questions to ask your friends about yourself

125 Questions to Ask Your Friends About Yourself

If he/she is your best friend, then you don’t need to know more about them anymore.

Because definitely you already know not many but everything about them. But, how to know what your friends are really thinking about you?

Well, there are some questions to ask your friends about yourself, that answers a lot about your friendship. Also, this is the best idea to have a funny conversation with your best friend and to know what they are thinking about you?


Well so, if you are looking for some interesting, funny, some personal, and not-too personal questions then we have a complete list of questions to ask your friend.

These are the questions that make your bonding even stronger. As these are funny yet interesting questions that help you to know how well your friends know you. The answers to this is well enough to recognize how strong your friendship is?


Lists of Questions to Ask Your Friends About Yourself

Good questions to ask your friends

good questions to ask your friends

As a fresh start, let’s begin with some good questions to ask your best friend about yourself.

These are just like a practice that you do, before analyzing your friends’ minds. After all, your questions to friends have to look like a fun game and not a cross-examination.

Show that you want honest answers to strengthen your bondings, and also give the right gestures, too. 

1. What makes our friendship special?

2. That event, when we realize we are destined to become “best friends”? 

3. Which major do you think I’ll choose, and why? 

4. What is that bad habit, you want me to change immediately?

5. How close and related we are as best friends?

6. Our friendship moment, that you’ll never forget in life.

7. What is the thing about me, that only you know well?

8. What makes us unique?

9. What is something that’s enough to make my mood?

10. The easiest way to irritate me.

11. Advice, How to make our friendship even stronger?

12. What is that stopping me to become a successful person?

13. What is that proudest moment in your life?

14. Describe me, in three words. 

15. What is that ‘only one thing’, I’m afraid of?

16. What’re your parents think about our friendship?

17. The moment when you were sure that our friendship would end.

18. What can I do to become more attractive?

19. Where are you seeing yourself after 5 or 10 years?

20. What do you think…How much do I trust you? Scale: 1 to 10.

21. What is the best quality that you like about me, the most?

22. How important we both are in each other’s life?

23. What fuels our friendship?

24. What will be the next step to make our bonding even stronger?

25. Share the moment, when you realize, I’m your true friend.


Funny questions to ask friends when bored

funny questions to ask friends when bored

There are endless things you can try and experiment when you are bored with friends, alone, at home, or anytime.

But, when your best friend is alone, then now it’s the perfect time to share extra secrets and fun facts about your friendship.

Here given fun questions to ask your friends are the next stage of exploring your friendship even more. This definitely will give you both quality time and another “best friend” memories to remember forever.

1. In which era our friendship will be a lot unique and exciting though?

2. That incident, when you were trying hard to control your laugh, on my life tragedy,

3. What do you do when I’m not around?

4. Which celebrity you want to replace as your best friend, over me?

5. If you have three wishes, Am I fit for anyone of them?

6. How many times, you actually got jealous of me?

7. That silly thing about you, that you’re still ashamed of.

8. Which comedy movie that describes our friendship perfectly?

9. If you know magic, which animal will you transform me into?

10. The joke I told you and you still remember, after a long time.

11. What is the perfect name that fits my personality?

12. How many times do you have to convince your parents that we’re just friends?

13. The time when you thought, I would cheat you for a partner.

14. The craziest things that we did together.

15. Were you really happy to offer me that last pizza slice?

16. That one thing you want me to stop doing anymore.

17. Have you ever thought we would be that “best friend”, too?

18. Which comedian do you think I’m so relating with?

19. Is there any secret that I don’t know about you.

20. That one moment, when you doubted that I would steal your girlfriend/boyfriend.

21. How proud you feel of having me in your life?

22. Have told your parents how we met for the first time?

23. That one thing, you are really ashamed to introduce me as your “best friend”.

24. What was the first thought in your mind, when you saw me for the first time?

25. How many times, do you have to convince your girlfriend that “we are just friends”?


Random questions to ask your friends to know about them

random questions to ask your friends

Next, random questions are the ones that come to your mind anyway.

This can be some weird and tough question that you have in your mind regarding your friend and their life. This is quite related to your friend’s personal life, so you really need to take extra care.

Your purpose to question your friends is to make your bonding strong, and not to give them suspicious feelings about your sudden asking.

So, check your friends’ mood and go ahead with these questions to know more about your friend. 

1. Have you ever tried to make your crush jealous?

2. Which web series character suits me well?

3. Are you happy with your career choices?

4. What was that one event that changed our friendship forever?

5. Name three things that you learn from me.

6. Do you vote for me, if I run for president?

7. That thing that I hate, but you like to do.

8. What is the thing that makes us best friends?

9. Which celebrity do you want to be part of our friendship?

10. Imagine, what will be doing when we are in our 80s?

11. Is there any career suggestion you want to give me?

12. How happy are you with your life?

13. How supportive i am in your career and life?

14. Do you really believe that we’re destined to meet in this life?

15. What is that secret you hid from me, that you shouldn’t?

16. Which habits of mine, do you want me to quit?

17. How much surprise was you from your last birthday gifts?

18. What am I, an early bird or night owl?

19. Which country do you wish to be from?

20. Have you finally developed the habit of cleaning your room or not?

21. What makes the perfect day start?

22. What is that thing that still confuses you, about me?

23. What do you think of our growing friendship, over time?

24. That relaxing place, you wish to visit again together.

25. What makes you more famous and talented?

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Deep questions to ask your friends

deep questions to ask your friends

Like we have covered the different sets of questions to ask friends earlier.

Now this one is the best option when you both friends are together for almost over a decade.

Even though you both are connected strongly, there’s some side of your relationship, that is not discovered yet. And, that’s what our next questions for. 

Now, these deep questions to ask your friends about your friendship.

That uncovers the hidden side of your friendship. These will make you two entirely comfortable with each other, as some are witty and hard questions to answer. But actually, worth to level up your understanding between you two.

1. Name a song that perfectly describes our friendship.

2. Is there any crush stories that you hid from me?

3. Are your parents trusting me, as your true friend?

4. Are you procrastinating over anything?

5. How many times you forcefully joined me, in my plans?

6. Where do you want our next travel plan to be?

7. Have I made you feel depressed?

8. What bad habits have you developed just because of me?

9. Which book do you suggest for me?

10. Have you lied to anyone about our friendship?

11. Are we really that close friends to share our secret life goals?

12. What makes life worth living?

13. Have you shared the right reason for your last break up?

14. What is the role I’m playing in your life? More than a best friend.

15. What do you do when you are bored and alone?

16. Have you ever felt taken for granted, by me or anyone else?

17. What makes you feel secure and confident about you?

18. Share quick interesting things about our friendship.

19. What makes our connection so different and healing?

20. Which rides do you want me to take along?

21. That single regret that you’ve, but never shared with anyone.

22. Have you ever felt insecure about our friendship?

23. Do you secretly want me to do something for you?

24. How positively you’re influenced because of me in life?

25. What is something that can end our friendship forever?


Hard questions to ask your friends about yourself

Hard questions to ask your friends about yourself

So far, we have got to see some simple questions that are overall cool and funny but also quite easy for your best friend to answer. After all, they know you well for such a long time and there isn’t any pressure for them.

Now it’s time to increase the difficulty level to a ‘Hard’ mode. 

Hence, our next list of questions will either confuse them or make them struggling to answer such questions. Why because… this will reveal their approach to you and what they’re thinking about you, actually. 

1. What was my first impression of every single person here to you?

2. Can you trade our friendship for 1 Billion dollars?

3. What do you think of ‘How great you are than any of us’?

4. Who among the group you think is secretly jealous inside? And why?

5. Is there something about me that annoys you, But you still tolerate that?

6. What are your marriage plans? When you’re getting married?

7. Which TV shows or movies describe our friendship the best way? 

8. Do you think I talk too much or never let anyone talk?

9. If we all are stuck on an island who will be the one you prefer saving first?

10. Do you still trust us, as the friend of your lifetime?

11. Among us, who is the one with the deepest influence on your life?

12. Share the worst moment that you ever experienced out of our friendship?

13. What can you do to bring our friendship to the next level?

14. What will be your next move, after knowing that some of us vanished due to Thanos’s snap?

15. Do you prefer to win the argument or lose a friend for life? 

16. Did you really have a crush on our maths teacher?

17. What is the biggest moment in your life at when you really missed us?

18. Will we stay in touch like this once you get married?

19. Have you ever shared my secrets with others without my knowing?

20. If we were musicians then what would be our band’s name?

21. Have you felt hesitant while introducing us to your parents?

22. Why does one still choose to be friends with the person with who they broke up?

23. Have you ever canceled our plan just to go on a date with a girl?

24. Rate me as your trustworthy friend from, 1 to 10. 

25. Why do you always forget your wallet every time we go out?


Which questions set you’re going to ask your friends about yourself?

Undoubtedly, your best friend knows literally everything about you.

After all, they are the ones with whom you are spending more time, right? But, still, you have that inner desire to know how great your connection is. And, that only be found via asking the right questions to them. 

Here given questions to ask your friends about yourself, not only informs how stronger your friendship has been growing. But also, uncover that side of your connection that you both never get a chance to explore.

Like the reasons for asking questions to friends vary, you better know the perfect mood and time to ask good questions.

So that you can have a fun time, via getting hilarious replies from your friends.