Relationship Red Flags Signs It's Time to Move On

Relationship Red Flags: Signs It’s Time to Move On.

Last updated on October 10th, 2020 at 11:54 am

Is it the end of relationship?

You can not say that relationship is about to end unless you see some of the relationship red flags or toxic signs. 

No relationship is perfect, nor the person in it. The relationship is to make each other feel complete in life. And if either a one-person feeling incomplete & miserable because of it, then is a clear sign, a red flag of relationship. 

So, what are the other signs or relationship red flags and how to find that you are in a toxic relationship? If you also want to know the clear sign of a relationship failure, then this article is for you. Further sharing the possible ways and signs showing that your relationship is about to end soon or it’s better to leave it. 

What are the Relationship Red Flags?

Zero Communication

Communication is the lifeline of any healthy relationship. If there is no communication possible, then there can never be any scope for relationships to build upon. Every relationship starts with the first interaction and communication made by the two partners mutually. 

If you find that there is no positive communication possible with your partner or with long-distance significant one, then it is a clear sign of a red flag that your relationship is about to end. 

Losing of Trust

Trust is something that every relationship demands from the first phase. Where there is trust, there is a positive relationship. In absence of trust, there can never be positive vibes in a relationship, nor the right interaction. 

Staying loyal to a partner is the key to any relationship. If any point, any partner loses the trust in other ones, it shows the red flags of a relationship. No relationship can survive once the trust is broken and losing from each other.

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When Fights becomes the Routine

Relationships are meant to make a person feel good about life, instead of making a wrong one. Most relationships become panic for any one person when another person is quite jealous and having a reserved mindset.

Being with a relationship with such a problematic personality raises confusion for other people as well. Daily arguments and routine fights due to a person’s negative nature are the relationship red flags that need not be avoided from the first phase. 

Insecurity in Relationship

In a relationship, either a person can not see further hope in the relationship, which are red flags of that relationship. A positive relationship helps a person to grow better and move ahead in life. At some phase, when a relationship becomes a burden for anyone, then it is better to move ahead. 

If you can’t imagine the future life with your current partner in a relationship, then it is itself a sign that your relationship is not secure. Possible that it’s your belief only, but if that also felt and supported by another one, then it’s better to move on from the relationship.

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Not Caring for Person, Whether They Stay or Leave

Similarly to trust, caring for each other is the key element of any successful connection. At any point, you find that your partner becoming too careless. Then, it is a relationship red flag that should not be avoided. 

A person who loves another also takes additional care for them as well. Careless nature and avoiding of relationship responsibility towards other people, showing that a person is not mature enough for the have a relationship ahead. 

Strange & Skeptical Behaviours 

Any suspicious and secret behavior is itself a relationship red flags. No relationship can survive with such secretive behavior from any person. If your partner keeps very important secrets from you and tries to hide that all the time, then it’s time to rethink such a relationship. 

Secrets actually kill relationships. Right one will never hide any important things from other people anyway. They just trust the other person and share it with them. Because for them, a person is more important than anything else.

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Revealing of True Personality and Attitude

As time passes, you can get to know the true face of the person. Especially in a relationship at the beginning, every person seems “That right one“, that another one has dreamed of. But after some time, the secrets are revealed about the individual’s personality and there comes a true picture. 

In many relationships, partners are tricked with their own positive behavior at the first phase. Things become too difficult to handle when such a person shows his true color. That negative attitude and personality are far beyond the control of other person’s and imagination. 

Possessive Behaviour, to Control your Life Decisions

If they always try to control you and want to know everything about you as a surety, then it’s a sign that a person is not the right fit for you. Such personality likes to control their partner by being available around you all the time, and always try to control them anyway. It’s a clear relationship red flags, that you need to consider before things get any further. 

When things become too difficult for other ones. Also, One person is feeling the lowest moment every time when with a partner. Something that shows it’s better to move on, rather than tolerating such negative behavior. 

You Mean Nothing to Them

Relationship means valuing the other person in life. When you are not getting any positive values from it, and from other people, it is a relationship red flag. Whenever you are with them, inside you feel tensed and frightened, as you just can not connect with them easily.

They give no value to your presence in their life. They just treat you like no one. Chances are you are in a dead relationship with a negative person. Rather supporting such possessive behavior,  it’s good for your life to move one, and live your life fully.

They Try (Force) to Change You Every time

Relationships are not meant to make each other feel incomplete. It’s about to complete each other, with eliminating and accepting the flaws between.  When either a person tries to criticize the person for their weakness and inability, that is also a relationship red flag. 

When your partner tries to change you all the time and accept you to match their set standards, it shows that they want you to live, their way. They just are not acceptable for who you are, all they want is from you to follow their orders. Such negative people are not the right fit for any relationship.

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Final Thoughts

Relationships can be tough and difficult, too. Especially when either a person can not connect with the other one emotionally and mentally. In order to maintain a positive relationship, to feel it alive and refreshing, it’s better to move on from such a toxic relationship. Which is not actually feeling the relationship, but a burden. 

Relationship red flags are the ways to identify the negative outcome of your relationship in the nearest future. If any single or more relationship red flags above, you are currently seeing, then it’s better to move on and look for the positive aspects of life. Rather than worrying and living with lifetime regrets, it’s better to avoid such things before it reaches that extent, where you start to believe that, “All Relationships are Sucks”. 


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