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What To Do When You are Broke?

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 05:21 am

Firstly, Stop thinking that it’s the end when you are broke in your 20s or 30s. 

Start believing that it is actually the turning point of your life, where things start getting better in every aspect. 

There’s nothing wrong with being broke in any life stage. It’s just one of kind toughest phases in life that one has to rise through. Indeed, it’s just a temporary event that life puts you in. 

To learn from it and attract new possibilities or to enjoy being broke, is your choice always.

Well, if you are thinking of doing something out of this hard phase, then we have something to show you.

Sharing some suggestions and ideas over what to do when you are broke, actually helps you to rise through this time. So that you get better at mental, financial, and other aspects of life in the future.


11 Things To Do When You are Broke.

1. Accept that you are broke right now.

If you really want to solve any problem in life, then the first thing you are supposed to do is to ‘Accept things’.

Acceptance, not only works to financially broke situations but to any other mistakes or failures you have from the past. 

Whether you freely can inform your family member or not. But you have to realize it first by yourself, That you are broke right now. Understand that you are in a tough financial condition.

Just pretending or Ignoring the fact, will close the door to solving the issues.


2. Know the difference between needs and wants.

controlling debts and expenses

Once you convince yourself and your family that you are broke, the next thing you need to do is to find the reason.

Find what puts you in this tough financial state, Is it your habits, desires, or any career related decisions

Also, look for Is it your decision that leads you here or some outside factor that reason for it? Knowing the reason and factors will support you to create the next plan over what to do to get out of this hard phase.

Internal or external factors, after all, it’s only you who need to do something.

It’s up to you how fast you want to get out of this “being a broke” situation.

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3. Avoid unnecessary expenses and extra costs.

The best approach you need to follow after being financially short is to cut down all optional expenses.

Have a list of required things that you need every month, just like groceries, vegetables, fruits, and all. 

Similarly, you also want to have a list of expenses that actually cost you more than the value it delivers. Mean to say cut those desires and want things from your budget.

Those are the things that are actually the reason for your financially broke situation. Say no to such shiny things, and inform them that you learned your lesson, right. 


4. Update yourself. Invest time in learning and growing.

what to do when you're broke and unemployed

So, the first phase of getting out of a broke situation is over to this point.

Now you understand the idea of what puts you in financial trouble and also some hints over how not to repeat the situation.

You learn a lesson from your hard phase, that’s the best thing you suppose to do after when being broke. 

So now it’s time to train yourself.

Time to work upon yourself and get back on track with even more power and more lessons.

Have your self-improvement plan ready.

Even though you are surrounded by negativity, set some futuristic goals for yourself.

Don’t let this financial broke and unemployed situation hold you back, you can do more than you think. 

Till you have time for extra learning, then invest that in updating yourself. Focus on other things and skills that you are more interested into.

Just never let this opportunity be fed away.

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5. Think of multiple income sources.

The best lesson you learn when you are broke is to realize your past mistakes.

You realize all those bad decisions that you made and put you in this hard financial situation. 

Moreover, this is also a better phase to have a lifelong message.

Whether you quit from your job or get fired from it, relying on job income is critical enough. 

You always have multiple sources of income apart from the core job income. Side income and diversified income streams give you full freedom of your financial decision.

Now, generating multiple income sources makes the best things to do when you’re broke and unemployed for some weeks or a few months. 

Of course, you can attain a new job to get out of debt and financial struggles.

But, taking an important lesson from being broke is a must. Get ready to learn a message and make some better choices for the future, now onwards. 

This is a worthful decision that you won’t regret later in life.

The message after being broke… Never rely on a single income anymore.


6. Always be clear with, why you are broke.

you are broke

Life puts you in many challenging and hardest phases.

The all due reason for it is that life has something to teach you. You get your best when all resources and supports are none.

Whether you are in your 20s or 30s, believe that you will not stay broke forever.

Well, what to do about the broke and unemployed situation, the decision is yours always.  Do something about it right now.

Have a desire to work upon your hobbies, then do it. Have some dream plan to follow, then do it now.

Who knows life puts you in such a hard situation with the purpose. Or this can be some hints for you, too.

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7. Find some best options and ways to get back on track. 

Of course, you always have some best option to get out of the broken and unemployed phase with a better version of yourself.

Never take this situation to demotivate you only.

Change your approach, change your life, that’s what good things to do when you are broke.

If you are committed to your growth and actually want to do something about becoming successful, then you can take away from any hard situation.

So all these things together inform you that it’s time to explore new opportunities that you usually lack or ignore.

Do anything you want, because now you have no worries, too.


8. Be with the right leader and well-wishers. 

things to do when you are broke

Your environment and surroundings really impact you, no matter if you consider that or not.

You become more likely to the ones whom you are surrounded with.

There may be some people who are also responsible for putting you in a financially broke situation. And there’s still someone who actually supports you to get out of it now. Also, they’ll never let you go broke again.

The idea here is to stay with those who actually support you.

Ask for the right help. Have a leader and supporters who truly advise you well. More, if you can ask your family members, too if you are young and broke.

Your family knows well about you and so can guide you a required change to have in your life.

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9. Develop and follow a positive mindset.

Totally agree that for others, it’s easy to say “Be positive”, when you are broke and out of all hope. 

But, it is worth following in this life phase.

You always have to maintain your positive approach to life. Believe it, being broke financially is just a phase that you’re in, right now. 

No one else, but only you can get yourself out of it.

So, start believing in yourself and put your dedication and efforts into new plans. 


10. Think of your future always. 

financial broke situation

Like said in the first phase, that never take the financially broke and unemployed state as permanent only.

It’s a situation that will fade away when you do some things in the right direction.

No matter which life era you are in or the career phase you are in, there’s always the best idea to keep going and start something worthwhile.

Never let your temporary failures, decide that you aren’t worthy enough.

You always have that mindset to learn and grow better every single day. Learn from the past, Have an idea of the future, and work in the present.

That’s what a self-made person does when they are broke and unemployed Or rejected and ignored.

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11. Don’t let that “Being broke” feeling control you. Stay Busy.

Just keep thinking about the problem won’t help here and anywhere.

You need to do something about it. If you want to get out of this financially broken situation, you think of the decision and new choices to make further.

Thinking of just problems never solves it. But, that actually creates one when it shows you the negative side only.

The great thing about being broke is…Now, you have free time to do anything you want to.

When you are out of your finance, with no money and with no job, you can do something for yourself, too.

This includes working on your side hustle and those ideas that you have been avoiding. The time is now to work upon your hobbies and make it an optional income source.

Just keep yourself busy doing something about getting out of debt and broke situations.

Never let any negative thoughts stop you from thinking about the bright side of future life.


What lessons you learn when you are broke, that’s matter…

Well, these are some best suggestions that we have for you regarding things to do when you are broke.

There are many more things that can support you in the broke and unemployed phase. But, overall these are some general action plans that apply to a regular financial tough phase.

Depending on lifestyle and Individual perspective, there’s a need to follow personalized solutions to get out of a financially broke situation.

Agreed that, everyone is not in the same process and has equal choices to make.

But, ignoring all differences, talking about “being broke” as generally the best approach is to have an important message out of it.

Yes, there are many more things a person can do.

But, more than anything it’s better if have a purposeful message from the hard situation. Having a life lesson is something to take when you are broke financially or even emotionally.

Because money loss can be recovered sooner or later in life. But, wasted time and broken trust can never be recovered, by any means.