How To Love Your Job When You Hate It

How To Love Your Job When You Hate Your Job?

Last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 05:17 pm

Most people hate their job and think to quit it, more often. But, simply leaving this job and relaxing, is not the better and the only option either. So what to do when you hate your job? What are the other options, than Quitting? And, that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. 


This approach is quite hard but worth knowing and that is, Start loving your job. Simple.

Yes, you heard that right. Learn how to love your job when you hate it. 

Probably you are passionate about work, but this place just does not seem so right?

If that’s the case, then you are at the right place. Here sharing some best things to do when you hate your job, and can’t leave or don’t want to leave at least for some time.

Whether your boss is not a good leader or your manager is just a bully.

No matter how inspired you feel from the inside when you hate your job due to other external causes, then such situations are hard to tackle. 

You carry your passion and all motivation for this work, but this environment and people are just difficult to handle. And that’s the reality of corporate culture. 

You hate to go to your work, not because you don’t like this work, you just hate the environment and people there. And, that clearly shows that you need to change your perspective and Not the job


What to do when you hate your job?

1. Find reasons, why you hate your job.

Not a single but, there may be multiple reasons for why you’re hating this job.

The idea here is to understand the problem first.

Find what makes it hard to follow your passion fully. Check what’s stopping you to give your pure efforts. 

Also, consider what you can do about it.

Think about the alternative that you have, than being in this hateful environment. Simply leaving a job, has to be the last option.

But, first realize the situation, for why you’re facing such hard times at the job. 

2. Make your workplace workable.

love your job

Totally agree that you hate your job, and do not have any solid motive to keep your desk clean and organized.

But, if your desk is quite disorganized and unhealthy for work, you end up hating your job even more. 

So, first thing first, make sure you manage your work files or anything on the desk properly.

Free up some space, remove unnecessary things that create negative moods.

Your workplace directly impacts your mood to work, so ensure you give the right efforts, there first.

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3. Discuss with your trustworthy colleagues, if not the manager or boss. 

When you keep yourself busy with the work you hate forcibly, you make it harder to survive against your negative feelings.

And especially, if you want to love your job, you need to show some readiness to change by yourself.

For that, you can discuss with your superiors, boss, manager, or even nearest colleagues in the office. 

When you’re passionate and serious about your work, and your seniors will definitely guide you in the right way.

You can discuss with the right person regarding the challenges, you face at work.

Suggest them to make some adjustments, to improve work focus. Also, learn their perspective too.

Rather than making judgments on your own, discuss such issues with someone who has the power to make adjustments. 

So, have an open discussion with anyone in your team and office.

Try to understand others’ perspectives and respect for this company.

Even your nearest friend or colleagues at work help you better when they’re in this company for a long time.

You certainly get the right help, but first, you need to ask for it.


4. Love what you do. And Do what you love. 

love your job when you hate it

You probably heard that many times. And that’s true, indeed.

You feel complete and fulfilled when you do something that you’re really interested in it.

If you’re a beginner and want to find your passion, then be open to trying as many options as you could.

Simply waiting for passion to come, and that’s not happening anytime. 

If you want to find your passion, then you need to grab as many opportunities especially when you are in the early career stage.

Following different options and you get to know what you’re great at and what’s something you’ve no scope to continue. 

Throughout this trial and error journey, you can get to know your personal interest and passion for something.

So don’t just quit the job as you joined recently, give yourself some time to make an effort. Don’t try to look for shortcuts.

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5. Set some goals by yourself. 

Similarly to a difficult job, a too much comfortable job also makes you feel hateful while doing it.

You may hate your job because it’s too easy. You hate it because it has nothing for you to do.

You’re not feeling like any challenges and growth opportunities here. And if that’s the case, then you really lack some work goals for yourself. 

When you don’t have any motive and goals at a present job, then set the one by yourself.

Yes, give exciting purpose to this work.

Make sure you have your solid reason for: Why to do this work.

When you have weekly, monthly goals with you, you tend to feel more excited and focused to follow such routine work. 


6. Keep learning. Keep experimenting.

What To Do When You Hate Your Job

The ultimate reason why most people hate their job is, they feel like they’re not growing while doing it.

Your work has to be great enough to train yourself for the future. 

After all, you’re giving time and effort to this job every day.

Don’t let this investment go to waste by any means. Do something that helps you in the future as well. 

Start challenging yourself and learn something every day.

Like said earlier, set some goals by yourself and create reasons to love your job.

When you prefer to learn more than complaining, you end up feeling good about the work you have to do. 

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7. Be supportive to new employees. 

Don’t be that complaining colleague who has just negative things to say about your own job.

Agree, that you have so many reasons to hate your job.

But, that doesn’t mean everyone around, is facing the same. So, keep your frustration to yourself alone. Who knows like time flies, your frustration will also go along?

Never let your frustration damage your personal image.

Be adjustable with current and especially to new employees. Don’t pass on your negativities to someone else, who just joined this company.

When someone asks for your support, help them right.

Helping someone in the same work is the best approach to generate interest in it, by yourself. As a result, you’ll start to love your job, which you hate right now.


8. Present your ideas and suggestions confidently.

When You Hate Your Job

Do you have some suggestions and creative ideas for the company, then share them with your manager or boss freely.

Don’t overthink about it, if that’s an interesting concept then it’s worth discussing.

Share your views and alternatives with key persons confidently. 

Show how a company can benefit from your approach and why it’s required to follow.

Your mindful presentation and unique viewpoint definitely will be noticed, when that supports the company to improve their performance.

After all, most companies are also trying to minimize the employee turnover ratio.

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9. Initiate positive interaction with colleagues and office staff.

When you keep surrounding yourself with the same minds, who also have negative things about this place, you will lose every chance to love your job.

Stop complaining about this job and first change your surroundings.

Start connecting with hardworking and inspired people at your job. 

Be with those who are doing this job with great passion and actually enjoying it. If you want to love your job, then seek external motivation.

Find what makes others love this job and try to follow them.

Don’t complain about your unsupportive colleagues, when you never have asked them for their help.

Be open, be approachable. Don’t wait for them to connect you, take the first step to initiate the connection at work.

And who knows, that will change their perspective toward you and this company, too. 


10. ‘Feel Blessed’ that at least you have a job.

Start loving your job

We humans can never be satisfied. We always want something else.

Instead of expressing thankfulness for what we have, we regret on what we lose. And that’s the same when we are in the job that we hate. 

We curse our job fully, we genuinely hate it.

But, we have no idea that things get even worse when we have no job and no money, rather.

Even if you’re in the job you hate, follow gratitude, at first. Quitting a job due to emotions looks relaxing, but the reality after that can get worse. 

Don’t expect your job to be perfect, try to adjust to it, for a while.

Change your approach there, and you’ll start feeling good.

Overall, feel thankful for having a job, at least one that supports you to meet your regular life needs.

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Forget everything and Try to love your job, for the last time.

Career is an important aspect of life. And when you are not happy with your job, definitely your life and relationship get affected badly, too.

Love it or hate it, but your every career decision leaves a heavy impact on your entire life, eventually.

Maybe you have a hundred reasons to hate your job, but quitting is not the only option.

You can redesign your work pattern or can change your approaches, or else can develop an interest in this job, either. 

Indeed, those are hard steps to follow, when you have not a single reason to go to work on Monday.

But, life without this job can turn out to be even worse, too. 

Be flexible with your work and mindsets. Don’t just hate your job, just because everyone is doing the same.

Try to understand your core strength, redesign your thinking and consider your other priorities in life too. 

If you want to love your job when you hate it, try to be more positive there. And show some efforts that you really need this. 


Don’t follow your negative emotions and thoughts only. And especially, when you’re passionate about this work, then definitely this hateful job deserves one last chance. Because, challenges are satisfactory, but regrets are not. 

So make your big career move, thinking about your life, firstly.