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Clear Signs it’s time to quit your job right now

Last updated on September 18th, 2020 at 06:01 am

Understand the dedication and passion you bring to work every day.

But these are a clear sign to quit your job right now.

A job that doesn’t worth your time and effort, no need to stay there for long.

Sometimes it’s better to quit a job you love, instead of just keep doing it.

Unwillingly. When you have that clear about career goals, that at where you want to go in a career. Then it may happen that, you just feeling exhausted for what you doing right now, because you have those specific criteria in mind.

You have those work criteria about what you want to learn, what you expect from work & In what work you want to become an expert.

And this works not fulfill a single desire of yours about a dream job.

Hence, you just hate your job anyway. Your behavior shows random signs when it’s time to quit your job immediately.  So let’s check out…

What are the signs to quit your job?


You start hating Monday even more

There is no denying in that, most of the individual hate Monday morning. The reason behind that is simple, they have to go to work after enjoying weekends fully.

It’s a normal thing, but if you hate doing the work then, it’s a serious issue indeed.  You start hating Monday, because you have to do the work, which you don’t want & that 9-5 desk job anymore.

And this is the first sign to quit your job.

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All you want is a vacation of 4 months, thrice a year

You enjoy your weekends thinking about the work you need to accomplish on Monday. All you want is a vacation from this boring work.

You want to spend time with family, you want to go on vacation and these works don’t let you do it.

This work simply makes you feel exhausted & you think, it’s going to kill you. And you wish to go for a vacation for a long vacation so that you can plan for the future & create another option than this.


Job that feels you demotivated

The work which you are doing right now, not adding value to life. All you acquire from this work is that pressure & depression of meeting targets anyway.

Even If you were doing it great in the past, now all your tactics & strategies are not working now. Your performance keeps decreasing day-by-day and you can’t do the work with full confidence. It can be from the office environment, culture, your work, sneaky colleagues and backstabbing coworkers, and many other reason. 

So it’s better to release from this job if it’s not working.

Because you have enough time to develop & many things to learn, at your early career stage. Don’t waste your time to find the best time when to switch jobs, look at your personal growth as well.


Not giving your 100%, Time to leave that job

When you started doing this work, you feel very energetic. You were doing this work with all your patience & enthusiasm, but now the situation changes.

You start hating this repetitive work & believe that this will decrease your creative thinking.

So you can’t give your hundred percent to the work, just because you don’t want to do this anymore. Even after spending more time, the results are still not improving and you feel demotivated because of it.

All you wish is to quit your job & to find which career is best for you.



You simply start hating yourself to waste time

By doing the work, you don’t like. You start hating yourself, Isn’t it??  Because you have ambition in life, you have a career plan, you have that idea and this work doesn’t let you fulfill them.

Hence, you start blaming yourself to spend your precious time in the work, which will not help you in the future.

Even worse, you want to quit your job But you can’t.  You know you are not living your passion and wish to leave this place anyhow.


Job with no learning potentials

You want to work, you like to develop new skills. And you also believe that you have a lot more to learn.

So you looking for the work where there are learning potentials that you want.

The work will let you do & learn new skills that you have planned. But a current job not satisfying that desire of yours.

You have that idea in mind for leaving a job no matter how well it plays.

But you want to learn new skills that you planned.   


Work with no Future

Every one of us, have those specific criteria about the career. The criteria for the work will lead us to attain our career goals.

The work you are doing right now does not seem beneficial for the future anymore.

And that makes you look for the other option and other skills which will be demanded in the future.  The future stats for work you involving,  also shows the work will no use in the coming years.


Have a better opportunity in hand

You already looking for the right career option for yourself. So you continuously looking for a good option where you can develop your career better.

On one lucky day, you get a call from the reputed company, informing you that you are selected for the specific job role you wished for.  Now it’s time to quit job from the current job and seize that bright career opportunity awaits.

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Unfavorable work environment

If you are young and started your career recently, you need that leader who shows you the right way for the career. The leader who understand your capabilities & willingness, so that he can advise for your personal growth.

But at the current job, the superior is not that much support.

So this may be a reason you wish to quit your job and be with a leader who has something who learn from them.  All you feel just not right there with the other negative people are at the workplace, and even worse they blocking your career growth. 

So it’s the best time to leave a place like that.


No time for personal growth

If you have expertise in a certain skill set and made a required business connection, then it means you have created your professional image in the industry from your work.

If you sufficient resources for starting own business, then you surely can think about leaving that job with no growth.

But before quitting a job, Be sure to perform a SWOT analysis of it.    


No respect for your Dedication

The most common reason to quit the job is due to not getting the desired appraisal & respect for the work you provided. Many organization is so busy in calculating their profits.

They forget about the employee who also playing an important role to earn it.

Employees start to feels that top management has no value for their work dedication. And this feeling of forgotten leads them to quit own job soon.


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