s so easy for others to cheat on them.

Good person is vulnerable in a relationship, hence other partners get a chance to cheat them.

Due to giving all of them in a relationship, another partner taking them as weak, instead of seeing that as respect.


Good one available all the time

Your respect tends to decrease if you are available all the time.  

Agree, that right one has concern for their relation, for their feeling.

But because of their nature of being too available always, lower down their respect.

And this gives chance to other people to hurt them, and the good people suffer more in relationship.

A reason is, they think it is the good one’s responsibility to save their relationship.


Always a good people taken granted

In any relation, either it’s a friendship or serious-relation, good people suffer by taking granted always.

Because of their true feeling, another person has a chance to cheat on them most.

In the end, there is a loyal one who has to face all the burden of maintaining a relationship.

Another person has that belief that it’s a favor they have to the right one.

And that’s why they are the ones suffer from love the most. 


The loyalty of good people

Loyalty is a relationship requires from both ends.

If anyone of them becomes more or less loyal, then it’ll result in a relationship fails.

Like too much availability, loyalty beyond limits also damages the relationship.

Good peoples stay loyal in the relationship, but others don’t.

If the right one commits to one partner, they stay loyal.

But another one has no that understanding, hence they leave as they find a better option for them.

It’s their loyalty, that makes good people suffer the most.


Because their feelings are Real

As said earlier, the good people have value to the relationship and respect for a person.

The right one does anything to save a relationship and no matter how hard the situation is.  

And because of the right one have a habit to forgive partner a lot.

Another partner has a chance to cheat on them more often.

And they also know the fact that one person will not take a hard decision, no matter how worse the situation is.  

Because the right one has no guts, they believe.

Good people suffer by having true feelings and really into the relationship.


All the efforts from one end, A right ones

For the right one, a relationship is a responsibility.

They put every effort to fulfill the needs of the other one’s needs.

In maintaining the relationship or in saving the relationship, there is always the good one who puts efforts in.

Another person has no that much serious for relation or having no respect to good people’s feelings. And that’s the relationships reality of the most cases.


They think that Right one need them most

In a relationship, the right person is the one who has a fear of losing the partner.

And the other one knows it very well. Especially when it’s their First-time relationship.

Hence, they tend to become free and careless, too.

This is because they know that the right one will not let them go easily, and this boosts their self-ego.

This gives them SPECIAL feelings, and favor on the good people.


They like to see good one suffer the most

As good one has a tendency to trust anyone easily.

The other one has a chance to cheat on them easily.

In a relationship, a good people will forgive every mistake of their partner & do anything they can do.

The right one has a gentle heart to forgive the partner.

But another one has no that heart, who easily forget & forgive.

They like to see the person suffer who hurt them, even unwillingly.


The right people seems Boring to them

A right one who truly dedicated to relation is stayed loyal & responsible in that.

And the other one takes this as Old-fashioned to commit to one person for life.

They don’t take it as responsibility, but for them, it’s a fun game.

So good people seem Boring to them & that’s why they usually cheat on them.

All they want is to keep relationship interesting all the time, they want fun & more time in it.

If another person can’t entertain them with time & expectation, so it feels boring to them.


They think right one need this relation more

Being in a relationship is not a responsibility from one side to maintain it.

The concern and value have to be from both sides.

And that makes a perfect relation.

But in some cases, one thinks they have favor on the other because they let them make a relationship.

Also the reason why do good people suffer in relations, as they values relationship, most. Then other ones.

And due to their behavior & concern, they prove it.

This motivates one to behave like they doing a favor to the right one.

Which is why the right one always treated badly & suffering a lot in a love relationships.  

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