Best Answers To What Are You Looking For In A Woman

18 Best Answers To “What Are You Looking For In A Woman?”

Last updated on January 15th, 2023 at 05:11 pm

In a random conversation, when someone (mostly, a girl) asks “What are you looking for in a woman?” – the answers could be limited to a ‘Fit body’ to ‘Honesty’ only. 

In some cases, you want your answers to be more specific and memorable. 

When this question comes from a girl you met on a dating site and a first date, better know how you define a perfect woman.

Also, here are some examples of answers you can refer to.


Best Answers To “What Are You Looking For In A Woman?”

The criteria of a ‘dream girl’ or ‘ideal female partner’ may change from one man to another. 

Some prefer physical attraction, (obviously!). The mature ones think of the long term.

When you’re not sure what to answer, these examples will help you to describe the best qualities of a woman you want to have in your life. 

Answers To What Are You Looking For In A Woman

1. “What do I look for in a woman?… A Future wife.”

That is, you don’t want to spend time playing any game or having fun. 

You search for a woman to love and take care of for the rest of your life. 

This answer will let her know that you’re serious about the relationship.

2. “I wish to have that girl in my life who is proud to have me as I feel for her.”

It’s hard to find someone, who feels the same for you, you. But, you’re hoping there’ll be a compatible girl. 

You believe that mutual understanding is what makes a relationship strong and lasting. 

3. “That woman would be my greatest strength and weakness.”

As you answer, saying that you’re in search of a woman, to whom you look up when going through a difficult time

A woman will be your support system and you do the same for her. And, you want to be her everything for life.

4. “A silly girl and serious woman in one. Is that possible?”

Well, this one is a cute answer to give when your crush asks ‘what you are looking for in a girl?’. 

Also, as you ask her about the possibility, her answer might give you some hints, as well. 

You want to have a girl to be silly with, but also a woman who is mature and also knows to adjust to the situation. 

That’s what it means. 

5. “I prefer beauty with brains. Not just beauty, not just brain, but both, equally.”

You said as you feel it. 

Dating someone with just looks but not seriousness or a long-term plan is a waste of time.

And the beauty… because it’s her face that you’re going to see every morning for the rest life. 

6. “I want to have that girl who laughs at my jokes when no one will.”

It’s more like your bestie who is fun-loving and never lets you get bored in life. 

There, you want a girl in life who enjoys your company. 

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Funny Responses To “What Are You Looking For In A Girl?”

In friendly conversation, when someone asks about the qualities of an ideal woman, these are some answers to give just for fun. 

With your male or female friends, such clever responses give you something to discuss.

Funny Responses To What Are You Looking For In A Girl

7. “What do you mean? I look for the same thing that most men do.”

Well, you already know what that means. 

Indirectly you accept that all men are the same. 

But, this one is a fun answer when you and your guy friends ask you what qualities you look for in a woman. 

8. “She must have an easy-going personality and a caring nature.”

Because you want to connect with her easily during your first interaction. 

So things won’t be awkward. 

And caring nature, because you also expect her attention when your time isn’t right. 

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9. “That woman who knows she could be wrong, too.”

You might get this answer from what is happening around or even in your home between married couples. 

You still hope that she won’t make you feel sorry for something you didn’t do. 

But, by herself, she admits when she’s wrong.

10. “A girl who lets me speak and listens when I’ve to say something.”

Maybe you’re learning from the experiences and have seen some life examples already. 

You just don’t want to sit there and listen to her non-stop. 

Sometimes you also have something to share and hope she will listen to you the same way. 

11. “I hope to meet a woman who isn’t judgemental, but understandable.”

Definitely, a man deserves a woman who realizes not all men are the same. 

She will treat her man, (hopefully you) like a special man in her life. 

12. “Why should I tell you? You’re not my type.”

This answer you can give your girl best friend, who asks you to define the perfect girl.

You know she is just joking and asking to tease you later on. 

So, with this funny response, you want to prevent getting any clues.

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Flirty Answers To “What Do You Want In A Woman?”

When your crush asks ‘what type of girl do you want?’, it’s the right time to give her hints. 

So, here are examples of flirty answers you can give to your crush. 

Flirty Answers To What Do You Want In A Woman

13. “A girl who is just equally invested in the relationship as I am.”

Indeed, no man wants to have a purely one-sided relationship. 

You also expect to be treated well and loved equally, as you will provide to her. 

This one is a good answer to give her, to prove that you’re on a dating site to have a lasting relationship. 

14. “The one who doesn’t take things too personally, because I joke a lot.”

You don’t want a girl who easily gets offended. 

Because you might prank or joke on her by habit. 

You’re looking for a girl, who knows when not to take you seriously. That girl who can control you well.

15. “I want to have a relationship with a woman who is consistent and makes me hopeful for love.”

Beauty and charms are just regular qualities. 

But you put more focus on a reliable girl, who wants to be in a relationship with you. 

16. “A woman who makes you feel at home.”

Well, every man deserves a woman that means the world to him. 

You like to make her your priority and look up to her, every day. 

Because she comforts you like no one else can. 

17. “I’m in search of a woman who will change my life in a better way.”

That’s what most men expect from a perfect woman in their life. 

She will come as a hope for anything in your life. 

With the presence of such a woman, your life will be a lot happier, and more positive.

18. “What I look for in a woman in my life, you got everything.” 

When a girl on a dating site asks, what exactly are you looking for in a woman, you can try this direct answer. 

If you’re into her and also impressed with her nature, don’t be shy to compliment her. 

It’s all about just trying to see where things go. 

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But, Why Does She Ask You To Define A Perfect Woman?

Anytime, when a girl asks “what are you looking for in a woman?” she might be asking because she wants to check your interest and intentions on dating sites

Also, she asks because she’s interested in you and curious to know if she fits your ideal woman criteria.

Sometimes, she just asks to get your thoughts on that. And your answer could change her perception of you and decide your connection. 

Whatever the case is there, you want your answers to the “What are you looking for in a woman?” – question, to sound confident and genuine. 

Let her know that you’re not like any other man. But you, too, have standards.