Things To Tell Yourself In The Mirror Everyday

36 Things To Tell Yourself In The Mirror Everyday

Last updated on December 6th, 2022 at 07:25 pm

Call it your daily affirmations or part of ‘self-care’… and here are the best things to tell yourself in the mirror every day, before leaving your home or starting your work.


We constantly look for inspiration and respect from others who barely know us. 

But, the fact is… 

The only person who can make us feel better about ourselves is… our own. 

No one can make us feel motivated like… we can. 

No one can make us feel respected like… we do. 

So if you want to be your own genuine supporter, then make sure you first believe the one you see in the mirror every day. 

Positive transformation or daily affirmation can be followed anyway, and talking to yourself in the mirror is one of them. 

So next time you look into the mirror, make sure it’s not only about perfecting your makeup or hairstyle but tell yourself something that helps you feel happy and confident from within. 


What is the ‘Mirror affirmation technique’?

Well, it’s more like a practice of self-love in which you look into your eye through a mirror.

And then tell something about yourself that boosts your confidence. Stay away from people and things that don’t determine your worth in life.

In simple terms, it’s more about appreciating your inner self, before the outer appearance. 

The way you look at yourself in the mirror and pass on that feeling reflects back to you. 

So make sure you say something inspiring at the end. And that’s the purpose of this mirror work or technique. 

What is Mirror affirmation technique

Ask yourself… What did you see last time you saw it in the mirror? 

  • Do you see a confident guy who is ready for anything that life throws at you? 
  • Or the one who is depressed, in trying to prove something to this world? 

Well, so far you have been looking at the mirror to prepare physically, but now it’s time to be more beautiful and confident about yourself from the inside, too.

And, saying something to yourself through a mirror is what you need to follow right now.

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Best things to tell yourself in the mirror every day

If you don’t know what to say to yourself in the mirror and kind of feel awkward to say so, then these listed things will help you to have a good start with the mirror work technique from the present day. 


1. I appreciate you for everything you do and the hard work you do. Just never give up. 

2. You already have far from the start. So keep going. 

3. Don’t know why, but something great is going to happen to you today. 

4. Today I want to be happy and I’m not going to let anyone spoil this great day. 

5. Only I can stop myself and no one else. Because I know what I can and what I can’t. 

6. Let your thoughts be the guide and not the obstacles. Inform your challenges that your action will be more than your thoughts. 

Best things to tell yourself in the mirror every day

7. I’m not going to give up, no matter what. 

8. It’s my life, my goal, my plan, so I have to believe it first, before anyone else. 

9. You’re whatever you are, just be yourself. Never lose yourself trying to impress others.

10. I know who I am. Well, definitely who’s gonna know me better, than my own self. 

11. No one was there for you, no one will be there for you. It’s only you who made this possible and you continually will. 

12. Now I’m far from the past version of myself. I feel updated with new thoughts, new feelings, and new dreams today. Feeling excited for my future self.

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Top things to say to yourself to build confidence

Need some confidence booster, then here are the perfect messages for yourself, from you.

Refer to these positive mirror affirmations and remind yourself that you’re already doing good in your life and just need to put more effort in. 


1. It doesn’t matter if people trust me or not. But, I trust the one whom I see every day in the mirror. Because it always says something positive to me. 

2. I am perfect just the way I am. I don’t need any justification or approval from others. I trust my abilities and get things done that I planned for myself. 

3. This is my choice, so I have to decide when to give up and why. I’ll never let others limit me by their failures. Because I’m so different from them, in terms of confidence and self-belief. 

4. I have the power to change my life in the way that I want. 

5. I don’t care whether I’m attractive or not, looking perfect or not, but I love myself and I never judge myself. Because I know what makes me. 

6. Hey, you, you’re special to this world. You have some purpose to serve in this world, so keep searching for that. 

Top things to say to yourself to build confidence

7. Don’t waste your time, trying to impress others or to be like someone else. Be you. That’s all this life and the universe want you to do. 

8. I promise myself to never degrade myself by looking or comparing with others. I do care for whatever I do. I’m confident about how I look.  And I don’t need to pretend to live someone else’s life. 

9. Every year, every month, every day I become a better version of myself. And I will never let anyone interfere with this process of my self-improvement. 

10. Whether I get support from others or not, I will never lose hope in something that I believe and dream to do. It’s something that I want, and others have nothing to do about it. 

11. Hey you, you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, it’s just leading you to nowhere. Prefer to set small goals for every day and get it done, periodically. There is nothing to rush, you are already doing good, just need to relax a bit.   

12. No matter whatever happens in my life, I know what to take and what not to. Plus, I know everything will turn out to be great, eventually. 

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Funny things to say to yourself in the mirror

If you can laugh at yourself, that means you live a happy, relaxing, and easy-going life.

And the ability to laugh on own self is also the one way of practicing self-love, realizing that you can enjoy your flaws equally.

So, here are some funny things to tell yourself in the mirror that make the best affirmation, but in a unique way. 


1. Hey, you, as long as something makes you happy and that’s legal, everything is worth at least one try. 

2. Dear inner negativity, whenever you are in me, I know you are still there, trying to threaten me now and then. But, remember I’m not going to give you any attention, nor will I let you control me. You still don’t know what I can do. But that positive dude knows me really well.  

3. I’m perfect, I’m imperfect. Don’t know what I am. But, who cares… I love myself, that I know for sure. 

4. Who said you’re fat? Well, there is nothing wrong, it’s just you’ve been eating more from the past few days. No worries, we will balance that from next Monday. 

5. Remember, this time will pass, whether you do something or not. So why not do something rather than just wait for something. 

6. Focus on the good and good things will come. Focus on bad and bad things will find you. Focus on yourself and you’ll get to know more about yourself.

Funny things to say to yourself in the mirror

7. Stop getting approval from others. Maybe the mirror itself rejects them every time they look at it.  

8. To be honest I’m feeling more confident and positive after talking to myself in the mirror, than with anyone else. 

9. It’s purely me who decided to work on it, so I will decide when to stop it. But, who the hell are others?

10. My competition is with you, and not anyone else. Remember, tomorrow I will be better than you. I promise you that, Bro. 

11. Well, I know no one loves you, but don’t worry I do. And I will keep loving you forever.

12. You are beautiful and have nothing additional to do about it. Yeah, throw that makeup kit out of your home, you don’t need them, too.

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Final thoughts: 

Well, we understand that it is sort of awkward for you to speak such things to yourself. If you are saying it for the first time or a few times, it might feel uncomfortable. 

But, don’t look at who’s watching, you have to speak for yourself.

After all, these things to say to yourself in the mirror are purely for you and to make yourself feel confident about your skin and abilities. 

Practice saying some positive mirror affirmations to say every day to yourself, and you will soon see the positive effects. Once you realize your day went well due to that, your entire approach to seeing yourself will transform. 


Do you practice positive affirmation every day? Inform us, if you have any other things to tell yourself in the mirror, and we will happy to add that here as well. And yes, for more self-improvement guides and reminders for your 20s self, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

Thanks in advance!