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151 Best Yes Or No Questions [Game Of Funny And Tricky Questions]

Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 06:49 pm

Are you searching for some best yes or no questions that are completely random to your friends, family, or partner?

Something that is quite tricky to answer and funny enough for some quality time? Or, Questions that are deep enough to improve your understanding?

Keep reading, because here you’ll find them all.


Lists of ‘Yes or No’ Questions for Game

In this post, you will find the great lists of ‘yes or no questions’ game ideas to play with your friends and family members on weekends.

Well, you can even play this interactive game with your crush to get to know him/her well enough. Also, these are one of the good questions to ask strangers, to break the ice.

Depending on your mood, further, in this article, you will find separate lists for each situation and connection.

So, you are free to choose the one list that suits your goal and desires to have a fun time or better understanding. 


Good Yes or No Questions to Ask for A Better Conversation

First let’s start with some easy-going and good questions to ask your friend, particularly.

No matter whether you’re at a party or just hanging out after a long week, these are some of the best questions worth answering for group fun. 

Good yes or no questions to ask

1. Do you feel happy living the life you have?

2. Have you found the purpose of your life?

3. Are you a believer of love at first sight?

4. Do you know what makes you unique and special to this world?

5. Have you ever witnessed ghosts or any unusual activities?

6. Have you ever faked confidence to look comfortable?

7. Are you a lazy and unmotivated person in life?

8. Have you ever thought of leaving this place and starting a new life somewhere?

9. Do you keep a personal diary or journal?

10. Can you swim?

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Random Yes or No Questions To Ask During Free Time

If you ever think of making a ‘yes or no question game’ a lot more interesting then completely random questions are the better choice.

Not sure what to ask, then here is the perfect list where you can get ideas to let the game begin. 

Random yes or no questions

1. Would you try to take a selfie with the moon again?

2. Do you know any one of us’s dark secrets?

3. Have you ever had a crush on our school teacher?

4. Is it your intention to die a virgin?

5. Is there anyone in your life which we are not aware of?

6. Did you ever regret choosing us to be your best friend?

7. Do you know anyone who looks like you? 

8. Did you ever watch a horror movie alone at night and stay awake due to it?

9. Have you ever considered pranking your best friend?

10. Do you think you can make one million dollar in next five or ten years?

11. Have you ever been caught eating during a live lecture?

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Tricky Yes or No Questions Ideas To Confuse Them

Well, questions are supposed to give some mental exercise, and our next list is just for that.

From this collection, select the relevant yes/no question and ask it to someone who might have trouble answering it. 

Tricky yes or no questions

1. Have you survived a Corona pandemic?

2. Do you really have a crush on anyone’s girlfriend/boyfriend?

3. Can you believe that you are from mars?

4. Do you talk with your pillow every night?

5. Have you ever started crying because you’re alone as an adult?

6. Do you ever consider traveling to North Korea?

7. Have you ever let a vampire suck your blood?

8. Have you finally controlled your habit of crying after every breakup?

9. Do you have any criminal records?

10. Are you alive?

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Impossible Yes or No Questions to Make Them Think

Almost every question can be answered, but there are some whose answers are unclear or simply lies.

If you think about asking such questions that are quite impossible, then this is your list. 

Impossible yes or no questions 

1. Did the Apollo moon landing really happen?

2. The stairs that go up also come down, Do you believe that?

3. Have you ever tried to steal something from someone?

4. Do we seem useless to be around?

5. Are you now completely getting over your ex?

6. Do you hide something from us?

7. Are you confident while looking in the mirror?

8. Do you have the guts to approach your crush

9 Have you ever sensed that we all hate you equally? 

10 Do you know what happened to you after you drank? 

11. Are you aware of what others dislike about you?

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Embarrassing Yes or No Questions Ideas for Memorable Time

We all have one embarrassing story from our lives that neither we nor anyone who witnessed it will ever forget.

Our next list of questions will allow you to rewind about such an event that your friends may have experienced. 

Embarrassing yes or no questions 

1. Have you ever done something to make your parents feel regretful? 

2. Have you ever picked your nose and been noticed by a girl or boy?

3. Did you ever get smacked by your phone in the face while typing fast?

4. Have you ever talked with an unknown person over the call for a long time? 

5. Have you ever visited a women’s clothing website for no reason at all?

6. Have you ever gone to the exam hall without knowing what the exam is?

7. Have you ever been told your breath is bad by your opposite gender?

8 Did you ever secretly take money from your parents?

9. Did you ever come to work/school without taking a bath? 

10. Have you ever been on a miserable date and it was all your fault only?

11. Have you ever peed in a swimming pool and no one noticed?

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Funny Yes or No Questions Game for Weekend Fun

Whether you are looking for fun questions to play this game or funny yes/no questions to play virtually or offline, then we have this list that is perfect for you.

Feel free to use these questions to play a ‘yes or no questions game’ with your friend circle on the weekend. 

Also, you can post that to your Instagram stories to engage your followers and build a connection with them.  

Funny yes or no questions for weekend fun

1. You do not go to parties because you can’t dance, isn’t that so?

2. Did you ever find yourself staring at someone when actually you were thinking deeply?

3. Have you ever cried listening to a song? Because that reminds you of your crush or ex.

4. Did you ever think of never falling for someone again but losing that in a week?

5. Was there any event when only you laughed while everyone was just staring at you? 

6. Anytime you borrowed something from someone and never returned it to them till today? 

7. Have you ever someone caught you talking trash behind their back?

8. Have you ever tried to run away from home but come back after two hours due to random fears? 

9. Do you decide what to eat at a restaurant, based on your interest or the price of the dishes? 

10. Do you own any private Facebook account with a fake name or identity?

11. Do you really feel happy when I or someone achieves something or secretly feel jealous inside?

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Yes or No Questions to Get to Know Someone

Asking questions can reveal so many things about someone that is close and not so close to you.

And if you ever wondered what is the right type of questions to ask someone to know them right, then this is the list of questions you can take as a reference. 

Yes or no questions to get to know someone

1. Are you confident about yourself?

2. Have you ever made a promise to someone even knowing that you will break it?

3. Have you ever blamed someone knowing that you are responsible for that?

4. Is it possible for a girl and a boy to be best friends?

5. Do you think you got the best friend of your life? 

6. Have you ever tried to learn to play any musical instrument before? 

7. In life, do you make decisions from your heart? 

8. Do you love the job that you are doing right now?

9. Have you ever thought about going to space and seeing the earth from there? 

10. Are you comfortable working from home?

11. Are you really good to hide your real emotion for someone?

12. Do you manage your time wisely?


Best Yes or No Questions for Friends

Well, such yes or no questions will be so much fun when you play it with your best friend and someone with whom you share a great bonding.

After all, it gives you the chance to relive old memories or to learn something about your friend’s personality and life.

The next set of yes or no question game is on the mark. 

Best yes or no questions for friends

1. Does your mobile phone not have a screen-lock password? 

2. Have you ever created a fake tinder profile of a girl to teach your friend a lesson? 

3. Have you ever tried to control your fart but ended up leaving it in its full form? 

4. Have you ever thought of having a time machine to change your life? 

5. Are you really a genuine degree holder of the one that you have?

6. Do you like girls with glasses or just ignore them?

7. Have you ever felt scared by talking to the opposite gender?

8. Have you ever watched a movie alone in a theater? 

9. Do you think your best friends are real friends

10. Do you consider yourself superior to others?

11. Do you think we are ‘friends forever’? 

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Interesting Yes or No Questions for Crush To Break The Ice

Now let’s assume that you have some good bonding with your crush but as a friend for now. Plus, you want to sneak peek into their personality.

Yes, you definitely want to know more about him/her, don’t you? Then, no worries.

Try asking these random, interesting, and flirty yes or no questions to your crush while you’re together alone. 

Yes or no questions for crush

1. Do you believe that it’s beyond a physical attraction? 

2. Do you think you made a good impression on your crush? 

3. Do you ever regret sharing something awkward with your crush now?

4. Have you ever felt like you have a crush on someone in the neighborhood? 

5. Is there anyone in your life you trust more than your friends or family? 

6. Do you speak more than one language? 

7. Have you ever bored your crush with your nonsense talk? 

8. Do you care what others think of you? 

9. Have you ever lied to your crush to keep a good impression on him/her? 

10. In your eyes, Am I the right person to spend time with? 

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Deep Yes or No Questions about Life

Let’s take some notes now and see what approach someone takes to their time and other priorities.

Indeed, these are short and simple questions but are kind of deep yes/no questions that may lead to a thoughtful conversation on that. 

Deep Yes or no questions about life

1. Do you know the difference between needs and desires

2. Do you consider yourself a pro-procrastinator? 

3. Have you ever felt insecure thinking about what others are thinking of you? 

4. Can you easily forgive and forget someone for your better? 

5. Are you free to make your life decisions by yourself? 

6. Have you ever completely cut off communication with someone in life? 

7. Do you have any plans and goals for your life? 

8. Do you live life on your terms? 

9. Are you happy with the life you live? 

10. Do you have a new year’s resolutions list

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Engaging Yes or No Questions to ask on Instagram or Facebook

If you’re here to have some good questions to ask your followers on Instagram stories, then it’s a list of questions just for you.

The following are some good, interesting, and questions for yes or no games to post on Facebook and Instagram for some engagement boost apart from just having fun. 

Yes or no questions to ask on Instagram or Facebook

1. Have you ever gotten some hints from your past life? 

2. Do you ever feel jealous of someone’s popularity on Instagram? 

3. Have you ever tried to wake up early but gave up on the idea after two days? 

4. Did your last coworkers give you a proper farewell? 

5. Have you ever put yourself in an embarrassing moment that makes you leave the planet? 

6. Do you know what your actual strength is? 

7. Do you know what your weaknesses are?

8. Have you ever created a new fake Facebook account to talk with your crush

9. Have you ever considered getting a pet but your parents weren’t ready for it? 

10. Did you ever regret losing an opportunity in life? 

11. Do you want to go to the moon or to Mars?


Special Yes or No Questions Game for Family

Although the every out list on this post is for fun times together, you should proceed with some caution as not every question is well suited for family gatherings.

Therefore, here is a list of yes/no questions to ask your family, especially your parents to reveal the special bonding that you share along.

Yes or no questions game for family

1. Are you a gift-giver to your parents on special occasions?

2. Have you ever thought of buying a new home for your parents? 

3. Are you happy with the name you got from your parents? 

4. Do you inform your parents after leaving home? 

5. Do you prefer your family over anything and anyone else? 

6. Have you ever done something to make your parents proud of you

7. Do you apologize after knowing that you misunderstood your parents?

8. Do you have life insurance or any type of policy? 

9. Do you spend your weekend at your parents’ home or with friends?

10. Are you ready for your retirement plan? 

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Yes or No Questions for Couples to Strengthen the Relationship

There is nothing like a perfect time to get to know each other more and get closer to exploring something new about your partner.

If you are looking for the right questions to learn about your girlfriend or boyfriend then the next list of questions is for you. 

Yes or no questions for couples

1. Are you serious about your present relationship? 

2. Have you ever got inspiration from someone’s tinder bio and simply copied it to yours? 

3. Have you ever fantasized about someone from your school or work? 

4. Have you ever been attracted to someone without knowing why? 

5. Have you ever got the same crush feeling from someone you like?

6. Have you ever thought of going back to your ex, because you don’t want to be alone? 

7. Have you ever been friend-zoned by your crush? 

8. Have you ever felt that this relationship is not working out? 

9. Did you really feel respected and appreciated around me? 

10. Do you really dream of creating our life together? 

11. Is it true that I’m your first and only love in life? 


Fun Yes or No Questions for Adults 

The list of random yes or no questions ends up revealing a little more something about someone. 

Therefore, whether it’s for your family member, a friend, a teenager, or an adult friend, the given list is the right one to find out more about that person’s life and personality. 

Fun Yes or No Questions for Adults 

1. Do you keep notes for yourself?

2. Do you feel confident about yourself without makeup?

3. Have you ever driven a car without your driving license?

4. Have you ever felt superior to anyone else?

5. Is it possible to live without social media for just one week?

6. In school, have you ever bullied someone?

7. Do you feel that you’re addicted to mobile or anything?

8. Did you ever quit your job without giving a notice period?

9. Are there any friends outside of your family who you can rely on?

10. Have you ever been pranked badly by someone?

11. Have you ever been so scared that you peed your pants?

12. Are you able to deal with tough times all alone by yourself?

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Pick the perfect ‘Yes or no questions’ and just, Ask them out?

If YES, then don’t forget to share it with your friend and family. If NO, tell us what type of questions you want to cover here. 

We hope you enjoy our collection of yes or no questions for game time. 


Stay tuned with us as we are going to add more and more yes or no game questions to this list to get closure and eventually reveal something more about your best friend, family member, loved ones, crush, or anyone to make your bond even stronger.