Short Dating Profile Examples For Males

65 Short Dating Profile Examples For Males [Simple And Successful]

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 06:34 pm

When done right, even a short dating bio can be successful.

No matter what dating site it is… short bios look natural, are direct, and so effective. 

Well, you can refer to these short dating profile examples for males, If it’s hard for you to describe yourself in short. 

You need a little introduction- so your first impression won’t be of a desperate or insecure guy.


How Do You Make Your Dating Bio Short and Effective?

When there is a temptation to add more and more… describing yourself in the short can be tough on dating sites.  

In fact, profiling it in such a short and direct way makes sense. 

On the popular dating site, Plenty of fish(POF), its ‘the profile headline’ that is a deal-maker.

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As most online daters (especially men) make their dating profile a full-blown autobiography.

Whereas, some just prefer to keep their profile short and simple. 

A short dating profile description attracts more attention and match requests than the long one. 

All due to ‘clarity and creativity’ in the introduction. This arouses ‘curiosity’.

While creating your dating bio, better be sure what to keep and what to drop.

If you’re not, follow these quick tips on how to write a short and simple dating ‘about me’. 

1. Review your bio, as a third person: Does it sound like a personal essay? 

2. You don’t need to include everything about yourself in your bio.

3. Keep your focus on what’s positive and important. 

4. Be careful not to go too deep or appear too negative. 

5. Be more creative, unique, and smart with your introduction.

6. Have your dating goals clear, no matter what they are.

7. You don’t have to clarify everything. Just leave hints within the profile. 

8. Mention clearly, what are you looking for in a woman.

9. Talk about your hobbies, goals, and preferences, all in short. 

10. End your bio with a CTA for your match to approach you. 

It’s true, that not every man is good at introducing themselves in a few words. 

Further, we’ve put together some examples of short dating profiles for men that you can use as ideas. 

Knowing the dating goals are different for guys in their 20s to men in their 30s, we have broken the complete bio examples down into three categories.

Your role is to decide which one is worthwhile to copy and paste into your profile. 

Short Dating Profile Examples For Guys

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Short Dating Profile Examples For Guys Under 30

When you’re not serious about a relationship or any commitment, or simply looking for some fun on a dating site, these short dating bio descriptions are for you. 

Young guys under 30 especially do fall into this category, who simply aim for a cool online dating profile. 

1. Hit me up I’m open to any connection: Causal, serious, friendship.

2. Been to 23 countries and more in line. ‘Moving’ is always a pleasure for me. 

3. I hope my match will be more intelligent than me. And, crazy… just like me. 

4. I started yoga but I’m not sure how to do it right. Do you? Teach me then.

5. No matter what stories you have, I’ll be there to listen to you. 

6. If you want to revive those old memories from the 90s, I have a lot to share. 

7. In search of someone who is also scared of getting married. 

8. I play sports, I play video games. But, I have never played a date. Want to play?

9. I’m just a regular guy hoping to find a woman who turns me into a man. 

10. A guy who is always making an interesting life from nowhere, for his own and others. 

11. Here all I am seeking is some fun this weekend with a girl who loves to laugh.

12. Working in the IT field, seeking someone to write the Love code for.

13. As you can see my dog has a cute owner, and you also want to meet him, too. 

14. I love roaming around the city every night and on long drives on Sunday eve. 

15. Being home and binge-watching, I’m not ready for it. If it’s outside, I’m always in.

16. A musician by profession. Genuine dancer by nature. 

17. In search of someone to chat with? Message me, ready to discuss anything. 

18. Kind of guy who has a lot more ways to compliment you than just ‘beautiful’. Try me. 

19. New to this city, I need a guide for this city and my life. 

20. I love surfing, walking on the beach, and documenting memories. 

21. A guy who knows exactly what he’s doing on dating sites and how. 

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Short Dating Bio Examples For Men Over 30

For the man who’s on a dating site not to play games, but to find something serious, here are some short and straightforward profile ideas.

The men over 30 mostly aim to find a woman in their life and start a family. 

Short Dating Profile Examples For Men

1. If you have the same interest, the following are the short and simplest dating profile examples for you.

2. A serial entrepreneur. Marathon runner. And, a certified dater. 

3. I’m a vegan, but that’s fine if you’re not. But I hope you’re a vegan, too. 

4. Seeking a life partner and friend. I hope I can get both of them into one.

5. I’m the man who has no problem putting my phone on silent mode on our date. 

6. Just a regular man, not looking for anything perfect. But serious and special. 

7. If you’re not taking yourself seriously but online dating. Hit me up. 

8. Working for a bank. Interested in having casual fun these holidays. 

9. The type of man you want to introduce to your parents without shame. 

10. An easygoing man, who won’t mind if you just send me a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hey’ on tinder

11. Auto dealer by day, party animal by night. Looking for someone to drive crazy.

12. An avid traveler. A real estate company owner. Hope to get a new date. What about you?

13. Love thrillers and suspense movies. Have no problem with romantic flics, can watch it with you, next time. 

14. A career-driven guy, serious about starting life. But, don’t think… I’m bored.

15. I promise to delete every dating app when I feel that you’re the one for me. 

16. Fitness freak (you might already know with the picture). Owning a business and a house. 

17. I know what I’m looking for in my ideal partner. But I also can understand it requires time. And, I’m being patient.

18. I do believe in long-term commitment and hope to find love on dating sites. 

19. The goal is (of course,) to meet my love of life, but I prefer we get to know each other well first.

20. I am having a small agency in this town. Grateful for this lifestyle, and seeking some love online. 

21. If it’s not from you, it must be from someone else. But there’ll be a date.

22. A stand-up comedian by nature. But I hope someone takes me seriously on dating. 

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Best Short Dating Profile Examples For Males

If you’re a man of a few words or not sure what you’re looking for on a dating site

You need a simple and smart bio that makes your personality, and dating goals obvious.

To have a clear description, these are the best short dating profile examples that work for men with any goals in mind.

1. I love trying new dishes and visiting new countries. Looking for someone open to both. 

2. Man of few words, but already have a lot of stories to share only with the right one. 

3. Online marketer. Collection or Sunglasses. And, a focused date. 

4. Hey there. I’m here to meet new people, not a date at the moment. 

5. Not a guy who you usually met in the club or bar, but the one around the church.

6. I enjoy what I do as a profession. Always excited to meet new people, online or offline. 

7. I admit that I’m not a good texter. I prefer to meet directly on a date. Are you ready?

8. I’m a postgraduate, having a decent salary job. My goal is to buy my first house and have someone to make it ‘our home’. 

9. I’m the type of guy who won’t force you to change but love you for who you’re.

10. A highly dynamic personality. I can go from a crazy person to a very serious person in short. 

11. Pick a trilogy, I’m ready to talk about anything. Let’s start a chat here. 

12. People who know me call me a storyteller. But, I’m still looking for my main character. 

13. I work in a medical firm. Travel abroad every year. Looking for someone to join me. 

14. I’m here actually looking for someone to exchange stories with. Just a nice chat. 

15. A guy who happily brings you to his home and introduces you to his family.

16. If you’re a girl worried about your relationship or marriage, we can talk. 

17. A hardworking and dedicated man, looking for the woman of her dreams

18. Fishing and golfing are my favorite activities to do on Sunday. What’s yours?

19. Someone who never lets you get sad alone, but also gets sad with you. 

20. During weekdays, I spend most of my time in front of the screen. On weekends, I enjoy a tasteful lifestyle. 

21. Instead of binge-watching, I prefer watching new movies in the theatre. Else, you’ll find me in the nearest park than at home. 

22. Waiting for a woman who will either give or become the purpose of my life. 

best short dating profile description for males, Why to have short dating bios

We’ve created a sample list of eHarmony profile questions and answers, that you can add to get compatible matches on eHarmony.


But, Why Do Short Descriptions Work Better Than Lengthy Ones?

Firstly, because they save time for everyone. And, look more appealing.

Neither you need nor can you write a long self-description on a dating site like Hinge or OkCupid. 

These days, even most dating sites don’t have the normal ‘about me’ section.

Instead, they use questions or prompts. 

That’s not just enough but a creative approach to show your match who you are and your preferences.

It’s possible that the match feels turned off or may find something boring and negative when you have a longer description. 

By the way, if you want to have a longer description, read this article covering the Best dating profile templates for any site.

When it comes to short dating bios, they seem creative and direct.  

If you don’t get enough attention on any dating app, even though you have everything positive about yourself, which means you overshared. 

Choose a perfect one from the above short dating profile examples for males.

And, you better edit it as you want.


No need to have a lengthy bio, it just looks like ‘an essay about you’.

Make it short and sweet.

It’s for ‘the right girl’ who can sense a connection even in a little introduction of you on a dating site.