How it feels when buying my first bike on my own earning?

How it feels when buying my first bike on my own earning?

Ask yourself this question… which will give you more proud moments about having your own first bike, A Bike that received as a Gift from the parents or Buying first bike on your own? Most of us are agree with the second one, Isn’t It? Because we very closely relate to the things that we purchase after putting efforts, earnings, and savings by own self.

Here sharing how does it feel when having your first bike that purchased on your own earning. 

1. A Proud moment for parents

When we want anything in young age, our parents there to provide us with that thing. But when we start earning, then we have to make that decision by our self. And this will make you understand how all the things you demanded are provided by parents. Hence when you decide to purchase a bike on your own, you get to know how to manage money. This teaches how to manage your money for savings, for installments, for expenses etc. And this new avatar of yours really surprises your parents. This also gives them a proud feeling of you, it shows you are mature now.

2. My first bike: Booster for the Self-Confidence

To fulfilling a dream on your own,  own efforts definitely become a reason of that proud feeling afterward. The whole journey from deciding a goal of having a bike, a hard work to put for that goal and finally to receive the key of own bike; every process will make you feel confident about yourself. This is really gonna be your positive reminders , and keep you motivated for the coming years.

3. Take it as a Reason to work harder

If possible, Make a promise to yourself that you gonna buy that first bike on Fully cash payments, no credit cards, no EMIs, no parents support. You have a goal set in mind that you have to work hard because you want to see your favorite bike parked in the garage. This mindset will motivate you to put extra efforts into your work. You really going to take your work seriously no matter what the work is or how hard it is. And that is good for your career, too.

4. It is a sign that you are ready to take your own responsibilities

A process of Purchasing a very first bike is really an amazing lifetime experience for your family as much as you. You and your family realize that you are now ready to take your life responsibility. This is also the best feeling for you to see yourself as a responsible person. A responsible in terms of fulfilling own Dreams, responsible in terms of the self-dependent, responsible in terms of work.That’s show your level of maturity , that make parents feel proud.

5. You emotionally connect with the new Bike

It is a common nature that, the things which you get by your own efforts giving you more Happiness than the thing you are gifted. A self-earned first bike will give exactly the same feelings to you. You tend to value more of thing that you get after a long time & many efforts than the easily available one. We emotionally connect more with that self-earned bike. You feel like one portion of your life you have with that bike. And that you will feel when it’s your first bike ride on that. You remind all the struggles you had while collecting money for this moment.

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6. A Gift to you, by you

Gifting yourself a first bike, my own earning will be a great moment for you. This is the gift that will remind you for those efforts you put, the patience you have, the planning you make. Believe me, this going to be a Lifetime memory for you that stays with you and remind about these years of hustles.

7. Don’t disturb your family financial budget

Remember maybe a Bike is Need for you, But for parents….it is a Desire. Purchasing a bike may disturb their financial planning for next months. So it is better for you to plan on your own. This way you will manage money well in order to buy a bike and that’s even without affecting your family budget, Specially for single income family. Another proud moment for Parents about you because now you understand it is not only cost money to acquire anything.

8. You know very well which model of bike you want

It is you, who will understand what you want in life. It’s you, who know which Branded bike you passionate about, which model you want to ride on, and which color you prefer. So if you want a bike of your own choice then the money and efforts also have to be yours. Your parents may or may not understand this thing you want in the first bike. Hence stop expecting from them to gift you a Dream bike. But ensure them that you’ll buy it on your own.

Buying first bike on your own will be a good story to tell in future. When you will ride that first owned bike, that moment will give you chance to rewind all struggles and waiting you have in the process. This journey will be one chapter of your success story later on. And another story to share with your future children as well.  

Writer’s note:

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