what is wrong with society these days

What is Wrong With Society Today ?

Last updated on October 28th, 2020 at 06:27 am

You’re right… there’s something wrong with society these days.

Like all other things, ‘society’ also impacts positively and negatively in one’s life. 

The social beliefs and norms are of course good to follow for co-growth and co-existence. But, at the same time, such norms become a burden for those who think and try something out of the chained system.

The idea for society is to stay connected with common rules and grow with certain conditions. And, when a person prefers to create own path, with own thinking, and there start the social conflicts.

Such debate and discussion over traditional thinkers vs Innovative minds, ultimately blocking a person’s success rather than supporting them. Well, if you are looking for some more area where social impact in one’s life, then here we have few points to share with you. 

What is wrong with society nowadays?

1. Interfering in one’s life, is what this society best at.

what's wrong with the world

No matter which nation, society, team, a group you belong to, a mindset of members remains the same everywhere. The idea of growing along is now termed as controlling someone’s life, from society’s viewpoints. 

It’s society’s regulations that let parents control their kids’ life, too. 

In the fear of “what others will think..” parents hesitate to allow kids to do things, which they really want to. From choosing a career to his marriage decision, everything is performed considering the society. 

Even further, parents put pressure on thier children to choose a life partner and get married before the targeted age. 

Which is, of course, a system designed by ‘our society.’


2. Money matters, above all.

Today’s society prefers the one with more money and fame. 

Honesty and knowledge are not so important in this society when describing the person’s individual wealth and power. How many millions a person earns and how much followers they have, are the new criteria. 

Due to that, all a person wants is to collect more money, ignoring which way thier money comes. They all want is to look rich and powerful to society. 

The irony of the day, is A rich get more honor and respect over the educated one. And, that’s something wrong with society in today’s life and needs to change.

No matter how honest and dedicated a person is, he ends up being rejected everywhere, as the richer ones already controlled the whole game.


3. This society sees results only. Not your efforts.

wrong with society these days

End results are above all, this society has no respect for hard work. 

Even further, all this society can see is the present level of a person. For them, it just an overnight success, when someone new comes from nowhere and gets fame and success quickly. 

This society completely ignores the backstage efforts of someone, who have worked day and night to achieve that level of success. 

Of course, for you, it’s overnight success….Because you’ve been sleeping all the time while they were working for it.

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4. Show you are happy, otherwise you aren’t.

Real-world society or virtual ones, show-off is an inevitable part of staying active in this culture. 

You really have to show the world and the people around you that you are happy and living your life every day. 

Those frequent parties and travel photos, are the direct ways to show that you live a happy life. No one will ask you why you are feeling low, but everyone will be there when you do something great after a long time. 

Not a single person from a society actually be there during your struggles, but you will bring together at your success party to gossip about you. 

No one cares how happy you are, everyone cares about how happy you look. 


5. Today’s society wants you to “Be perfect” in everything.

society these days

No matter where you go, the competition is everywhere.

It’s just because of today’s society… at every organization to school, an employee, and students competing with a person sitting next to them.

After all, they have to meet society’s standards, too. 

The burden of looking perfect in society is so high that everyone is competing with each other.

Rather than having a healthy competition, everyone wants to beat other down, so that they look ahead of them. 

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6. Social responsibility and patriotism limited to online status only.

There was a time when historical monuments are places to celebrate the national day. 

Now like time changed, the way of celebration also changed. Now, you can see patriotism in the social media post and on profile status only.

On that such day, people are now more excited to put flags and selfies to show thier feeling for the nation.

For a single day, everyone becomes responsible and proud of thier nation. From the next day, everything becomes the same as it used to. 

No nation first, only “ourselves first”.

We are usually complaining about our changed celebration approaches, but we aren’t ready to do something ourselves.

We can just complain about what’s wrong with society and the world, but forget we are part of it, too. 


7. We’re habitual to live in a Fake World.

things wrong with the world

The social pressure and “so-called updated thinking” is so powerful that it forcing you to prove you are alive.

Yes, in today’s society demands you to update your profile photo and status regularly, just to show that you are living your life fully

No matter how happy you feel in life and successful you actually are in a career, no one will believe you until you share a post something about it.

If you haven’t updated your profile for a long time, people tend to think either you depressed or dead.

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8. Virtual life is a new world.

Society’s lifestyle really changing with technology. The surprising thing is, this society really adopt this change so quickly.

We are so obsessed with virtual life, we start thinking it’s our real life. 

People nowadays judged you based on your social profile. The number of followers and post engagements are the direct indicator of how popular your life is.

Every profile, every person on social media is an expert in thier own field and “the inspiration” to thier followers. 

Really confused over what is wrong with society and what’s happening around us. Because…

Now we have more motivational speakers than depressed ones. 


9. Society care about just numbers.

social conflicts

You are driven by society’s standards, you want to look great and the best among society. 

More than your personal interest, it’s your school grade that you care about the most. 

More than your inner happiness, it’s your income that you care about the most. 

You really want to master a particular subject and want to work on your passion. But, it’s just society that stopping you to take the first step. 

Overall, grades and your monthly incomes are the sole standards to prove that you are “intelligent” and “happy” in life. 


10. We’re in society is of the “Expert” people. 

We are living in a society, in a world, when everyone is an observer and advisor. Everyone is just great at everything, moreover, they can give a lecture on anything.

Knowing your confusion, people around you become experts in the same area.

Everyone is an expert and best at giving advice. But literally, few of them will be there to support you as you really need. 

Because it’s easy to speak, rather working on.

Moreover, we can literally discuss for hours about what’s wrong with society and the world. We have everything in mind, regarding what this world needs, but can’t take any action from our ends, too.

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11. What “they” will think?

what's wrong with the society

The idea of what others will think…stays in your mind every time.

No matter how dedicated and passionate you are about something new in life, you’ll always think of others, “a society’ first. 

Even though you don’t care about this society and negative peoples around you, you still can sense somewhat of their negative vibes while doing something new to the world.

Your professional career decisions to personal relationships choices, all are noticed plus judged by others, who actually no have any contribution in your life. 

We think so much about others, we just forget to think about our own selves, too. 


What you can do about this society today?

Well, the idea of changing the mindset of society, is just too over. Because actually, it’s us who are part of the whole system. 

We are the “victims” of it, and we are the “contributors” also. 

We aren’t just saying, but complaining hard that this society needs to change and update its own standards. But, the inner self we are not ready to change ourselves.  

Inside, we are feared of being judged. But ultimately it’s us who judge someone is ‘not like us’ or ‘doing something unorthodox’.

So, overall the idea is to stop worrying over what is wrong with society and start thinking by ourself, what’s wrong with our own?

Because, after all, we are the “key supporter” of our society as well. Isn’t it?

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