What Do You Do When No One Believes In You

What Do You Do When No One Believes In You?

Last updated on March 4th, 2022 at 07:29 am

Feeling like no one believes in you? Of course, that bothers you. But on the positive side, this is actually proof that you’re doing something new or following the path that one else can think of. Inspiring one, but to grow through such challenging and unsupportive settings, you need something more than that. Read on and you will find what to do when no one believes in you.


We’re social animals and we have to ask for the right help.

Together we can make each other’s life greater and happier.

Our life will be a lot easier when we have someone to at least sit beside us and listen to what we feel inside.

Of course, we all need someone there who constantly believes in us and gives us hope when we are about to lose hope in ourselves.

But, not everyone is that fortunate enough to have someone on whom they can fully trust and rely when things are not going well or they get the rejections and ignorance alone.

In such cases, a person has to stand up for himself, rather than feeling hopeless and rejected.

We don’t want you to be ‘that’ lonely guy. 

And so, if you are experiencing the same situation and feeling like no one believes in your dreams, then these steps will be the right guide for you.


7 Things to do and Believe when no one Believes in you

1. Accept the difference and their level of thinking. 

“My parents don’t understand me and my life choices?”

“No one believes in my dream and no one can understand, it’s my passion.”

And that’s perfectly fine.

It’s their belief and opinion at it, so let them follow it. Why do you bother so much about it?

Instead of unnecessarily worrying about it, you can invest your time and energy in productive things like following your dreams and passion.

Know the Difference When No One Believes In You

Remember, ‘Not believing’ is not the actual problem, as your mind showing it to you.

The main problem arises when someone tries to control or stop you from doing such new things in your life.

Think positive, as it’s a lot better that they only doubt your dream.

It’s better to be in a doubtful situation than being controlled and dominated by someone else’s decisions regarding your life choices.   

So, instead of any worries, focus on something in which you believe, rather than seeing who is with you or not.

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2. Maybe you’re approaching the wrong person for the same.

Facing rejections and doubts when you are about to do something unusual and new in life, is a completely normal thing. And you better be ready for it, even before starting.

Indeed, no one has the same vision as you have.

Everyone has their own viewpoints and judgments about the same thing.

You can’t force others to believe in you or your plan when they have a selective approach towards it.  

Remember you don’t need a hundred people to believe in you, you just need few people to get moral support.

Some supportive, loving, and closest people who never lose hope in you. 

Change Those Who don't Believes In You

Not everyone is going to support you. Nor, they’re that passionate about something just as you’re feeling passionate about it, so be Ready. 

Remember, maybe your idea and concept have got forty-five rejections so far. But, that doesn’t mean, you fail.

Believe in yourself and make sure you have approached enough people though.

And who knows that 54th person will give you, YES, that you’ve been looking for.

When no one believes in you, keep going and use NO as the Next Opportunity.

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3. Do you believe in yourself? Check it first. 

Okay, you say that no one believes in you. But before that, Are you believing in yourself?

How come you expect that someone will believe in you when you’re not sure about your plan and the goals you’re going to hit.

No matter how hard you try, your level of confidence itself shows that you are 100 percent into it or not.

Make sure you Believes In You

People will catch you anyway if you’re not sure about your plan.

So first, make sure you’re confident and purely into it.

And if not, then prepare yourself and collect reason that gives hope and confidence to you, first.

So that when being asked or in doubt… you will have instant answers, like reasons for why someone has to believe in you or invest in your start-up.


4. No gut-feeling. Share proofs, if you want them to believe you.

Inner self, you may feel fully confident about your plan that it will work…

Because everything from the beginning feels great and positive to you.

That’s amazing. But things do not turn positive, simply by thinking positively alone. 

Because it’s your gut feelings that make you believe in something that you are about to follow.

Simply relying on a positive approach of yours and you can’t think that everyone will support you eventually.

People want proof, they want you to prove something understandable to their level.

What you feel within yourself and whatever dreams you’re carrying along, people have no care for that. All they care for is a reason and ultimate benefit to them.

Share proof to make them believe in you

Share something that’s your plan, in the easiest way.

Explain to your parents that you’re responsible for your career choices. Prove to your manager that you’re ready for the next position.

You can convince yourself, simply by feeling positive and preparing yourself for it.

But when it comes to convincing others, you have to give them reason first, for why they have to believe in you and something that you’re approaching with.

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5. Learn how to express your ideas the best way.

Okay, you think that they do not believe in you.

But, you also want to check whether you have presented your ideas better? Do you think you have given an effective presentation to them?

Even slight doubt and lower confidence are enough to prove that you’re not confident about your presentation.

It proves that you need to work on your persuasive skills.

Remember, no matter how great this idea may seem, no matter how a perfect presentation you have created, but if you are not able to present them well, all will fail you eventually.

Present your ideas effectively to make them trust you, things to do when no one believes in you

So, make sure you work upon your communication and presentation skills, rather than worrying why no one believes in your dreams.

Do some practice, train yourself to give your best in the next presentation.

Learn how to market your ideas and you will never get to see those doubtful faces again.

Because you have successfully delivered your message to them. 

Change your style and approach and you will see more people are noticing you, at first.


6. Find someone who has walked the same route.

Probably you’re thinking that no one supports you and your path is unique.

But, there is always someone who has at least tried what you are right now.

So never force yourself to figure out everything all alone. Better find someone like a leader, role model, or coach who can guide you the right way.

Till you find someone to learn from, you can refer to some other source like reading books, the help of an expert of topic/subject, buy a course or anything like self-learning.

Find someone who believe in you

Make sure to show your efforts and passion to keep following even when things are not going well at first.

Such enthusiasm will definitely attract the right person to you and who knows you may get the leader of your life.

But, till then keep trying and never give up.

Those are the best things that you want to do when no one believes in you.

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7. Just go for it and get it done, by yourself. 

This is I think the ultimate thing to do when no one believes in you.

Indeed, simply doing what you believe in and following where your heart leads are the better option. Yes, far better than checking who is supporting you behind.

As this is your life, your dream, your desire to get something done in life. So the decision regarding what to do has to be yours only.

You never have to bother so much about who believes in you and who’s not.

As long as you have faith in yourself and have that approach of “I can, and I will” every opportunity and challenge is worth taking.

Just do what you believe and dream of

Really, never lose such opportunity in life that might make you feel regretful in the future.

Ignore anyone who ever doubts you or those who have no respect for you.

Just focus on yourself and what you want to do in your life. Late, but you will get there where you want to be, eventually

And that’s what is worth your time the most at the end. 


Lastly, just never stop believing in yourself. 

Well, you never have to rely on others and their opinions.

But, you also never have to ignore the remarks and suggestions of those who genuinely care for you. 

When no one believes in you, that doesn’t mean, you’re not good enough and you have to stop working on something that you dream of.

It clearly means that their opinion and beliefs of something are quite different from yours.

Instead of arguing with them and forcing them to believe in you, you can find the better person for the right help.

But, the most important thing you have to focus on when following the unusual path is…

You have to believe in yourself before you expect anyone to believe in you.

Because if you believe in yourself, your confidence, passion, and enthusiasm eventually influence them to support you, sooner or later, anyway.

And that’s a sure thing. Believe me.


When you believe in yourself and in your dreams… Don’t care about who doesn’t.