Buying first bike, My first bike

How it feels when buying first bike on your own first earning?

What will give you more proud moments of having own first bike ??

A Bike that you received as a gift from your parents or a bike that you purchased on your first earning?

Having an own bike from your own first earnings, Right?

The reason is…we intimately connect with the things that we buy on our earning. Because we have been available during the entire process, from making first decision to finally make the purchase. It’s like a goal, that we wish to achieve and finally earn with our efforts.


You know the entire process includes those struggles, extra workings, cost-cutting, skipped parties, and late-night outings. Because you don’t want to put an extra hole in your pocket. You are so concerned about having own first bike on own first earning, you just simply avoid everything that creates a delay in your dream achievement. 

Indeed, whether it’s a home or even your first bike. But you gotta that satisfying feeling when it’s from your earnings, and income you generated. Further sharing…

How does it feel when having your First Bike from your own earnings? 

1. A Proud moment for parents.

Before you start earning by yourself, your parents are always there to fulfill your needs. And when we start earning, we have to make that decision by our self. Remember, 

Having a bike, probably you think is your need, But actually a Desires. That you can postpone or replace with another option, like other transportation modes. 

Your parents are responsible for fulfilling your Needs. And not your Desires.

As a mature kid, you understand your parent’s situation well. So, you make a plan to earn money so that you can fulfill own wish such as having own bike.

From making money to saving it for purchase a bike, you start making a decision ownself. This teaches how to manage your money well and how to cut off the things that waste it.

Your new avatar really surprises your parents. Also, gives them a proud feeling of you, it shows you are mature now.

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2. My first bike: Booster for the Self-Confidence

Achieving a Dream from your own efforts definitely becomes a proud feeling for you afterward.

The journey for purchasing your own first bike…every hard work to earn more and finally to receive the key of your own bike, is just amazing. Entire process will make you feel confident about yourself.

A feel of fulfillment. 

This really gonna be your positive reminders , and keep you motivated for the coming years.


3. Goals, that give you a reason to work harder.

If possible, Make a promise to yourself that you will buy that first bike on Fully cash payments, no credit cards, no EMIs, no parents support either.

Now you have a clear goal to focus on…and a reason to work hard. 

Believe me a Day-Dream that shows…your favorite bike parked in your garage, will always be in your mind while you working for it.

That inspiring goal will fuel yourself to put an extra effort into your work, so that you can fulfill your dream very soon. 

You really going to take your work seriously no matter whatever the work is or even How hard it may for you.

Now you get the purpose. And that’s good for your career, as well.

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4. Sign: you are ready to take your own responsibilities.

The process of Purchasing your first bike is really that lifetime experience for your family, too.

Your family realizes that you are now ready to take your life responsibility. The best feeling when your family sees you grow which provides you the moral supports, that you need.

You become more responsible in terms of fulfilling personal Dreams, responsible in terms of the self-dependent, responsible in terms of work. Responsible for worrying about the family budget. 

That shows your level of maturity , which makes your parents feel proud.


5. You emotionally connect with your new Bike. 

It is a common nature that, the things you purchased with own efforts giving you more satisfaction than your parents bought it for you.

A self-earned first bike on own first earning, will give you exact the same feelings.

You tend to value things more for which you have waited a long.

You emotionally connect more with that self-earned bike. Because inner you know how much it meant for you, what you have gone through.

And that you will feel inspired when it’s your first bike ride on that. This time reminds all those struggles you had regarding saving more money to earn these moments.


6. First bike purchased own self – is a Gift to you, By you.

Gifting yourself a first bike, from your first earning will be a great moment for you.

This is the gift that will remind you of those efforts you put, the patience you had, the planning you made.

Believe me, this going to be a lifetime memory for you and stays with you to remind these hustling years.

The more struggles you have towards the success, the more you enjoy when you have it.


7. Don’t disturb your family financial budget

Indeed you really need a bike. But for your parents, it’s a big dent in the family budget.

Purchasing a bike may disturb their financial planning for the next months. So make sure you earn for that and have it by own.

This way you will manage money well in order to buy a bike. Moreover,  it won’t affect your family budget, specially for single income family.

Another proud moment for Parents about you because now you know to make the Right choice in life.


8. You know, which one will be your First Bike?

No one, But only you who will understand what you want in life.

It’s you, who knows which Brand’s bike you passionate about, which model you want to ride on, and which color you prefer.

So if you want a bike of your own choice…make sure it’s from your own earned money and your efforts having for it.

Your parents may or may not understand what you require from your first bike. Don’t ask them to gift you a Dream bike, when you are capable to earn for it.

Inform them you are going to purchase your first bike from own, and promise yourself, too.

Buying first bike on your own will be a good story to tell in future.

When you will ride that first owned bike, that moment will give you chance to rewind all struggles and waiting you have in the process.

This journey will be one chapter of your success story later on, and always be in your list of “My achievements in Life”.

Do you also have the same journey? Then share your first bike, first house moment with us.

Let us know, What you’ve done with your first earnings?