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Reasons : Why Do Good People Suffer More in Relationship?

A relationship fact #435… in the end, it’s always Good people suffer the most.

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Whether it’s a life, career, or relationship there is always a loyal and genuinely ‘nice’ person who suffers from love most.

Buy, why??

Mainly because good people tend to put so much into their relationship and all without expecting anything in return.

Plus, it’s their loyalty that allows another person to cheat, causing them to suffer and live in pain.

Read on as we are going to share…

Why do good people suffer more in relationships, or in life??

1. A good one gives them more chances to do so. 

One of the main reasons good people suffer most from love is due to giving more chances to others, knowingly or unknowingly.

Good people are vulnerable in relationships.

Because they all give in without expecting anything or doubting their partner at all. Due to that, such good people always get hurt and cheat at the end. 

Too much purity allows the partners to break their trust and leave them with pain, quite easily. 

When a partner gives all of them in a relationship, the other partner views it as weakness, instead of a sense of respect for own. 

For them, it’s like a nice person needs the relationship most.

Such bad people always try to take advantage of the right person, and they eventually do so. 


2. Good one available all the time.

suffering in a relationship

When you’re too nice and give too much of yourself being with other people every time they need you, you end up being taken for granted, for sure. 

There is no doubt that the right person shows concern for their relationship and their feelings for others.

But because of their nature of being too available for their partner, friends, and anyone, slowly lower down their respect.

After seeing someone giving too much in the connection, other people have the opportunity to hurt them, and the good people suffer in relationships more.

Moreover, the bad one thinks it’s only a good person’s responsibility to save their relationship.

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3. Bad people take advantage of nice behavior, Always. 

Whether it is a friendship or a serious relationship, good people suffer because they give too much.

Because of their true feeling and respect to stay kind to everyone, the other person always takes advantage of their good behavior. 

Commonly found that it is always the loyal one who bears the burden of maintaining a relationship at the end.

The other person believes being in a partner or friend, they are doing the right one, a favor.

Even getting careless and hurtful behavior from another person, a right person either takes it as their own mistake or easily forgives others. 

And that’s why the right one suffers from love the most, especially when seeing no respect and care for what they did. 


4. Good people suffer the most because of their loyalty.

why do good people suffer

In a relationship, loyalty is expected from both ends.

If any of them becomes more or less loyal, then it’ll result in a relationship failure.

A relationship can also suffer from too much loyalty beyond limits, just as excessive availability damages it.

Good people stay loyal in the relationship, but others don’t.

When it comes to loyalty, the right one stays with one partner and tends to discuss openly while trusting their partner.

But another one may not have values, respect, or concern over how to make other people feel respected and loved the same. 

Trusting too much and being true to others, such qualities of good people lead bad people to do hurtful things.

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5. Because their feelings are Real.

As said earlier, good people have value to the relationship and respect for everyone in thier life.

The right one does anything to save a relationship and no matter how hard the situation is.  

And because of the right one have a habit to overlook their partner’s flaws and mistakes a lot.

Their partner becomes tempted to repeat the same, rather than respecting the partner’s feelings and trust in them.

After knowing that, that one person will not take a hard decision on them, they end up doing things to even test the right person’s patience. 

Same as a bully like hurting others plus seeing right people suffer physically and emotionally. 

Overall, point is, good people, suffer the most because they’re genuine with their feelings and never do anything to hurt others.

6. Right one always tries to stay nice and kind.

why do i suffer so much in life

For the right one, a relationship is a responsibility.

They put every effort to fulfill the needs and desires of the other one’s needs.

In keeping the relationship or in saving the relationship, there is always the good one who puts the extra and only effort in.

Another person has not that much seriousness for relation or has no respect for good people’s feelings.

And that’s the relationships reality of most cases.

Where one gives too much while the other takes as much as they can. 

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7. Right people have a fear of losing someone. 

In a relationship, the right person is the one who has a fear of losing the partner.

They care about every person in their life a lot.

And the other one knows it very well. Especially when it’s their First-time relationship.

Hence, a bad one tends to become more careless and hurtful to good ones, knowing that no matter what they do, the right one will never leave them.

Such good people suffer because they try to prove their worth to the relationship every day. 


8. Bad people are happy when they see the right people suffer.

why do good people always get hurt

A good one tends to trust anyone easily.

That gives bad people chances to cheat and hurt them so easily.

In a relationship, good people will forgive every mistake of their partner & easily get over with any disrespectful things the negative people ever do to them.

Because they carry so much respect and care for everyone around. 

The right one has a gentle heart to forgive the partner, no matter what.

But another one has no that heart, who easily forget & forgive.

They actually like that right people suffer the most because it gives them feel good inside.

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9. The right people seem Boring to others.

A right one who truly dedicated to relation is stayed loyal & responsible in that.

And the other one takes this as an old-fashioned, kinda boring, and less challenging thing in the relationship.

For bad people relationship is not like a responsibility, it’s a fun game that they want to enjoy.

Plus, good people often seem Boring to them & that’s why they usually cheat on them.

All they want is to keep relationship interesting all the time, they want fun, entertainment, and all rather than life values.

If another person can’t meet their desires and expectations, it feels boring to them.

Results, they more often force good people to change themselves and behave as they expect.

Having an overdemanding partner and being unable to meet their expectations eventually put pressure on good people and leave them suffering from love. 


10. They think they’re doing huge favor on the right people. 

why good people suffer

A relationship does not require maintenance from one side alone.

Both sides have to be concerned and value each other. This makes a perfect relationship.

It sometimes happens that one person thinks they’re favoring a partner because he or she let them get closer.

The ultimate reason why good people suffer in relationships is that they value relationships most.

Yes, even more than the other ones.

Good people always give their best in the relationship without expecting anything in return. 

As a result, bad people in relationships take the most advantage of such nature of a good partner.

But, when such toxicity reaches that level, the right one is left with regret and suffering from love alone.

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Why good person always suffer quotes to keep you inspired

Well, now you know why only good people have to suffer a lot.

Next, let’s take a look at some best suffering quotes that will make you feel inspired and confident about being a good person in the world.

We hope you like these quotes and never stop being the true self just because someone hasn’t given you enough respect and care that you deserve.  

why good person always suffer quotes

1. Make suffering a habit or you’ll be suffering for life. 

2. After all, you have to understand that it’s you who gives them access to do whatever they did to you. 

3. Never share too much with them that they stopped saying thanks for that.

4. It’s not always good people that suffer the most. But, the hurtful thing is, good people suffer alone. 

5. Don’t change yourself just because someone is not good to you. 

6. You’re not here to impress others, live your life on your terms. Be with the one that values right.

7. It’s okay to have fear of losing someone but make sure they have the same fear about losing you, too. 

8. There must be some reason why only bad things happen to you only. 

9. When you suffer from love, you will never let others suffer alone. 

10. It’s always the right who you found isolated, rejected, and mistaken. 

11. The whole world has to suffer when good people are either alone or unsupported.

12. Not everyone is the same, so stop treating everyone the same way. 

13. Everyone has sympathy and wishes to do something good, but they wait, checking… who will do it first? 

14. Yes, good people suffer the most. But that doesn’t mean it’s a reason to stop being true to this world.

15. Don’t give up on being a good person, there are still some good people on this earth who keep this earth liveable and lovable.

16. Keep going your good without looking at who knows it or not. You’re doing this as part of your responsibility as a human. 


When you’re tired of being a good person, stop giving your time and attention to some. But, make sure you don’t treat everyone as the same.


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