Backhanded Compliments For Guys And Girls

36 Good Backhanded Compliments For Guys And Girls

Do you realize that your match on a dating site or Instagram friend is too hard to handle? Want to slow them down? 

So, in this post, we cover the backhanded compliments for guys and girls who are so anxious to get attention and to prove ‘how great they’re’.


Whether on social media or dating sites, you might come across some guys and girls who just can’t stop talking about themselves.   

You shouldn’t have any problems with that unless they try to determine your worth

If You’re just tired of their constant self-centeredness whether during the chat or in posts.

And, now you have a good reason to compliment them backhandedly.


Backhanded Compliments For Guys

If you find some ignorant guys showing off on dating sites or Instagram, here are some ‘compliments’ (insults), they deserve.

Backhanded Compliments For Guys

1. Please leave some girls for us, you’re taking all with you. 

2. Believe me, you’re such a great guy, one day you deserve a girl better than me.

3. On social media, I never meet good people and you keep the record. 

4. Oh dear, I wish I could date you, but we’re better if we remain friends. 

5. Listen, as a friend you’re the best, no denying. But as a boyfriend, you’re not eligible.

6. Thanks for teaching me a lifelong lesson, that is why we should not trust anyone. 

7. Thanks, with this, you finally made me delete profiles from dating apps.

8. You’re the type of guy I always wanted… as a brother.

9. I like you but not the way you like me. I hope you understand that. 

10. That’s unbelievable, at this age you still go to the gym. 

11. Oh, come on! You never take such things personally, are you?

12. I have to salute you, man! You’re the best and the worst. 

13. The level of patience you have, I have never seen in anyone. 

14. I’m so surprised at how you can be so chilling after getting so many rejections from your crushes

15. You know, I wish I could be like you who doesn’t have any worries and tensions. 

16. You’re so lucky that you have someone like me in your life. 

17. Ha-ha, you’re such a funny guy, even your face makes me laugh. 

18. You must have prayed to god to have someone like me, but I don’t. 

19. The good thing is you have me. And, the bad is…I have you. 

20. How can you get any girls you want? That’s very surprising to me.

21. I want to be such a hard person like you, this world doesn’t value the good guys. 


Backhanded Compliments For Girls

Are you mad at the girl talking way too much about her and not caring about anyone?

You may run into such girls in your school, college, or on Instagram.

So, these are some perfect backhanded compliments to give such ‘proud girls’ to admire her in disguise.

Backhanded Compliments For Girls 

1. You look completely opposite from your Instagram pictures.

2. Why are you so single, even though you look this good?

3. Let me guess you are getting ready for your first date, right?

4. When I saw your Instagram pictures, I became your fan immediately.

5. It might be the first time I call you ‘cute’ because I can’t resist.

6. Here you come, I have never been excited to see you before.

7. You smell nice, let me guess you took a shower today, right?

8. Don’t care about others, they don’t know who you are. But I am.

9. I love your style, you look like you just landed on the earth. 

10. Sorry, I never see you that way, but today you look hot.

11.  I have never seen you so beautiful. How are you, by the way?

12. You work hard for your followers, please also take a break sometimes. 

13. I’m so impressed with you that I will find a perfect partner for you. 

14. It’s not like that I don’t love you, I just know someone who is your right fit. 

15. You were right, this world is not for good people. Now, I also have to be like you. 

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Whether you meet such mean guys and girls online or face them every day, when you have a chance you can share backhanded compliments like these. 

Before leaving such comments, be careful not to go overboard. 

You can use these compliments as Instagram comments or comebacks while texting with guys or girls who see themselves as better than others. 

With such backhanded compliments for guys and girls, it’s just a way to let them know that they’re not alone in the world.