How to Know If a Girl Loves You Secretly

20 Signs To Know If a Girl Loves You Secretly (And, She Tries To Hide It)

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:20 am

Trying to figure out what’s inside the mind of a girl is certainly a challenge. And knowing if ‘a girl’ loves you back, is even impossible… because such mixed signs from her, confuse you more than excite you.

Why does she show you those signs and how to know if a girl loves you secretly?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post. 

Well, then there are some signs she loves you but hiding it. Probably, because she is scared or shy to approach first. 


Yes, girls do that all the time, they prefer guys to approach them first.

Just because they are somewhat shy to do that…But, more than that it’s the guy’s role to take the first step, as every girl believes.

If you are a guy and confused over… ”Does she love you secretly or not”, then these few signs you can confirm with.

These secret hints, or signs from girls are clearly show that that girl wants you to approach for love… and already ready to accept it.


20 Signs: How to Know If a Girl Loves You Secretly

1. You find love for you, in her eyes. 

The person who loves someone maintains active eye contact with them, and girls are no exception, too.

Girls usually see right into a guy’s eyes and try to show what’s in her heart.

Stealing glances and trying hard to maintain eye contact, if that happens regularly and it shows a girl wants you to read her mind and feel the love for you.


2. She smiles at you more than regular times. 

Of course, a smile is a clear sign that someone likes you and enjoys your company.

But, to find, if a girl loves you, you often catch her looking at you and smile more often.

If she smiles with you every time you look at each other, showing that she is feeling great about you and happy to be part of your life.

She really interested in you and want to be on your side.

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3. She connects with you well.

Girls are usually not that open to their own feelings and wishes in their hearts, but when they are seriously into this… it clearly is shown by their gestures and expressions.

You can say that girls secretly love you when she’s feeling very comfortable around you.

She connected with you so well and wants to be with you most of the time.

Being with you, she’s informing you to connect her well, too. 


4. Her touch feels something else.

Yes, girls are not that open to tell you directly that she’s into you.

They show some indirect clues and signs for you to notice first. Touching you more often is also one of those signs a girl loves you secretly.

She only prefers to touch someone with whom she’s connected and comfortable.

If you are that guy, then it’s obvious that you mean something to her, probably “more than just a friend”.

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5. She never fails to make you feel special. 

Whether it’s about wishing on your birthday or celebrating on your new job, you find she’s always there with you.

She wants to be a part of your life and stays there for you.

She praises you, she advises you, moreover, she is the one who comes first when you need help.

If she is giving you all care, attention, and time, it’s clear signs she loves you secretly but hasn’t confessed yet. 

signs a girl loves you secretly

6. Her profile photos are all around you.

Girl’s social media profiles are dynamic and full of varieties.

Agree they never let the one pic stay in their profile for years, just like guys do.

And, that’s your chance to catch her feelings.

When a girl updates her photos too often with cute messages, quotes, photos, and most importantly when it’s about you, then it means… that girl loves you secretly.

You find importance in her life, from her regular pictures and status updates, only when she mentions you directly and indirectly within it.

Probably she wants you to notice the secret message and approach her. 


7. When she appreciates your presence all the time. 

Even if she has a long list of contacts to ask for help, and still she prefers you to be on her side, then it’s clear signs that she is in love with you secretly.

No matter what, she always prefers you… over others.

You’re always her first priority, in any case, and in every situation.

If that’s you seeing, then my friend, she is giving you hints. So, just go for it and express your feelings, too.


8. When she tries to be around or be with you.

Meeting her accidentally, at a common friend’s birthday, college party, or even on your secret picnic, that can’t be random though.

She probably investigates you and notices your schedule just to being around you.

If a girl tries everything to grab your attention then it’s because she loves you secretly.

Don’t ignore these signs, she wants you to notice her. How can you still ignore such powerful signs?

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9. You secretly found her, staring at you. 

This is the common sign to know that girl loves you secretly… and thinking about you.

When you catch her staring at you, then it definitely shows that she has an interest in you.

If she is shy… she just feels ashamed that you catch her and look away.

But, if she feels comfortable with you, she gives a smile, telling she’s into you.

When she is actively participating in stealing glances, then it confirms that she has a crush on you. 


10. Yes, she does it just to impress you. 

When a girl finds you attractive and seriously wants to grab your attention, she does everything for that.

And that you can find out from her sudden makeover from makeup to apparel.

She gives her best to look great around you, and so to grab your attention. Want to compliment your crush?

Just give your attention and praise her efforts on looking good. After all, she’s doing these all just for you.

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11. She always agrees with your plans.

You simply know if a girl loves you secretly or not, by knowing how much she is excited to spend time with you.

When it comes to a party invitation or to set a project group, if she chooses only you as a partner, then it’s clear signs that she loves you secretly.

She really wants to spend time with you and see you more than as a friend


12. When her friends leave, you two alone. 

Probably you have faced these situations when you two are together and suddenly all of her friends move away, and if they stay there, then they continue teasing her. Sounds familiar, right?

Yes, it’s signs showing that she has a crush on you and her friends know about it, too.

Don’t take it as strange anymore, psychological crush facts say that girl informs her friends first… when she loves someone secretly. 

girl loves you, but shy

13. She became too confident and shy at the same time.

Even though girls’ nature is beyond any theories and judgments, still you can get to know if a girl loves you or no, by noticing her behavior in your presence.

If she loves you secretly, then you can feel her confidence with your presence only.

In some cases, she looks too confident and refreshing, after knowing that you’re also in the same place.

While in some, she feels so shy sitting or standing beside you, plus you notice her pretending that you’re not around her.

In some cases, you just can feel her breath, because her heartbeats are running fast. 


14. Of course, she feels jealous seeing you with another girl. 

This is the normal and regular sign that she secretly loves you.

Yes, girls carry jealousy when it comes to liking someone.

They take it as their competitors and nothing else.

She tries really hard to grab your attention when she likes you. But after knowing, another girl is also there with you.

She became too frustrated and aggressive, too.

If you find that girl feels jealous of your girl best friend, then it’s a sign that she has a crush on you. 


15. When she never forgets about you. 

No matter how many times it passes, of that smallest detail, you’ve shared with her… If a girl loves you secretly, she remembers that forever.

A girl who loves you truly notices and reminds everything you do and speaks to her.

It can be anything from your birthdate or your college performances or any important and not so important things in your life.

Yes, she remembers everything, so make sure to share the right info only. 


16. She started playing with you even more.

From stealing glances to pretend to ignore you… she does such things just to grab your attention only.

She wants you to chase her and that’s why she prefers to go away from you sometimes.

She ignores you, but secretly wants you to go after her. When she acts weird and ignores you, it means that she wants you to notice that.

Only because she secretly loves you and wants you to make the first move.

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17. She keeps asking about your life. 

When a girl loves you secretly, she wants to know everything about you and your life.

If you find that she asks random questions to you and listens to it with equal excitement, then she loves you as a person.

She just collects information about yourself so that you two can match together later on.

Yes, that’s what she’s planning. 


18. You are always on her priority. 

Whether to spend time together or to go out for a shopping trip, she always comes with you.

She loves you and likes to spend time with you, more than anything else.

No matter how busy her schedule may be, she always makes some time for you, anyway.

If that’s the case then she is giving you genuine attention, so it’s time for you to accept her love, too.  

a girl loves you secretly

19. She looks something different from your eyes.

When you also emotionally connect with a girl, too… inside she looks different to you.

Yes, strange but true. Even though others may not notice that change in her personality and behaviors, but to you… she looks so appealing and special inside.

From her talk to that look, everything suddenly seems unique inside, when she loves you and you feel the same in return. 


20. Her Blushes can’t lie.

When a girl loves you secretly, she does everything to hide that from you.

Even though her best friend knows about her crush, she still tries hard to cover her feelings when crush (you) is around.

To protect own self, she describes you as a friend only, but ‘that’ blushes speak everything.

She’s repeating that “We are just friends.” But, those blushes aren’t supporting her.

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Are you still, waiting for more crush signs from her?

So, these are all signs to prove that she loves you secretly.

Well, maybe she’s following a universal rule, “a guy has to approach first ” or just a bit of shy by nature, but every girl leaves some signs for you, ALWAYS

Yes, only a girl ‘in serious love’, shows you some hints first.

She’ll definitely wait for years, for you to propose and accept her. But, remember she’ll never approach by own anyhow. 

So, make sure you check these ‘signs of a girl loves you secretly’ and want tou to make the right move.

Make sure to express your feeling…. before her love for you flies by time.