how to be a better person and be happy

How to be a good person? 10 Ways to Be a Better Person In Life

Last updated on November 16th, 2020 at 04:55 am

We all want to be a good person in life, Isn’t it?

After all, that’s our purpose as a human… we are there to become a better person and support others, as well. 

We all want to grow, be a better person and be happy in life. But, being a better person is not limited to achieve great success and dreams, for ourselves only.

It also relates to how others perceive you ‘as a good person’ and what they feeling around you.

Well, being an honest, kind, or better person in life, costs you nothing much just following some good steps to make others happy and respected due to your kind acts.

If you want to know how to be a good person, then… here sharing the best ways to become a better person in life who stays the same inside and outside.

How to become a good person? 10 Better steps to follow…

1. Who you are right now.

The first step to becoming a good person, start with knowing who you are, at this moment. That helps you to realize your inner self and to know about how to improve yourself right. 

Before anything else, just review yourself first. Find out…

How good you’re performing in life?

Are you positively influence your environment and people?

How others feel or react when they see you, every morning?

Are you going in the right direction or not?

Such questions will answer those personal vibes that you’re bringing along. It clearly shows you’re confident about yourself and others also feeling good while being with you. 

Positive people are appreciated by everyone…they’re welcomed and greeted every time. Your good qualities support you to become a good person to every situation in life. 

Same as negative ones are always complaining and others around them also feeling the same, discouraging, indeed.

But, Glad to know that you are a good person who knows what you’re doing right because others are also feeling the same about you.

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2. Learn how to control your emotions.

how to become a good person

We are humans and we are blessed with emotions and feelings, too.

Like there are some good feelings we have for others… we have some negative feelings for ourselves, too.

Good feelings are of course making better to anyone around, along with our own. Similarly, a single negative expression can poison other’s mindsets and moods, too. 

If you want to know how to be a good person, then controlling your own emotions is a must.

You don’t want to make others feel tense, just because your day at work is worse.

A good human knows how to control ownself. They are not controlled by their own emotions and anger, they can differentiate between mood and responsibility well. 


3. Forgive and Forget and keep going. 

When we know, whom to forgive and when to forget, life becomes way too easy to live happily.

Those past hurt feelings and frustrations, won’t let you become a better person. You need to let go of some of the things that are hurting you inside. Release yourself, as soon as possible…because negative emotions keep holding you back.

Your goal is to get ahead in life and to be a great human, right? So, it’s a must to release our heart and mind from any burden that we’ve been carrying.  

Forgive persons who are your own, Forget the ones who don’t value you. 


4. Take responsibility, as a good person does.

Ways to Be a Better Person and Be happy

You can’t blame someone for diverting your mind and bringing negative things in life.

Well, they try to influence you with their negativity, they can send you the vibes that move you away from your life goals. But, in the end….to follow them, was your choice only. 

No one can stop you and motivate you to do something, Except YOU.

So, take your responsibility well. Understand and play your role well. Accept that you are responsible for every good and bad thing that happens in your life. 

If you want to be a better person in life, then you really need to realize your responsibility well. Don’t blame others, and don’t feel low…it’s you and only you who can make an impact. 


5. Listen to them actively. Be the one, they can share something with. 

Want to know how to be a good person, then learn how to listen to others, well. 

People really like to be with that one, who listens to them well, also the one who excites to know what they are saying.

No one likes a person who just prefers to talk about oneself alone. Don’t be that guy, who waits for your own turn to speak.  

To become a better person in life, you need to listen to others, first.

Let them feel being heard and respected. When you listen actively, they refer to spending more time with you. Because you’re a better person to spend time with. 

WHY? Because you are a good human, who knows to take care of others, too. 


6. Be a good human. Be kind. 

How To Be a Good Person

This world expects you nothing, just a few words of kindness with an equal feeling for others.

We have no idea what a simple “How are you” and “Thank you” can bring in someone’s life. Practice sharing your morning wishes to people around.

Express your feeling to them, show how great this day is for you and for them, too. 

In order to become a better person, we don’t need superpowers and lots of money. We just need to have that heart who can feel others’ presence, too.

Just embrace the people around, care for them truly, give them the attention they need. 

Don’t try to be a superhero in everyone’s life. Just be a human and do your kind part, well. 


7. Have your own self-goals clear. 

We all have lots of wishes and expectations in life.

We want to grow fast, we want to get there, quickly. But, the difference lies in how much we stay committed to our goals.

Work so hard, that someone gets inspired. Of course, set goals for yourself first, but also keep working on that as well. 

Whether to become a better person in life or to achieve expertise in your professional area, just have your goals specific and clear.

Stay updated and help others who are on the same path.

Ask for the right help. As a good human help back the ones who need you at any point. Together we can face all challenges and achieve all goals, for that be with the like-minded peoples, too.  


8. Stay adjustable. Stay flexible in life. 

how to be a good person in life

If you are the one who aspires to be perfect and get things in perfect shape, then probably life will be tough for you, right now.

Nothing in life is perfect and even we don’t need to become perfectionists to enjoy life. You just need to stay flexible to the situation and people, in the journey. 

When you become versatile to a situation, life becomes easier and way better.

Simply knowing How to be a good person is not enough, we need to act like a good human, too. 

Release yourself from all that self-rules from which you’re controlling you. Have rules just to keep you focused. Because Life brings limitless opportunities to grow. And you may need to adjust likewise. 

Don’t hold yourself back with your beliefs, only. To become a good person, you need to become flexible first to the people and opportunities in life.

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9. Support others to become a better person, too.

No one can grow alone. We all need each other to survive and grow fast in life.

Just like you’re on a mission to become a better person, support others, too. Be with them who need your support at any career and life stage.

Guide them well and help them to achieve their goals, too. 

Be a leader, be a motivator for those someone who losing interest in their own journey.

Give them trust, when they can’t in themselves. The more you support others on this challenging path, the more you feel like a good person.

We become better by supporting each other well.

After all, we are human, stay kind and stay human… that’s what we’re supposed to do, Agree? 


10. Give yourself and others a purpose to live life fully.

how to be a better person

Life is a journey for you and everyone.

But, not everyone enjoys this journey well. Some stay frustrated even though they are on the same path. While some keep going when they are stuck in life because they understand oneself well. They know how to keep going and why.  

Every day brings a new opportunity to start something meaningful to your life. When you have your purpose clear, things will be easy to manage and life will be even better to live every day.

No matter how challenging life you’re living right now, just never let temporary hard times control you. 

The purpose of life is to live, not to die with regrets, only.

Keep your sight on the bright side. Be optimistic for yourself and others. Keep supporting yourself in hard times, and someone around you. 

Be a good person for yourself and support well. Be a good human for others and be with them. 


How to stay a good person?

Just like every other positive things, the process to become a better person and be happy in life always requires a habit to develop over the time.

No one can be a good human from one day. Even no one can be taken as a kind person, too. 

It’s your approach to others, creating your image as a better person. But, moreover, if you want to feel good about yourself, you need to do something purposeful.

Do something that feels great about being you.

Do something that inner self reminds you that you are playing your part “as a good person” better.


So, these are our suggested ways of how to be a good person in life. If you learned something valuable from this message, then let us know. Have something to add to this article, share in the comment section below, we are happy and a better person to do that,