Funny Quotes For Dating Profiles

38 Funny Quotes For Dating Profiles That Makes ‘Perfect Headlines’

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 04:42 pm

Instead of typical ‘headlines’, why not use some sassy or funny quotes for dating profiles to have a straight talk?

They’ll introduce you, also speak about your view (or experiences) on online dating.

If you wish such dating quotes to sound cute, clever, and catchy on your bio… this post will help you to find one.


Most typical dating bios are a few lines to convince you ‘why you should date me‘.

And, they are about I’m ‘this’, I want ‘that’. Pretty standard and nothing special. 

On the other side, a dating profile with quotes (about online love and relationships) gives your profile a personal touch. 

Along with sharing your thoughts, it provides a topic for your match to talk about.

Well, if you wish to use some unique quotes for dating sites, here are the best examples for you. 

We’ve listed the best dating quotes to add to your online profile or bio. 


Cute Dating Profile Quotes For Online Love

When you want your profile description to not be too bold but overall feel good, these are some cute quotes for your online dating bios.

Cute Dating Profile Quotes About Online Bios

1. “My match won’t be perfect to others, he will be great to me.

2. “Life of a dater isn’t easy. It’s an everyday hustle. Definitely, not as fun, as you think it is.”

3. “The more I know about you, the more I get away from my childhood crush.”

4. “You know what I see in you, a future girlfriend.”

5. “I might not be the most intelligent or greatest match, but I’m an honest one.”

6. “If you don’t swipe right but left on me, fine…. Someone hotter will do.”

7. “I never thought I had to be on dating sites. But, I’m still here just for you.”

8. “My last date told me I wouldn’t deserve someone like her. She thought I’d like to meet someone like her.”

9. “To avoid being friend-zoned. But a girl I met on a dating site called me ‘What’s up, Bro’.”

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Funny Quotes For Dating Profiles Of Any Sites

Whether it’s a lesson you learned from your last date(s) or it’s from someone else’s experiences, these are some funny online dating quotes.

Having such hilarious online dating quotes on your profile will make your match laugh, and also make them start a conversation right away. 

Funny Quotes For Dating Sites 

1. “Am I the only one who thinks that online dating is for those who are either shy, older, and cheated badly?”

2. “You use a dating site to find your partner, I’m using it to find that third one.”

3. “I hope you look like your dating profile pictures. If you won’t, you will pay for the date, and let me drive to my home.”

4. “There must be a new dating platform where people meet just to discuss how terrible their dates from other sites were”

5. “Professional photography isn’t for me, it’s for those who want a new date every new week.”

6. “Online dating is proof mutual connection is still a thing. Just looking good and having a nice chat isn’t enough.”

7. “So thankful for the online dating sites, to remind me that all things that look perfect on the internet aren’t real actually.”

8. “These online dating sites aren’t the speediest way to meet dateable people. But, that to get rejected hard by those who don’t even know you enough.”

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Clever Quotes For Dating Profile Examples

There’s nothing extra to do to impress your match, other than using your intelligence.

This is also a way to express your thoughts on online dating.

To meet a like-minded person, these witty dating quotes on your profile will do. 

Witty Quotes For Dating Profile Examples

1. “Guys pay for the dating site subscription; girls spend the same on looking good.” 

2. “He says, I’m serious about dating, but don’t date for a serious relationship. What’s that?”

3. “It’s quite frustrating when someone asks what brings you here on dating apps, as if they try to find a job here.”

4. “I need a match who agrees to get married when we remain unlucky finding someone on dating sites.”

5. “Online dating isn’t for me. But it’s for someone, who will find me and fall in love with me.

6. “I’m here to find someone like me who hates to be on dating sites. So together we can delete it.”

7. “Well, dating online means expecting to ride a Mercedes but you settle for a cheaper one. Because that’s what is available to you or comes easy to you.”

8. “You’re looking perfect on your dating profile”- No one says ever.”

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Catchy Quotes For Dating Profile Headlines

You might already have your profile ‘about me’ descriptions as you want. But unique headlines count, right?

Instead of any random one-liner, you can try these examples of dating quotes as your profile headlines. 

Catchy Quotes For Dating Profile Headlines

1. “If our kids ask how we met each other, should we tell them we met on a dating site? Wouldn’t that be embarrassing back then”

2. “My parents and family want me to marry someone now. But, they don’t allow me to have a dating account.”

3. “My mom would be proud to know that I have a girlfriend, but she won’t anymore if she knew I found her from online dating.”

4. “Well, dating is more like you know what you want, hopefully, you found one. But someone already took it, just before. So you have to find someone else who recently became single (or wasn’t picked).”

5. “Last time, I share my most romantic reasons to get married to someone, on dating sites… she didn’t say ‘good luck’ but called me ‘crazy’!

6. “Dating someone online is fun, but there’s always the fear that this person could be your girlfriend who is spying on you.”

7. “You don’t go on dating sites to find your soulmate, you find someone who is also desperate to fall in love, just like you.”


Sassy Quotes For Online Dating Apps

You want to look your best while chatting with your match.

And to have conversations memorable as possible.

On asking your opinion about online love and dating experiences, you share these quotes.

Else you better have them on your dating profile as descriptions or headlines, that work perfectly, fine too.

Sassy Quotes For Online Dating Apps

1. “The gentlemen take her date home and introduce her to parents. The other one also takes her date home, only when the parents aren’t home.”

2. “Most girls on dating sites try to look the hottest but expect guys to be nice to them. While guys try to look nice but expect to have the hottest date.”

3. “I thought online dating is for those who have no luck with offline. Or those who don’t have relatives who fix them with someone.”

4. “You might meet someone on dating sites. But still better not to expect too much, because their first impression of you is just your profile picture.”

5. “You can’t impress me with your profile pictures and pickup lines. But I might use the same to get a date from you.”

6. “I’m confident enough to have a dating profile. Clever enough to send you a match. But, I am too concerned about whether you would be the same person I see in your pictures.”

7. “I’m not going to ask why you are on a dating platform, because I already know what you want. So just let me know where we can meet.”

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Why Quotes Make Better Than Pick-Up Lines?

Not every girl or guy you meet on dating sites enjoys the pickup lines and reading the heavy description. 

So there’s a risk to share them. 

But, online dating quotes are all about someone’s perspective and thinking. Based on their experiences, also. 

This means you will appear in a more genuine profile on dating sites.

Well, the cute, witty, and funny quotes for dating profiles we share here are all fresh ones.


You’re free to use them in your profile if you want. Plus, these are all based on our experience and viewpoints related to online dating.

So, use them as examples. Have them as your profile headlines, about me, or just intro lines on dating apps.