Positive life changes, you notice in yourself in 20s Age

Positive life changes, you notice in yourself in 20s Age

Life keeps changes. So the peoples are. But life in your 20s are the totally different than other stage of life. Most of the people around you notice a change in you ,a positive life changes that are due to 20s Age. They found that you are not the one which you were earlier.

That’s the game of life. Because when you are in your 20s, due to experiences and understandings, there comes certain changes in your life. It’s up to you how you take that surprise of life; you may take it as a normal thing or as a lesson of life-time.  Your Mid-twenties are time where you transform from kid to man. This is the period where you shape your personality and your future, too.

Here’re important life changes you notice in your twenties (20s):

1. You start feeling that it is time to change your life in positive way. (Enough is enough)

Life in twenties

Your 20s Age are the times in which you learn get to know lot many things which you need to know. That’s the reason you came to know that you had already wasted so many precious time of your life in the things that not beneficial to you.  And now you invest your time in only those things which give you a ROI for yourself.

2. You are going to start distance yourself from the negative things and negative people who redirect you from your goals

Life in twenties

As your level of understanding increases, you prefer to cut off all the things which bring you down. You keep distance from the toxic people and memories that impact your mental peace. You already have made a plan for you to follow today, so not any other things from outside impact it anyway. A needful changes in your 20s age.

3. Your focus change from Fun with friends,parties… To Improve for yourself

Life in twenties

Now you believe those late night movie shows and all chilling with friends don’t helping your life. Now your focus shifted from wasting time with fun to make a sometime with own self and with family who truly love you. And increasing efforts to fulfill your dreams in twenties.

4. You starting care for your family/Now you understand the value of family (Family First)

Life in twenties

As you getting older, your parents also getting older. You understand that very well and hence you start respecting your family more than before. You spend a more time with family with discussing a good things happening in life.

 5. Day by Day you going to become more Karma Believer in your 20s (What you Did, you’ll get exactly the same)

Life in twenties

As you get younger, you also become a responsible and caring person. Now you understand that your Past deeds not only impact your Destiny, but it creates your Future as well.

6. You also serious about career.(Career calling)

Life in twenties

School, Colleges, internships and now it’s time to create a big picture. Isn’t it? After gone through the educational system, now you realized that what is your interest is? What’s your passion is? And in which area you want to achieve expertise? You really become more sincere for the career, that’s great.

7. Now you no longer feel bad, if anyone cheat on you or did bad to you. (You’ll be like, I have seen the worst)

Life in twenties

In your 20s age, you already have significant experiences that taught you how to deal with the negative people. As already stated you are now Karma believer, so you let the Karma punish them for their deeds. Instead of spending a valuable minutes of your life in never ending arguments, you decide to move on.

8. You get to know the value of money. (And that is why you understand the sacrifice your parent have made)

Life in twenties

As you start earning in your twenties, now you understand how much it cost to bring money in your pockets. Now you realized how your parents had fulfilled your desires, for which you always complain. You respect your parents for providing all things which you desire, by sacrificing the things they need.

       “That was not my NEED that was my DESIRES.”

9. You understand that your parents were right about your choice of the friends.

Life in twenties

Time keep changes so as the people do. Before mid-twenties,You get to know true face of the people to whom you labeled as Best friends. Believe or not but your parents identify which are your true friends in first meetings, even after you are with them since last five years. And this phase will prove that.

10. Now you trust only to your family and true friends and no one else.

Life in twenties

As you have enough experience up till now with different peoples, you prefer to trust only nearest and dearest person like family or true friend. You make others feel like you blindly trust them, But in reality you don’t.

11. You prefer to do what you passionate about, instead of only focus on the high paying job. (This is not a life, which I dreamed about)

Life in twenties

In spite of receiving a good amount of money each month in your bank account, you still not happy. Because you think that this is not the work which you want to see yourself doing for rest of your life. All you wan to do is leaving high paying job, so that you can fulfill your passion and live life on your own terms in 20s.

12. You get the feeling that you already have wasted too many years of your life… And now it is the time to recover that Damage (Damage Recovery mode-ON)

Life in twenties

Sooner or later, you will realize that you already have wasted so much time of your life. A valuable time which you can invest in the things that makes you better, than you already are. Make sure, you wake up before it’s too late.

13.  You are becoming serious about Life ( Feel like: It’s time to change your life)

Life in twenties

Now you are taking your life seriously in your twenties. Not in terms of the getting serious at everything. But in terms of the identifying what priorities you have, what are the distractions. Most of all you understand the difference between, Needs and wants; Demands and Desires; Good and Bad.

14. Your speech reveals your level of maturity

Life in twenties

You are mature now and that can be shown by the way you speak with others. Because you have idea of what to speak, when to speak and to whom it is worth to speak. And you also know what words to receive from others. Everyone can see the signs of a mature person in you and so you see their behavior towards you also changing.

15. You enjoy your own company rather than being with the wrong  one. (I’m retire now from the game, you can search for other)

Life in twenties

A Bad past is the great teacher of anyone’s life. You also were gone through a bad phase of life. And that’s reveal the actual face of the person who claim as your that one person”. Due to that, you simply don’t trust anyone. So you prefer to spend time alone, because now you enjoy your own company. It may happen that you have opportunity to fall in love again but mentally you just tired of those things. And you don’t get that chance.

16. Career and Family is the things in that you want to spend more time with.

Life in twenties

Your priorities are now changing from late night parties to wake up early morning to accomplish goals in mind. You have decided a certain plans to follow and to do something that makes your family feel proud of you. You found that your search history is changing to career tips, from games to play and movies to watch.

17. You start keep yourself away from the any gossip/ discussion related to your marriage (They just can’t see me Happy alone)

Life in twenties

Once you completed your education and attain a job, now everyone around you give you another target, and that is to get married. As you are busy with finding a purpose of your life, you don’t want to put yourself in those marriage discussions that your relatives and neighbors have with your parents.

18. Deep inside you wish to leave all the things or current life and start new life in a new city or new country alone.

Life in twenties

And with this all of you will totally agree in your 20s age. You don’t want to take the extra burden given to you by society in terms of secure jobs, Marriage, having kids and all. And you feeling like when you have enough money, you will leave all this useless things and start a new life far away from the home. Because you find that’s where you can do what you really want.You are making plan to staying away from home, just to get rid of everything panic you.

19. You are changed now and start enjoying being with your own.

Life in twenties

This is the time when you start enjoying our own company. All you want to do is staying in own room and doing the things which you like the most. At this 20s age, you came to know that you need to take care of your own self.

 20. You make a very serious plan of what to achieve your goals.

Life in twenties

You are now mature now. That the reason you becoming more dedicated to your career plan, those plan you have made a two years ago. Now this time, all your goals seems important for you before anything and anyone.

21.  You start making a connection with the one who are elders than you to learn more about the things which you want to know.

Life in twenties

As the level of maturity increased. A main thing you want is to learn anyhow. You are eager to learning new thing as a child is. You are also in searching of the leader who has passed a way, you are begin to walk. In your twenties you really need a leader to whom you can follow and also show your way to achieve what you want.

22. Your usage of Social media shifted from targeting people to targeting audience.

Life in twenties

You are now not a college going kid who gone through the every social media to find a person they like to meet. A way of using a social media is changed in your twenties than in teen ages, you use social media either for your marketing campaign or to get business ideas, or to get the life inspirations instead of increasing a friends list to impress others.

23. You becoming mature day-by-day and that’s amaze a people around you.

Life in twenties

Due to several lesson a life give you in your twenties, you become more mature now. You have completely updated yourself to the positive and responsible one, and that may shock the people who know you from many years.

 24 .You start taking your responsibilities, and also of family as well.

Life in twenties

As a mature man, now you starting own life responsibilities. Not only that you also become responsible to your family. In your 20s age, you confidently say to your parents that they can quit the job now and go for vacation, because you are now ready to take their responsibility. This positive change in yourself make them feel proud of you.

This is not an end list; it’s only a summary of the major things happen in life at twenties, as per my knowledge and my own leanings. You can suggest me more if that are also important which we can relate to and must to add in this list.

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-Keep your ears open, life has something to say you.

-Keep your eyes open, life has something to show you.


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