Psychological Facts About Crush

15 Crush Facts That You Can’t Deny, As They’re Psychologically & Emotionally TRUE

Want to dive into those teenage crush memories? So, here sharing the best crush facts that we all can relate to. A valid psychological facts about crush, that you can relate with easily if you’ve experienced previously or experiencing right now.

First of all, crushes are beautiful, Right? 

Whether you are in your teenage, in your 20s or 30s, we all have some past loving memories. Or even better, if you’re currently experiencing the same in your school or office, then this post about crush facts will be a checklist for you to find that you have a crush on someone. 

We all have those cute secret stories inside our hearts from school days. Really, at that time we didn’t know anything about what is a crush?

All we knew there was, we just enjoyed that feeling and thinking about that special person. And yes, of course, a feeling of first love are just good memories to rewind in free times. Further sharing crush facts about guys and girls that you relate to if you also have some best teenage love stories and secrets to rewind. 

Psychological facts about crush that you can’t overlook.

1. Crushes are fascinating.

Yes, they are. We can’t deny the fact that those crush feelings really are very powerful enough to drag yourself. Those opportunities to see your crush secretly and smile with a full heart when no one knows, everything just feeling amazing.

No words are needed further. As crushes are pure and intensive feelings, a person experiences. 


2. Crush makes you feel perfect inside.

Whether you agree with any crush facts or not, but you’ve to believe that teenage crushes make you feel more confident and perfect in every aspect. Those dreams of being with that special one, make you positive about your own self.

Really, when you have a crush on someone, everything seems under control (in mind) and appears easy for you, from proposing to start a new life together you can imagine everything so clearly. It’s also noticed that people who have a crush on someone are emotionally and mentally strong as well.


3. Every crush seems you PERFECT, anyway. 

No matter how imperfect your crush maybe for the world, you have that sight of seeing the shiny view of a person (your crush) that no one can imagine.

Indeed, a unique nature, beauty or charming nature, a person can feel about thier crush.

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4. Crush facts #34: Its average age is, 4 months (source)

Crush facts #34

To be honest, we really can’t agree with this anymore. Knowing that researcher has researched this, the experts have analyzed deeply with some physiological factors and have proven crush facts to share. But it can’t be fit for everyone either(Including me). 

Why?? Well due to several personal experiences and developed facts, our remarks are….A crush-feeling lasts till you have a chance to meet (see) the special person. Mean to say, it lasts till you both are in common surroundings.

As once your mind is comfortable with he/she will never have a chance to meet anymore, your mind starts to adopt change and focus on other aspects.


5. His/her name is enough for you, for everything.

Just remember that struggle you were having to find your crush’s name. Yes, talking about teenage crush stories, just regain that first time when you got to know your crush’s name. 

A first achievement indeed, that was. Psychological facts about crush and first love sharing that you see your crush’s name everywhere. Yes, literally you see it everywhere from your textbook to a formula written on board, you just link your crush name to anything, anywhere. 


6. The first crush usually gets experienced at five to six years old. (source

So this all started from kindergarten, huh!! Well congrats, you are doing great.

The research on “Psychological facts about crush” done by experts clearly stating that it all starts from very child age. Maybe family and others taking it as cute stories, but don’t know if their kids have some serious plan over.

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7. You imitate your crush a lot. Don’t be shy, it’s true. 

You are just a fan of everything your crush does, which you’ve noticed. From his/her voice-tone to some unique expressions, you also start using it in your communication as well.

Even further, you may have been caught by your crush on using their catchphrases and obviously felt shy of it for the next two days. These most common crush facts says, By doing this you just feel their presence, when he/she is not around. 


8. Saying crush’s name in conversation boosts your feelings. 

Saying crush's name

Whether you are a teenager in school or at the office, and if you want to connect with your crush better then prefer saying their name in conversation precisely.

No surprising psychological crush fact, but indeed it is the right action when you have to close the deal and develop the trust right away.


9. Ultimate crush facts, You can’t ignore your crush.

You’ve probably realized that you are not in love and it’s just an attraction of the teenager or any other case, but you simply can’t erase your crush’s memories from your mind.

The more you try to stay away from your crush, the closer you find yourself with them, isn’t it?

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10. Memories of crushes are long-lasting.

No matter how old you get, you simply can’t erase your past beautiful crush memories from your school and college days. Those crush stories and people stay there in your mind for a long time.

Even though the connections and desires are not that strong now, you still remember most of the conversation you had with them at those times. I think that crush facts need no any explanation, isn’t it?


11. You failed to trick your crush. 

Maybe you don’t know the exact number of how many times crushes have read your mind and figured out your feelings, but you just failed to maintain the secret every time.

You simply can not lie to your crushes, these feelings are so pure, you just can’t trick them with your words, as your expressions reveal everything about what’s there in your heart.


12. And so many conversations…(in mind only)

cursh on you

From saying the first time “Hi…” to planning about the future, you’ve discussed everything about life with a crush in mind only. One of the best crush facts about guys, who are shy by nature.

Yes, you make an imaginary conversation with your crush and repeatedly conforming yourself as you’ll surely discuss with him/her finally when you meet next time. Great picked crush facts, isn’t it?

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13. Those failed attempts to hide crushes. 

That secretly seeing and noticing the crush from the far distance is fun in itself. Similarly, those stealing glances are even hard to cover, when your crush finally has some hints about it. No matter how hard you try, you simply can never save yourself from that.

Instead, prefer to maintain eye contact with genuine smiles with your special one, while looking at each other, it also makes them feel good about themselves. 


14. You procrastinate a lot, on approaching. 

Happened many times. Of course, you’re excited to meet your crush, face him/her for the first time, and to say Hi. Indeed, you’ve practiced a lot about what your conversation will be, but when you finally have a chance to speak, you just leave it and hesitate to express it, in fear.

And crush facts says it gets repeated every time, you simply just delay it for the next day or the next time like, “….will approach her anyhow tomorrow, but not today, PLEASE” 


15. Those increased heartbeats and Blushing will reveal you.

Those increased heartbeats

Whether you are confident that you love someone or not, but your heartbeat can’t lie. The way it races when you are talking with your crush is enough for everything.

Similarly, your crush also tantalizes you for blushing, especially when you’ve built a connection along. Don’t trick your crush with any other acts, you can’t anyhow. Accept that.

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So, that’s it. These are all psychological facts about crush that we think are shared by every crush story commonly. No matter which stages we all are in our love chapter, but we all are expressing love the same way, The Pure way.

And these are not just crush facts, but the feelings that we share commonly with the person we like the most. 

Do you’ve something to add in this list of crush facts then let us know. We really want to mention your story as well. Thanks.