What Do You Like About Me Answers

26 (Cute &) Funny Answers To “What Do You Like About Me?”

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 04:43 am

To tickle their egos, here are the best answers to ‘What do you like about me?’ question from your partner, friend, or crush.

This will hopefully prevent you from hurting anyone’s feelings.

Also, ruining their mood to hear something good about them.

Such are cute, special, and funny replies to show that you really like them and why.



No matter if you like someone as a friend, a crush, or just for who they are, they may ask you, what is it about them that you like the most. 

Of course, there can’t be just one single answer to that.

As there are so many and even there isn’t much time for you to reply with that perfect answer. 

With such conditions, it must be a specific and satisfying answer for cherishing them. 


Cute Replies To ‘What Do You Like About Me?’

Well, this list covers some cute, interesting, and funny responses that you can reply to your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or crush when they ask this. 

So, pick the right response based on who’s asking and what they want to hear from you.


1. “Come on, I like everything about you. You’re simply perfect to me.” 

This would be the perfect response when your girlfriend asks what you like about her.

Such flattering words eventually relieve her insecurity about her appearance and how she looks in that dress. 


2. “You’re such a special person to me.” 

Whether it’s your best friend or family member asking you about things you like about them, you can reply with this one.

The gesture shows you are glad they are in your life and how much you value their presence. 

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3. “We both are a lot similar to each other in many ways.”

This is such a lovely response to what do you like about me, questions from a person you know for a very long time.

Whether you’re in a friendship or relationship with them, it shows that you feel at home around them.

You never feel such a deep connection with anyone else, that’s how it sounds.

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4. “You have a very thoughtful personality.”

what do you like about me answers for girl or boy

Especially to your best friend or office colleague who always listens to you and helps you out, this one is the right answer when they ask what makes you like them.

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5. “I like the way you stay positive and always be there to help others.” 

They are the right person you seek motivation from, it could be your friend, family member, or partner.

It conveys your appreciation for their positive nature and all the good vibes they bring in your life.

what do you like about me responses for girlfriend or boyfriend


6. “With you I feel like I’m living the best time of my life.”

When you are just starting a relationship and your significant other asks what you like about them, this is a cute answer to respond with.

It shows you’re really happy to be with them and do enjoy every minute of it. 

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7. “You’re such a loving girlfriend that loves me more than anyone else.”

At first, you must feel shocked when your girlfriend asks what is something you like the most about her.

But, don’t be afraid, you can reply with this romantic response to make her feel special.


8. “You’re a caring boyfriend who is always there for me.” 

Whenever you call him, he answers.

Whenever you need him beside you, he makes himself available to you.

You can let your boyfriend know how much you appreciate his love and support by answering in this way.

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9. “So many reasons to like you. It’s hard to pick just one.”

That’s the perfect answer to your partner who wants to hear some words of appreciation from you.

It also serves as a backup response when you need a little more time to think of something very unique and special about them that makes you like them. 

what do you like about me answers for friends


10. “I’m very much inspired by you, your positive thinking and belief amaze me.” 

If that person is the one you see as the most optimistic person, you can certainly reply with this one.

They probably have no idea about it, but this response will make them feel encouraged for their positive attitude, making them a better person than the rest. 


11. “Spending time with you is so much fun, you’re awesome.” 

This one is a good answer to either a friend or partner, showing that you enjoy spending time with them.

Because he/she is a caring, funny, and dependable person. 

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12. “It’s your passion to learn something new and excitement that make me like you.” 

It’s the right answer to your friend who is passionate about something whether it’s music, sports, or any subject.

With such replies, you encourage them to keep working on their passion and support them in the morning hustle they follow. 

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13. “You make yourself approachable and always listen to others.” 

When you want to share something they pay attention and make you feel heard.

Express how special and relaxed if feel when you have someone who is an understandable and active listener. 

what do you like most about me


14. “It’s your knowledge and expertise that makes me a fan.” 

This would be a great reply to your senior or leader from whom you’re learning a lot.

It shows your respect and appreciation for the competency they have acquired in the industry. 

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15. “You are an honest person and stay true to the face, that is what I like about you the most.”  

When you respond with this one, no matter if it’s your boyfriend or best friend, you are showing them you’re a fan of their honest nature.

The truth isn’t always pleasant, but you are happy that someone in your life is willing to correct you when you’re wrong. 


16. “You are a very kind person and always ready to provide support.” 

Such as a best friend who is always available to provide you support or an acquaintance who is always willing to lend you a hand, this reply suits them.

When they ask what quality you like about them, you better compliment them on their kind nature. 

what do you like about me reply


17. “I like the way you look at life, it also gives me hope for my life.”

It must be your strong brother, independent sister, or best friend who always stays positive and helps you with how to deal with tough times the right way.

With their positive outlook in most situations, you also get the hope to live your life with full confidence, and that’s what you show in your reply.

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Funny Answers To “What Do You Like About Me?”

18. “The food, that you share with me all the time.” 

Let’s suppose you’re in school and that friend who never hesitates to share his food with you, this is what you answer to what you like about them the most.

Even when they don’t ask you, you can say something to your bestie such as, “You know, I kind of like you because you share your lunch with me”.

It’s just for fun.


19. “If I tell you, I’m sure that you will beat me.” 

Well, this one is not the kind of reply you’d want to share with your crush or anyone who doesn’t know you very well.

There is a risk that it could be misunderstood as a dirty reply to ‘what do you like about me the most?’.

But, overall, it’s a funny reply to share with your partner or someone who knows your crazy side. 


20. “You are my best friend, did you forget that?”

In friendship, you generally don’t expect any extra thing from one another.

But when your bestie asks you ‘what do you like about me’, you can reply with this funny answer to remind them that it’s everything or simply nothing that you like about them.


21. “You are a crazy person and you make me laugh all the time.”

Well, you can reply to your boyfriend or partner when he asks you, ‘why do you like me?’

They do some silly and funny things to make you laugh and your smile means a lot to them, so be sure to appreciate them.


22. “It’s not just me, but my family also likes you.” 

When you’re new in the relationship and when you’re asked about what do you like the most about him or her, answering this way boosts their self-esteem.

With such a response you make them feel special, and let them know that your family is impressed with their personality and nature.

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23. “I like you… Because you’re just like me.” 

That’s a nice reply, but a bit narcissistic. It shows that you are both quite similar and there is no difference between you.

You like them the way that you love yourself, plain and simple. 

what do you like the most about me for crush


24. “I don’t like you. But… I LOVE YOU.” 

Ideally, your crush knows that you’re crushing on them.

And, on asking, ‘why do you like me?’, you’d better show that it’s not just attraction, but a genuine love for them, as this reply means.

A simple, honest response might work as a proposal that will help you to get closure and make your crush fall for you in return.


25. “If I be honest with it, you won’t talk to me again.”

Not sure, what you mean by that.

But this one is a flirty answer to give when a girl asks what you like about her the most.

If you two are quite good friends and make fun, that’s fine, you can go ahead with this.

But, if you began dating her and when you respond this way, you’re definitely not going to see her again.


26. “Whether you know it or not, but you’re just different.”

Of course, when you love someone, that person feels different than anyone in the world.

When this guy or girl asks you about what is special about them, tell them you see them as completely unique person.

To make your connection feel special, you want to respond in the cutest way.

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Final thought: 

When they suddenly ask this question, ‘What do you like about me?’, it looks somewhat strange and weird at first.

Maybe they want to know what you like them seriously, or want to know whether your connection is still the same or not. 

Sometimes it’s due to insecurity, they may ask this type of question to clarify your feelings and love for them. 

So, If that person really means a lot to you, reply with the most genuine answer straight from your heart… which makes the perfect answer which they want to hear.