Feeling lost in your 20s

Feeling Lost in your 20s: Congrats you are half way there…

Are you also Feeling lost in your 20s??

Last updated on September 18th, 2020 at 05:49 am

Yeah, it happens. And, you are not all alone. 

Maybe you feel that you are all alone and no one is with you. But actually everyone in their 20s feeling lost somewhere else.

You find everyone in their 20s feel lost, all those who actually have started something and stuck in the process later on. It can be a career that they think is their passion and end up in early failures. 

Or someone who thinks that they finally found the one person of life, and later found lonely and locked own self in room. In most scenarios, the failures in the 20s make a person realize that they are done and no way around. Think that you failed, But don’t make yourself believe that you are finished.  Know you are lost, But don’t restrict you from going further.

Your early failures are the stepping stones of future success.

You failed, because you have tried something new. You failed, because you have done something. “Be positive” that’s what others will say and they are right. Because your time is about to come, as this is the beginning. Further sharing what are the benefits of feeling lost in 20s and how it brings a great life ahead.

Why feeling lost in your 20s, is actually a good thing in life.

Time to be more creative

Maybe you are thinking or feeling lost and can’t see the hope further. Don’t worry it’s time when you find the new way. As the missing traveler finds the most amazing view ever. Find the purpose in your failure. Find yourself what points you miss and what skills you lack. Work upon and try again. If that really means something for you. It always worth a try. Don’t hold own self with past experience, and doing nothing. Do it again, But with more harder this time.


Your journey to become self-reliant

Maybe you think that no one support you and no one wants to be with you. Actually, that’s your benefit in the end. Don’t forget that they have own plans and goals too. If someone supports you, that good. But never expect every time. Most people are habitual with others’ support and lastly feeling lost when the supports are taken away. Be self-reliant, grow your self-confidence within. Learn and apply, keep doing that till you become confident own self.

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Don’t follow the path, that isn’t yours

Remember, it’s your life and you are responsible for your journey. No one is and no one should. Don’t let society’s standards control you, also not be too hurry to become successful. Just because society wants to see you. Do not feel depressed, if you can’t achieve what they want you to. It’s better to stay alone rather than with the wrong one. The right one is always there for everyone, it just takes time to meet them and a pure heart to find them. Actually, it’s because of them,you inside feeling lost.  Leave surrounding that stopping you or holding you to becoming the great. You supposed to be yourself, not what others think.


Spend some time alone and Relax

20s is the just number and time to survive in tough waves. You cannot force yourself to grow fast or being the Best when you haven’t even started. Your 20s are the time to endure and experience the most things for the first time. Learn as much as you can and grow onwards. Give yourself some time to think and spend time alone. Redesign your plan, if you fail. Just never give up and keep working on own self. Observe your own presence in feeling lost.  Take your time and prepare your self to tackle harder the next time.


Have a Leader

If you really feeling lost in your 20s, then you need someone to guide in the process. Someone who has been in the same path, as you currently now. Find and Be with the Right leader who actually want s you to grow and support. But if you are unable to find them, just be your own leader and keep yourself going. 


Take the new Opportunities

When you feeling lost and out of all possible options. Then this are the best time to explore new opportunities and experiment with every new thing possible. Because you are not in the chain and haven’t found what your heart wants. So keep trying the new things, don’t think about what if you fail. Thinks about you will have a lot many memories and ideas that you have developed and worked upon. 

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You are unique, So does your Journey is

You are the only one in the whole world. There’s someone who better and worse than you. But not exactly just like you. So take care of yourself. Don’t force yourself to be like everyone. Be your own self to enjoy this time more. Agree, you feeling lost in your 20s, it doesn’t mean you will find the option from copying others. Find your own passion, you own area of interest. Because things that you can do, no one else can. 


Just enjoy the Process

The real fun is in the journey not in reaching the destination. Right?? Don’t let the journey feel you tired and frustrated over how long still left. Look at the enjoyment in the process. Enjoy these hard times, this will never come again, once you achieve the success you want. We are so busy to find the way, that we just forget that excitement of reaching the top. Take these hard times as good memories and collect as much as possible. Because after all once’s getting the top, you want to remind how amazing your journey was.  Enjoy this feeling lost in your 20s, and feel excited over what awaits for you.


Explore more

Try out many things as much as possible. Keep changing the jobs too often, if you really don’t want to know what you’re passionate about. Jump from one to another job, especially in the early career stage to find out what is there for yourself. Don’t hold oweself to position, that you really feeling lost. You have whole life waiting ahead. Just leave and look for the more. And if you find the thing that you love, then no matter what happens never give up. 

You really need to Lost, To explore the more. 

Final thoughts

Don’t forget that your 20s are the most crucial yet most challenging decade of your entire life. Also, it’s up to you what you make out of these developing years. You can make yourself strong in this year or generate lots of regrets that you may have to live with.

Agree, you are feeling lost in your 20s right now. But just don’t stay lost for the entire life. Aree, that these are the challenging years for each one of us. After all, this is the time when we fail more and learn more. So look for the best, don’t let this time for granted. You don’t want to waste this amazing opportunity that your 20s time offers to you. 

The growing experiences that you have been going through, won’t happen again in the future. Because this is where you feel the extent of the low moment in life. It’s up to you how to survive in this time because once you learn how to handle in this toughest time you never again feel that much lost in the future again. 

Feeling lost in your 20s, is perfectly fine…as this is the only way to find yourself. 


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