How Much Do You Love Me Answers

92 Best Answers To ‘How Much Do You Love Me?’ [Cute, Funny and Best Replies]

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 04:52 pm

For the sake of your healthy relationship, and especially to protect yourself from your wife or girlfriend’s rage for next few weeks, keep this list of ‘How much do you love me answers’ handy.

It covers the funny, cute, and perfect ways to prove your feeling towards them (if you’re asked) instead of being boring, blank, or ‘unromantic’.


When She Asks – ‘How Much Do You Love Me?’

While in a relationship or still in a dating phase, you may frequently be asked ‘how much you love me’ by your partner, and particularly by your wife, or girlfriend. 

At first, it seems cute, though.

But as a guy, a boyfriend, or a husband it’s more like a maths equation to solve. 

Since you know you can’t measure love in number or size, neither can they. But now, they want proof that you love them.

Even worse for you, taking too much time or remaining silent won’t help either.

No matter how special or creative you say I love you to them, you need to say something special whenever they ask- ‘How much??’.

As a way to help you in this unfortunate situation, here are some responses and answers to ‘how much do you love me’ when your partner asks you. 

In addition, there are some funny responses, so pick the appropriate list based on the situation and especially the mood of your partner.


Cute Responses To How Much Do You Love Me

These are some of the lovely and nice replies you can give to your girlfriend and wife when they ask you to say something romantic or admirable.

Plus, to announce your love online, get ideas from these short matching bio examples for couples on social media.

When you notice your partner asking you this, in a good mood, and with that excitement in their eyes, you can use these cute responses to make them feel special. 

Cute Responses To How Much Do You Love Me

1. More than just words can be found in the world’s greatest book. 

2. Well, I love you more than anyone else can ever love you. 

3. I love you more than you can ever imagine. 

4. My love for you is as countless as stars in the sky.

5. Without you, I am nothing. Loving you is like living my life.

6. I love you 3000 x 3000 Times. 

7. Not as much as you think I love. It’s way more than that. 

8. I love you from the start of the earth to the end of this entire galaxy. 

9. I know it’s a complex love, but love is there, without any doubt. 

10. I love you with every single drop of my blood and water in my body. 

11. Every new thought that comes into my mind is only you. 

12. I love you so much that I will be available for you no matter where you go.

13. Such love that you can’t count in numbers. 

14. I love you as perfect as anyone could ever. 

15. The same as you love me. 

16. I have never measured. I just love you anyway. 

17. How can you measure infinity? 

18. You know the size of the galaxy, neither do I. I love you that much.  

19. Can you tell me what the world population is? More than any of them.

20. I love you as much as you want me to. How much do you want?

21. I love you more than anyone else on this earth. 

22. How can you count feelings, you can’t right?

23. You can not count, compare and calculate these feelings by any means. 

24. Every breath I take is a tribute to my love for you.

25. I love you every day, every hour, every minute, every second. 

26. I love you as I love my parents, siblings, and friends.

27. Who told you I love you. But, I respect you. 

28. Love you, so much that I apologize even when it’s not my fault. 

29. That I never think about anyone, but you. 

30. Love you so much that even if we fall apart I will never date anyone again.

31. More than anyone that ever shown in the most romantic movie of all time. 

32. That much love that you can’t ever get rid of. 

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Funny How Much Do You Love Me Answers To Give

ATTENTION! These are not the perfect replies to tell a wife or girlfriend when she looks serious and not in a playful mood.

When you give any random answers too soon, without thinking much… you might regret it. 

But, this is a great list of funny answers to give to your partner when you’re in your best mood and there is great understanding and humor between you.

Use such witty, dirty, and funny ways to answer, how much do you love me to GF to have a good laugh. 

Funny How Much Do You Love Me Answer 

1. As much as I can do. 

2. How can you forget how much I love you?

3. I love you just as much as the average employee loves Friday. 

4. Once I tried to count but then I fell asleep. 

5. My love for you is infinite, even though the calculator can’t figure that out. 

6. I love you with all my 8 inches. 

7. To be honest, I have no idea what you are talking about. 

8. Can you tell me what the color of the water is, then? 

9. As much as you love going to McDonald’s quite often. 

10. Only to the extent that you allow me. I need special permission from you.

11. I’m waiting for your parent’s approval, so I can love you more. 

12. The same as you get marks in your maths exam. 

13. I love you more than I love myself. 

14. More than there are words in every language in the world.

15. I love you as much as I love my fire hose. – a Firefighter. 

16. I love you, but not as much as I love golf and fishing on Sundays. 

17. I love you as much as I hate my boss. 

18. You better ask your neighbors, how much I love you. 

19. Are you looking for proof? But, I have no witnesses, my lord.

20. I promise to love you. But, give me access to make love to you. 

21. As much as a golddigger loves a rich guy. 

22. My love for you is way greater than Romeo’s love for Juliet. 

23. My love for you is as much as kids’ love for Disney movies.

24. Love you so much that I never forget to send you good morning to night wishes

25. Love you as much as the bear loves honey and the rabbit loves carrots. 

26. My love for you is way more precious than gold or platinum. 

27. It’s more like the bitcoin price, but only when its value increases.

28. Well, I love you, but did you tell your parents?

29. Love you so much that I will never let you go, nor will I go anywhere. 

30. My love for you increases the same way the world’s richest person’s income.

31. I love you as much as I hate maths formulas.

32. That much love may cause a sugar high due to its sweetness of it. 

33. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere. Why are you asking me this?

34. Please don’t tell me that you really want that diamond ring. But, I still love you, though!

35. Love you so much, even I don’t know how much.

36. My love for you is so much bigger and wider that can’t fit in just one answer.

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Best Ways To Answer How Much Do You Love Me

It’s troublesome when your partner asks you to prove how much you love him or her without any justification or reason why they ask so.

It seems here they are not asking but investigating as though they want you to prove it. In such cases, to avoid going blank, here are sharing the perfect answers to give.

Such ways are special and the best replies to show your love to them.

Especially when you don’t know what makes them doubt your love and why they ask so, this is your backup plan. 

Best Ways To Answer How Much Do You Love Me

1. That I can travel to seven seas just to be with you. 

2. I love you so much that I can also give a ‘hundred reasons to marry you besides love‘ if you ask. 

3. Love you so much that your bestie gets jealous of our bond.

4. If I will show you, you won’t believe that. 

5. You can tell that by the way, I treat you every single day. 

6. I love you so much that I could also stop smoking just because of you. 

7. More than any narcissist, they love watching themselves in the mirror. 

8. I love you more than water in every sea on earth. 

9. It’s hard to measure because my love for you increases day by day. 

10. More than the sand there is in the Sahara desert. 

11. The same as the kids love legos. 

12. So much that I can build a taj mahal for you if I have much money and land. 

13. I love you till the day when dinosaurs return to this world.

14. Love you so much that I can also come with you shopping. 

15. Let me guess, do you want those diamond necklaces again, do you? 

16. So much that I can go with you to your parents’ house for dinner. 

17. Just enough that you deserve and I can provide.

18. Love you so much that I will never be able to hate you ever again. 

19. So much that I never want to see anyone else in your place.

20. Love you as much as two soulmates have to love each other. 

21. I love you so much that I want to kiss you forever. 

22. I love you so much that the first and last person I think of in the morning and at night- is you.

23 That much that I can write an essay of three thousand words about you.

24. I love you so much, that I end up having crush on you everyday, then I realize we’re married already.

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Final thoughts

If you are at the beginning of your relationship, it’s great that your partner or GF wants to know what level of love you have for them.

But once you’ve cleared the early phases, there are many reasons why they ask so. 

Are they doubting what you feel for them? Would it be the end of this relationship or what?

What if you say something crazy and later they ask you to prove it? And so on…

But, you can save yourself from anger by replying with the most honest and special answer your partner or girlfriend wants to hear.

Before answering anyway, you better check their mood and expression and choose a good answer from the list provided here.


Instead of breaking their heart, keep this handy list of cute, best, and funny how much do you love me answers to share with your partner.

Such responses will allow you to convince them because at least you have something to say, which means you genuinely love them.