How to answer What makes you unique

How to Answer What makes You Unique During Interview

Last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 05:19 pm

No, that interviewer is not interested to know about any random or crazy things about you, when they ask ‘what makes you unique.’ The reason to ask this question is to know what makes you the best candidate for this job. Because they are looking for the best one. 


What makes you unique from other candidates?

Why should we hire you and not any other person?”

“What sets you apart from other profiles?” 

It may sound easy and straight-forward during the job interview, but your answers to this question can change their perspective about you entirely. Because it’s your chance to look confident and more suitable compared to any other candidates for the same role. 

If you are habitual to answer this question with the same info regarding your personality, habits, or any random things, then wait for a moment. Because here we are sharing the right approach over how to answer this question. Moreover, we’re sharing some examples that help you to create a unique image that interviewers can’t ignore.  

Overall, that makes it easy for interviewers to recognize you by your impressive answer and call you for the next interview round because you know what makes you unique.


Why do interviewers ask you what makes you unique?

  • To test your confidence and ability to react to such tough questions. 
  • To check what special skills or experiences you have, for this position. 
  • To see if you are prepared for this interview or not.
  • To find how dedicated and serious you are for this job role.
  • To know more insight and the unique side of your personality. 
  • To have confirmed reasons to put you in the next interview round. 

What do you answer to what makes you unique

Quick tips on How to answer what makes you unique?

  • Well, every candidate is a hard worker, enough. So, try something else. 
  • Share something different that describes you, uniquely. 
  • Make sure you don’t repeat your sentences about your personality or achievements.
  • Show what you can do and what are your specialties or talents or something. 
  • Don’t take much time to think, Be prepared for regular questions in advance.
  • This is the most common interview question, so practice well. 
  • Discuss something which leads them to ask more questions, to take interest in you.  
  • Be honest throughout the whole interview. 
  • You have to present yourself well, doesn’t mean to share good things about you only. 
  • You can make a different impact by accepting your limitations. 
  • Before going for an interview, do some research and insights about the company. 
  • No matter interview or life, stay true to yourself, ALWAYS.

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What do you answer to what makes you unique?

1. I’ve invested my time and energy to have insights about this industry and now I want to contribute with my learnings. 

How to answer what makes you unique interview question

Before answering to what makes you unique, you have to ensure that it reveals that side of your personality that the interviewers need to know.

Share something that presents you differently and separates you from other candidates. For better reference, you need to review the job description precisely. See what makes the ideal personal qualities for this post. 

Of course, you will have some qualities and experiences that help you stand out. Look into your past records, achievements, or personal story that makes you unique. While interview preparation, also practices how you’re going to share these details. Sharing proofs and valid reasons that support you to stand apart truly.

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2. I like to take new challenges, as that gives me an opportunity to advance my knowledge.

This answer is worth sharing when you know your passion and especially when your career goals are clear. With this answer, interviewers realize that you are focused, passionate and hungry to learn in this field. 

Following your answer, the interviewers may ask you to validate your answer with proofs or plans. And, you may have to present some right answer to prove that. So be prepared. You may even ask what you’ve done to fulfill your passion. 

You can share some past performance, or future career plan to grow in this field. That helps interviewers to know that you are serious and dedicated to work and grow in this field. Indeed, such enthusiasm may support you to look unique in the real sense. 

3. I have completed the Internship program at ABC company, and learned about this industry. 

tips on How to answer what makes you unique

Simply saying, I’m unique, I have these and those skills, hire me. And, that’s not enough. When needed you have to share something special about yourself. If you have attended any courses or seminars to get better insights into this industry or have worked as an intern, then make sure to mention that if that is relevant. 

Don’t just simply inform it, show them that you have done something worthwhile for this industry earlier. It may happen that the interviewer takes you as a fresher, and after sharing your early experiences or valuable insights,  may change their perspective about you.  

And, if you have not done any internship or training, then share the project work you have done, at college or as part of your self-learning. That again is enough for giving the right answer to what makes your unique interview question.

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4. It’s my learning experience from working with a startup company. That trained me in major business aspects and uncovered my full potentials. 

There are some strong reasons why you have to work with a startup in your early career years. And it will be a good answer when you already have worked with any startup company and contribute there well. Your experience to work with a startup completely changes the whole conversion and puts you in better rank than other candidates in the interview. 

Share your thoughts on why you prefer working with the start-up company and what you learned from that experience. Your confident answers regarding the right career decisions make them feel even more confident about you. Your gained knowledge and experience make you unique in the interview and improves your chances of getting selected.  

This also proves that you don’t only desire to work with a big company, but you have followed your process right. You are not looking for shortcuts, you are on the right career path. Because you take the right steps for your career, than just dreaming of it. 

5. In my early career stage, I’ve experimented a lot, which leads me to find my passion. Now I’m confident about my career goals. 

What makes you unique sample answers

Quite a risky one, but worth answering when you are positive and confident about your career journey.  Well, this is risky because an interviewer may take you as a job hopper who changes jobs too frequently. Even in your resume you have quite a long list of companies with whom you worked for, but for a very short period. So make sure you have the right answer when being asked to clarify the reason to change jobs too fast. 

Talking about the positive side, that may impress interviewers that you have put some great effort and even struggled to find your passion. This answer makes you unique, because your journey is wholly different from others, and that’s an advantage for you. 

Explain to them how passionate you are about the present work and share something to prove that you are really serious with this work. Overall, express your great enthusiasm and passion while discussing what is something special about this industry and what makes you feel passionate about this field.

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Final thoughts:

These are some possible answers for what makes your unique interview questions. We hope that you now have some idea over How to reply and what approach to follow while answering related questions. Depending on the interview progress so far, you need to adjust your answering approach. 

Remember, when interviewers ask, what makes you unique, it’s not always about your unique style or even personal story. It’s about your professional ability, a uniqueness that makes you stand apart from the other candidates. To test your confidence and to get more insight into you… they often ask this question. Because, after all, what they want is the best candidate for this profile.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions and points to add to this post then let us know. Inform us, what will be other possible answers for what makes your unique interview questions, and we will consider that in our next update.

Thanks for reading, and yes all the best for the interview.