Welcome Messages For New Employees & Team Members

87 Welcome Messages For New Employees & Team Members

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 04:59 am

Similarly, it’s important to give farewell messages to departing employees, it’s equally important to send a welcome message to a new employee who is about to begin their journey at your company.

So if you are looking for some ideas regarding welcome onboard wishes, messages for new team members to share on their first day, here is a handy article for you. 


How do you welcome a new team member?

First thing first, welcome messages for new joiners aren’t simply formalities.

So, as a team leader or employer, you better know that. 

Taking the time to welcome new teammates actually creates a sense of belonging within the company, a sense of family at work. 

Not only does this help them to adjust to the new environment easily, but also encourages them to work like their roles and contributions are essential to the company’s overall growth.

Of course, this is one of a step developing to a long-lasting professional relationship that a new employee is about to begin after they’ve been hired into their new position and it’s their first day. 

When you want to welcome a new employee or team player in the real mean, there are several options are there. 

  • As an employer or company owner, you can take a one-to-one meeting with them on the first day.
  • As a manager or team leader, you can arrange a team meeting to welcome new team members.
  • As an HR department, you can share the welcome aboard message to every new recruit on their first day.
  • As a teammate or coworker, you can introduce yourself when sitting beside or during the lunch break.

Regarding messages, that can be a long or short message, either through the mail on behalf of the company, official chat apps, or at introductions meetings. 

However, the point is that such welcome practices are there to make new employees feel confident and comfortable with the new team and environment to which they are about to join. 

So if you are an HR, team leader, manager, or a team member who wants to share the welcome messages for the new joinee, here are the examples of welcome aboard messages to take ideas from.


Warm welcome messages for a new employee from HR

1. I would first like to congratulate you on joining this company. It was an impressive interview performance that brought you here. On behalf of the whole team, let me welcome you to the board. 

2. As we hire the best people, we also do our best to contribute to the careers and lives of our employees equally. It is our expectation that our employees will give their best efforts in our business. Welcome and best wishes on your first day at the office. It is time to get to know your colleagues. 

3. You are the perfect match among all the candidates that we hired in the process. Our professional journey will be enhanced by the start of this new journey together. 

4. Congratulations on this new role and new journey. I’m excited about the future we will have working with you, as well as the ideas and projects we are going to tackle together. 

5. You are the most qualified and desirable candidate we have encountered throughout the recruiting process. Also, our CEO was impressed with how you performed in the interview. We hope we can both benefit from this connection. 

Warm welcome message for a new employee from HR

6. Welcome to the company. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. We are on a mission to make the most of each other and grow together. 

7. Welcome to the company, we can see that you are the perfect addition to our team. Feel free to contact any of us, if you need anything. 

8. Best wishes on your new journey and we are glad you are now a member of our work family. Feel free to reach out whenever you need assistance.

9. Welcome aboard and congrats on being part of the growing company. Everyone is looking forward to working with you and is equally happy to see you. 

10. Thank you for accepting this job offer. On behalf of the whole company, I am here sharing my welcome message to you and congratulating you to be one among us.

11. We are glad that you have decided to join us. Thank you for being part of this incredible place. Together, may we achieve incredible outcomes, Right!

12. We are very happy to welcome you to this company. Make yourself comfortable here, you’re going to have fun working with us. 

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Best welcome messages for a new colleague from the manager

1. We are glad to have you on board. Because this is your first job, we know it will be a little challenging for you to adjust, but we are certain your eagerness to learn will keep you motivated and inspired. 

2. Your personal and professional skills are the right match as we get to see in the interview. And that makes us excited to work along. Welcome abroad. 

3. Looking forward to working with a new team member with so much industry experience and such dynamic skills. We hope your experience and expertise will be of great use to bring this company to the next level. 

4. We are proud to welcome you aboard. Your skills, talents, and creativity are a great match for the company’s growth, and we hope you will find that your abilities are fully utilized here. So, we wish you all the best.

5. Best wishes on this first day at the company. We know you will learn many things that will benefit your career greatly. 

Best welcome message for a new colleague from the manager

6. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our team. Agree that it is somewhat uncomfortable for you to be in a new place with new people around, but we promise we are not going to let you feel that anyway. Feel free to reach out to any of us, we are at your help. 

7. You are the most creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated candidate for this role. We are happy to welcome you aboard.

8. A warm welcome to the team, we welcome you and you have a great skill set as informed by interviewers. This makes us excited and eager to work with you.

9. Certainly, we’re excited and can’t wait to work with someone with such creative ideas and such broad experience in the business. 

10. You have something unique that we discovered while interviewing you and we are glad to have you on our team. The fact that you are passionate about this industry and eager to learn makes us select you over everyone else.

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New employees welcome messages to share on their joining day 

1. Welcome aboard, your experience and skillsets will be great assets to our company. You will be supported in, as well, your career aspect so that you can shine. So let’s work together and support each other. 

2. It is a pleasure to welcome you on board. We need fresh talents like you to lead the company. If you require assistance or guidance, you can always contact us. The team is happy to help. 

3. We are excited to welcome you to our team. Since we know our team, you are going to have a great time working with us. 

4. We trust our HR department and they always bring the best employee on the board. Welcome to the team and hope you have a great time learning and working as a team member. 

5. Best wishes on your first day. I am glad to welcome you to our team and I am available to assist you whenever you need it. 

New Employees Welcome Messages to Share on the Joining day 

6. Even though we are in the professional team, we are more like a sports team. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but we support each other to grow along and give our best every single day. We hope you enjoy working with us, too. 

7. Make yourself comfortable. Don’t stress, we all know it’s your first day. In any need contact any of us, we are there to help. Welcome to the team. 

8. On behalf of the entire team, I am sharing the warm welcome wishes with you and if you need something don’t hesitate to contact or mail me. 

9. Even though it seems a busy place here, don’t forget that it will be great fun working together. I have been working with this place for a long time and I confidently say that this is my second home. Take your time to adjust and you will have a great time, as well. Welcome!

10. Our team enjoys welcoming new members, after all our company is growing as well. Welcome to the team, we are excited also share our warmest welcome wishes with you.

11. Congratulations, we are very happy to welcome you here. I hope that you have a wonderful first day! Now, it is time to meet your team. Let’s go!

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Welcome onboard message from a manager or team leader

1. Welcome aboard! Settle yourself to place as fast as you can because we are excited to see you in the full-fledged role that we have discussed. For now, all the best, and welcome to the company. Enjoy your first day.

2. It’s always exciting to work with someone new. On behalf of the entire company or department, I welcome you and congratulate you on your new position. 

3. Thanks for choosing our team, we make the difficult goal look quite enjoyable to achieve. More than a team we are a family who works together and supports each other. Thank you for joining our work family, and we look forward to working with you. 

4. We are proud to welcome your highly dedicated and confident team. This company chooses the best talents and that’s something we can see in you as well. So excited to work along and achieve the great goals possible. 

5. Welcome abroad, we are proud to see you in our company. We hope your skills and talents will bring this company to the desired level. If you need anything, let us know we are there for you. All the Best. 

Welcome Onboard Message From a Manager or Team Leader

6. Greetings from the new work family, I can’t wait to discuss future projects with you. Hope to see your best contribution as we expect from you. Enjoy your first day and contact us when you need something, 

7. You are the perfect candidate for this role. Your skills, expertise, and passion match precisely with the role that we are looking for. On the first day, your meeting will be with our company CEO, then your reporting manager and the team. Congratulations and welcome abroad. 

8. Thanks for sharing your decision to join this company in a really short time. With the confidence and trust you show in our company, we try our best to help you with your career goals and expectations. 

9. Congratulations and welcome to the company. We are eager to know more about you and make the best with team efforts. Looking forward to seeing you get settled in quickly. 

10. The company offers the best environment for passionate and dedicated employees. We will provide you the best support and guidance that also helps you to make the best out of the time, talents, and energies you invest. Welcome aboard. 

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Short welcome message for new employee on the first day

1. We all are equally excited to work with you and the experiences that you have. Welcome aboard, see you soon. 

2. It’s nice meeting you for the first time, and you are also welcome to our team. 

3. Looking forward to working with you. Congrats and welcome aboard! 

4. On behalf of the entire department, I welcome you aboard and it will be great fun for you to work with us, we are sure about that. 

5. Congratulations on your new position. We are equally excited and look forward to working with you. 

Short Welcome Message For New Employee on First Day

6. Welcome to the team! We are happy to have you here. We hope you have a great time working with us. 

7. We are congratulating you on behalf of our entire team and every member here.

8. Over the last few days, HR and our manager have been mentioning you a lot. So finally we get to meet you and it is nice to see you on the team. 

9. Welcome aboard. We are glad that you are going to work with us. Feeling excited to work and learn from your previous experiences. 

10. Congratulations! Hope we are going to work for the long term and working with us will be great fun for you, as well.

11. On behalf of our entire team, I welcome you aboard. Let’s start with a quick introduction of yourself. 

12. It’s very nice to meet you. So what’s your backstory, then? Like, your experience and career journey so far. 

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Welcome quotes for new employees on joining the company

1. No matter what you do, the beginning is always the hardest part. 

2. The problems lie in the first phase, but these challenges are not the matter, how you handle yourself while facing such early challenges is what makes you.

3. Don’t just think of starting it, take the first step and see how far you can go. 

4. Until the new team member joins this team, you will remain the new team member. 

5. If you want to do it, then do it now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. 

Welcome Quotes for New employee on Joining Company

6. It all starts with the first step. Don’t worry about taking the perfect step. There is just a first step and nothing more. 

7. When you learn when to start and when to stop, you will be more likely to become unstoppable and achieve whatever you want to do in life.  

8. We already got a glimpse of your interest and efforts in the interview, now it’s time for live-action. All the best and welcome to the company. 

9. Congratulations on this position. We are delighted to have you abroad. I think we all are eager to know about you and work along to make the work enjoyable, overall.

10. When you pass the early phase with patience, you are capable of tackling any challenges no matter if they are known or accidental. Because that proves you are ready now. 

13. First of all, I congratulate you for being the one among us. And for your information, like to inform you that you’re in good hands. 

14. Congrats and welcome to the team. We like to know about your background and the specialties that bring you here.

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Funny welcome messages for new team member

1. Thank you for being here. We need some new faces on our team. Most of us are tired of looking at the same faces every day. Welcome aboard!

2. Our manager already informed us that we are going to have a new team member who is talented, dedicated, and more focused. So, you’re going to compete with us, right! Hope you are ready for that, as well. Just kidding, happy to see you here.

3. We know it’s your first day so if you need any help, contact any of us without hesitation for the first few days only.  

4. These are friendly people in professional attire so don’t get stressed. Reach out to us directly if you have any questions.

Funny Welcome Message for New Team Member

5. All the best for joining the most dynamic, hard-working, and friendly team of the entire company. But, don’t share this one with anyone outside our team.

6. Welcome to the team, we are glad that you are here. I can see there is new work anxiety is there but I can feel that you’re not actually shy, are you?

7. On behalf of everyone in our team and not part of the team, I welcome you. First, we start with your intro because you don’t seem interested to know about us.

8. Welcome to the team! Don’t worry if you haven’t remembered any one of us’ names. That’s fine after all it’s a big team, we know that.

9. It was nice meeting you at the first team meeting. You seem like a very dedicated and work-oriented person.  We are good people to talk with, okay. So, don’t be so shy or busy all the time.  

10. You really choose a great company, I joined this company four years ago and I have an awesome experience here. Hope you enjoy working here. 

11. Welcome aboard. Really surprised how HR found the perfect replacement for this role. You won’t believe it but the last person exactly looked like you. 

12. Very happy that the company hired enthusiastic and creative-minded employees. I’m sure we as teammates just gonna love working with each other.

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‘Welcome To The Team’ Quotes To Encourage New Employees

1. Together we can make great things possible. After all, we are the team and you’re now part of it. 

2. You are dedicated, you are passionate. And this is the ideal place for you. 

3. Don’t worry too much on the first day, you have a long road to go. 

4. Enjoy working, and don’t get bored too easily. We are good people, who believe in working and growing together. 

Welcome To The Team Quotes

5. At first, everything seems difficult and challenging. But, don’t let it stress you, you seem like a confident person with adjustable nature. 

6. Welcome to the most dynamic team with a friendly environment. We are not competing with each other, but making the workplace a cool place to be on. 

7. We are certainly not as caring as your parents, but we are the working family that will take good care fo you when you’re family isn’t here.

8. We know this is your first job; there is no need to stress. The place is actually a nice place to work and start a career with. So, we welcome you to your first job. Wishing you, all the very best.

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Final thoughts: 

Sharing welcome messages to new employees never has to be limited to a formality of HR or team leader alone. 

For a long-lasting professional relationship and a great first impression, it’s a good idea that a company CEO or employer himself also shares some welcome notes or expresses their wishes to the new employee on the first day of their joining the company. 

As a whole, it gives a positive first impression to the new joinee, which helps them adapt to the organization quite quickly. Also, it makes the employee feel like a member of the new work family. 


We hope you find the right welcome message for the new team member or to an employee from this post. In addition, you might want to recommend this post to someone in your network who might also find it useful.