Short Positive Affirmations

132 Short Positive Affirmations: Powerful Things To Say To Yourself

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Life gets tough when you start to doubt your efforts and even talking with someone fails to help; short positive affirmations are your next hope. In this post, you’ll find a powerful, short, daily positive affirmation to keep you motivated keeping you excited for the everyday hustle. 


Well, positive affirmations don’t just refer to phrases or statements that make you think positively and feel motivated. 

When you are losing hope in yourself, it is a way to give you the one.

When you are feeling negative in life, it is a reason to believe in positivity and success. 

When yesterday was challenging, it is an inspiring thought to pick yourself up and try again. 

So, if you or your nearest someone is going through hard times, here is the list of short positive affirmations that we are sure will help you stay optimistic and stay strong. 


List of Short Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday

Try saying some positive things to yourself every morning. Here are some morning affirmations for the day to remember and start your day with. 

List of Short Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday

1. I believe in Me. 

2. I know I can do this. 

3. I have confidence in myself. 

4. I am so grateful for having this life. 

5. I have my reasons to be happy in life

6. I know how to make better choices in life. 

7. I can make the change and I will. 

8. I am unbreakable. 

9. I am unshakable. 

10. I am who I am and I know that. 

11. I can think, feel and do positive things. 

12. I am fearless. 

13. I feel stronger than I used to be. 

14. I am dependable and fully dedicated. 

15. I know what I am passionate about.

16. I don’t just dream, I do something for it. 

17. I am proud of myself and I always will be. 

18. I know, only I can stop me and no one else.

19. I am beautiful/powerful, and I feel it within. 

20. I don’t need anyone to approve or judge me. 

21. Don’t just stay average. You can do a lot than you know. 


Best Positive Affirmations to Tell Yourself

When done correctly, positive thinking works. Here are some good motivational statements you should tell yourself when you’re feeling low and need some instant inspiration.  

Best Positive Affirmations to Tell Yourself

1. I am kind and never stop doing good things.

2. I can change the world. But first, I must change myself. 

3. I deserve to feel respected and admired. 

4. I know what I’m worth. 

5. I am a good person who thinks and prays for others’ well-being. 

6. I am always ready for new challenges in life. 

7. I no longer do the same mistake again and over again.

8. I will cut off those toxic connections that are pulling me down. 

9. I never doubt my abilities and strength. 

10. I have bigger goals in life and the confidence to achieve them. 

11. I am sure that one day I will make it big. 

12. I will break my negative habits from this moment. 

13. I choose to be happy and enjoy this day to the fullest. 

14. I promise myself to never give up on myself ever. 

15. I love myself because no one can do it the way I can. 

16. I will come out of my comfort zone. 

17. I choose to become the best version of myself. 

18. I learned to say no and I will when there has to be a no. 

19. I decided to make the best of my life. 

20. I will stay positive and powerful no matter what happens.

21. Your goal should be stay unique and not the perfect. 

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Short Positive Affirmations for Success

Would you like to be reminded of the great success you’re about to experience? Then, here are some best morning affirmations to tell yourself every day. 

Short Positive Affirmations for Success

1. I will do something to make my parents proud and happy for me. 

2. I promise that I will never be drawn to any negative habits anymore. 

3. I promise to stay honest with myself. 

4. I prefer myself and my needs from this time. 

5. I will always count on my gut feelings and emotions. 

6. I always carry the reason to be happy with myself. 

7. I choose to work on myself and be a good person

8. I have already forgiven myself. 

9. I release myself from regrets and failures. 

10. I promise I will never doubt myself. 

11. I know to make the right choices in life. 

12. I am capable of being alone

13. I will keep doing it until it’s done.

14. I am more comfortable being alone than with the wrong one. 

15. I will never overreact without thinking much. 

16. I decided to stop overthinking and worrying about everything

17. I will never compare myself with anyone else. 

18. I know how to make a productive day. 

19. I know how to control my negative emotions

20. I will spend less time planning and more on implementing.


Short Positive Affirmations for Work

If you are feeling worried or a bit tensed about your routine challenges, here are some short but powerful affirmations about work. Such positive statements keep you focused on the process and reduce the pressure of it. 

Short Positive Affirmations for Work

1. I choose to work harder than yesterday.

2. I know great things always take some time.

3. I choose to spread happiness positively.

4. I know who is actually worth being my friend. 

5. I will never waste a single second of my life. 

6. I will ask for help without any hesitation. 

7. I won’t be shy anymore to present myself. 

8. I promise to be positive in every situation. 

9. I have the power to change my life. 

10. I know how to make today the best day. 

11. I was born to do something great in life. 

12. I am not perfect and I accept who I am. 

13. I feel like a responsible and trustworthy person.

14. I can see the possibilities in everything. 

15. I deserve to live my life, my way. 

16. I believe in God because God believes in me. 

17. I am a team player and contribute well. 

18. I will learn from everyone and everything. 

19. I no longer complain about failures. 

20. I have no excuses, just a reason to work harder. 

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Short Positive Affirmations for Friends

It is a blessing to have genuine friends in our life. Refer to some good affirmations about friends who seriously want you to grow in life and support you from the very start and remain thier true self around you. 

Short Positive Affirmations for Friends

1. I am not afraid of choosing a unique and challenging path. 

2. I learn from the failures rather than cry over them. 

3. I will help my friends and others to achieve their dreams. 

4. I know I made some mistakes, but I learned something. 

5. I will never make myself too available

6. I have some good people in life who think good of me. 

7. I know the best time of my life is about to come. 

8. I am 100 percent in charge of my thinking.

9. I will never hand over the control of my life to someone else. 

10. I don’t need any reason to love myself. 

11. I will be with some positive minds.

12. I will do something to help others without asking anything. 

13. I choose to live life without any regrets and worries.

14. I will never let anyone take advantage of me anymore.

15. I am faithful that tomorrow will be great. 

16. I believe that everything will be alright. 

17. I will never take myself for granted

18. I promise to stay focused on the process rather than the outcomes. 

19. I finally have control over my fear and doubts. 

20. I work for myself and not to impress others. 


Daily Affirmations for Motivating Yourself Every Morning

If you’re about to give up due to the failures and challenges, these powerful but short positive affirmations will keep you going with their positive and strong message. 

Daily Affirmations for Motivating Yourself Every Morning

1. I do something to change my life. 

2. I feel like I’m becoming better at this. 

3. I am preparing myself for greater success. 

4. I dream, I do and I will get all the goals. 

5. I have the potential to become better than who I am today.

6. I promise myself to create the opportunity rather than wait for them. 

7. I take full responsibility because I am confident. 

8. I believe in positive thinking and motivation. 

9. I know anything is possible.

10. I know to forgive and forget. 

11. I live in a world that is a beautiful palace. 

12. I will remain focused and motivated to work

13. I grow every day because I learn every day.

14. I know how to differentiate needs and desires

15. I am unique and come on the earth with a special purpose. 

16. I do believe in myself and what I can achieve. 

17. I am free from pains and doubts

18. I decided to change myself.

19. I am a good person who respects and cares for others.  

20. I finally learned to let go of something.

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Powerful Positive Affirmations for Yourself

Have some positive affirmations about yourself that will give you confidence also the reason to believe in your abilities. When you are not getting any support or losing hope in yourself, these short affirmations will give you the way out. 

Powerful Positive Affirmations for Yourself

1. I choose to spend some time with myself every day.

2. I will spare some time to do things which I love doing. 

3. I promise to keep a work-life balance. 

4. I will never do anything that I have to feel sorry for. 

5. I prefer to give timely attention and time to my family than just working. 

6. I will take care of my health when working harder. 

7. I will give credit to those who are supporting me today. 

8. I promise to stay grounded. 

9. I do believe that positive affirmation does work. 

10. The way I can support myself, nobody can ever. 

11. I will never underestimate myself from now on.   

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Final thoughts 

So, these are some unique and powerful short positive affirmations that you can say to yourself every day. 

If you really want to make these positive statements work for you, then use them on your mobile or computer, use them as notes for yourself, or read them every morning as part of your affirmation schedule. 

We prepared this best list of positive affirmations to help you kick start your every new day with the right thought.

You may also bookmark this post or share this list with your friends and family who may need it. 


We wish you all the best! A fresh AWESOME day is waiting for you!! Go for it!!