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138 Happiness Instagram Captions For Your Posts, Pictures & Selfies

Last updated on August 23rd, 2022 at 07:15 pm

Are you searching for the unique and the best happiness Instagram captions? Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

Here you will find the best collection of happy captions for Instagram to make your profile feel good, plus to pass that winning vibes through your pictures or selfies. 


What makes a ‘Happy Instagram Captions’?

If your Instagram post has such captions that make you feel good about it, plus that also make others feel the same vibe, then you can say you’re successful at spreading happiness through your pictures. 

And that’s because your post has that engaging, funny, and happy captions. 

Well, Instagram is a great platform and that’s not limited to sharing your selfies or checking some viral memes.  

More than that, it’s the one platform that allows you to record some great memories in your life as pictures and rewind them whenever you want. 

And if you are posting such happy posts from your daily life and want to add some relevant captions that justify your Instagram posts, then we have some good collections of the same. 

Feel free to simply copy and paste these happy captions to your photos that make sense to use in your suitable pictures, selfie, or any great life event, like your new home announcement posts, graduation day, or wedding day. 

These happiness captions and quotes for Instagram are just for you all. So, Let’s get started. 


Happiness captions for Instagram posts

1. You don’t have to look good. You just need to look happy. 

2. Happiness starts with you, not with anyone, by anything, from anywhere. But, within YOU. 

3. Forget about a happy ending. Take the opportunity, do something and make it happen Right now. 

4. The more you want to be happy, the more you have it. 

5. No one has a right to spoil your smile or your day unless you let them do it.

Happiness captions for Instagram posts 

6. Forget everything for now and just be happy. 

7. When you learn how to be happy for no reason, you welcome so many positive things in your life. 

8. Never make yourself too available to others that you have to find them to be happy and stay confident in your life.

9. Happiness is realizing that all your hard efforts are showing some early positive movements. 

10. Want to be happy? Then forget about making everyone happy. Simple.

11. You just have to be happy with yourself, that’s it. 

12. If you can make someone happy, you’re doing the kindest job in the world.

13. Stop hating each other. Start being happy with whatever or whoever. 

14. The best thing to do right now is to be happy and try to keep it longer as you could. 

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Happy soul captions for Instagram

1. Who said you always have to have something to be happy? You can be happy for not having something at all. 

2. No matter what you do problems will be there in life. So, don’t forget to relax and just be happy with anything going on around you. 

3. Let it go, what is not working for you. Give yourself the freedom to do what you really want to do and what you dream to achieve in life. 

4. There must be a reason to be sad. But, happiness doesn’t require any. 

5. Never let your hard time go anyway, take a selfie with it for future reference. 

Happy soul captions for Instagram

6. Love what you do. There will be happiness first and success later on.

7. Live your life in a way that people look at it for inspiration.

8. Want to make them feel jealous, then start being happy without any reason. 

9. You eventually find happiness in everything, you just need to show your excitement to find it.

10. Like, breathing and eating are important to the body, happiness and smile are for the soul. Don’t forget that.

11. If something makes your soul happy. You should try it one more time. 

12. Just be happy no one cares. Show respect for yourself, first. 

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Be happy captions to make them feel happy

1. Be happy with this moment, because it’s about to pass. 

2. When you finally learn to be alone and be happy, you make many people surprised and few people jealous.

3. Be happy with yourself and forget what others think of you. 

4. Prefer to be happy with someone, then laugh at someone alone.

5. Learn to be happy with what you have Because not everyone is in as good condition as you are.  

Be happy captions to make them feel happy

6. Don’t let your happiness fade away, and make it a part of something you do. 

7. Be happy with what you lose. Be satisfied with what you have. 

8. It’s not a destination but a journey or process to that, it makes great memories. So start being happy and wanting for nothing.

9. Stop postponing your happiness for the future. Start being happy with the present moment, who knows you might not get the same chance.

10. Everything will be alright at the end, but for now, just relax and be happy.

11. When things go wrong, and no reason to smile… find the one, immediately.

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Happiness Instagram captions to spread joy

1. Smile… somebody is looking at you. 

2. You really don’t have to have a big house, luxury car, or a branded watch to feel happy. You can be happy relaxing on your couch, enjoying coffee in the morning, and having a good conversation with your family. 

3. Happiness is actually a gap between what you think you are and what others think you have to be. 

4. If it makes you feel happy, everything is worth doing it. 

5. So many reasons are there to stay happy and you are still holding yourself to one person that gives you pain, distress, and sadness. 

Happiness Instagram captions to spread joy

6. Happiness has no direct connection with having everything in life as perfect, but to feel happy with any imperfections.

7. Never mind others who don’t believe you. Even, they don’t believe in themselves, either. But, you do. So, just chill.

8. Go back to the past and keep rewinding the old memories only when it makes you feel happy.

9. From working aimlessly to finding something you are really into, and we are about to live a happy life thereafter. 

10. When you do something to make it happen it works. When you look for someone to share some good time with, there will be one. 

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Happy captions for selfie that reflect your inner beauty well

1. Happiness is not a package and never expect that someone will deliver it to your home. It’s a feeling to feel and not a thing to use. 

2. Start doing something without any pressure or too many expectations and you will find happiness there.

3. Stop comparing yourself with others, you will make yourself either frustrated or unhappy or both eventually. 

4. The moment you start learning how to adjust to anything or anyone, you will welcome more freedom and so happiness in life.

5. Smile not only to look good… But to make you feel good.

Happy captions for selfie that reflect your inner beauty well

6. With family, dinner time, no mobile, no TV, just normal conversation…. And that’s how we live a ‘Happy life’. 

7. Everyone wants to be happy. Don’t you want to be happy, too? 

8. If you want to be happy start enjoying those simple pleasures in life, and you’ll find many. 

9. If you can’t adjust yourself to anything, then learn to be happy at everything.

10. When you want to be happy, you will have it nowhere from anything, or anywhen. 

11. You can’t be happy alone, you always make someone around happy, too. 

12. If you wait for someone to make you happy, you will be waiting there for your whole life.

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Happiness quotes for Instagram

1. All I want to see is your smile. Can I have one? 

2. You can be positive or happy with everything, but you can’t be sad at anything. 

3. When you start feeling grateful for everything in your life, you will find happiness in everything.

4. I don’t want you to be rich and successful only, I want to see you happy forever. 

5. Just like beauty, happiness lies in everything, just you have to have that heart to feel it. 

Happiness quotes for Instagram

6. And the fact is every time you look back in the past you will see more happy memories than sad ones. 

7. You can’t achieve everything in life that you desire. But yeah, you can be happy instead. 

8. Start accepting yourself. And who cares, you just love yourself, that’s enough. 

9. Do something that puts a smile on your face and the same to your people as well.

10. Choose happiness,… No regrets, difficulties, and problems.

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Happy Quotes for Instagram captions

1. Be with those who are happy with you and celebrate success, the same as you do. 

2. There is nothing like a road to success, it’s just your choices over what to take and what to leave. 

3. To become confident in yourself, first, you have to be happy with yourself. 

4. Take selfies that not only make you look good but also make you feel good. 

5. Happiness in your life is like…. water to plants, petrol to vehicle and internet to mobile. Have something extra to add?

Happy Quotes for Instagram

6. You can search for fun online. But, for happiness, you have to search for it within. 

7. Travel whenever you have a chance to, add more memories to your life, and just stay happy. 

8. When you care for everyone, you will be sad. But, when you will be sad, no one cares.

9. Don’t go miles away from smiles. Stay around and be part of it.

10. Keep sharing your reason why you’re smiling. Well, that’s not only to make others smile but also to avoid yourself being viewed as crazy.

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Best Happy captions for Instagram for Boy/Girl

1. You don’t have to be beautiful or smart… to smile. But, you have to smile.. to look beautiful and smart. 

2. No matter what you do, there will be wrinkles anyway. So why not have them by smiling more often. 

3. If money gives you happiness, then do something to earn it more. That’s nothing wrong. 

4. Don’t laugh alone, or people will think you are laughing at them. 

5. I know money won’t give me happiness, but it also gives me confidence, power, trust, and most importantly comfort that I should have. 

Best Happy captions for Instagram for Boy/Girl

6. Stop working so hard to make others happy because of you. Take a pause and try to make yourself happy, too. 

7. Always be excited to try something new, and you will have lessons, success, or happiness. 

8. Don’t rely on a single reason, person, or picture to feel happy. Start collecting more options. 

9. People will remember you for how you make them feel and the great time you added to their life, as well. 

10. Happiness is makeup that itself makes you look more beautiful than you are. So smile. 

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Meaningful happy Instagram captions

1. Did you brush today, then why aren’t you smiling, Dude?

2. Think positive, Be happy, and stay alive. 

3. Agree that you have no guts to approach your crush. But, at least you can give them a smile, they won’t kill you, for that. 

4. When it’s  Friday, smile. When it’s Monday, laugh. 

5. Be happy with family, laugh with friends, enjoy with your partner, and live with your heart. That’s all you need to have a great life. 

Meaningful happy Instagram captions

6. Go out of your comfort zone, there will be more opportunities to live a happy life. 

7. Well, I can see you’re putting in your best efforts. But, why are you so sad, Btw?

8. Stop wasting your time to prove your worth. You’re already worthy, just you need to feel that, first. 

9. Minimize your expectations, start working on something you want. And guess what, you will live every day with happiness like never before. 

10. Be happy no matter what, after all, it costs you a time of your life. 

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Instagram captions about being happy

1. Good things happen in your life, when you smile it out. 

2. Happiness never always comes with success. But success comes after doing something and being consistent and enjoying the process. So choose to be a little happier every single day.

3. I want all of you to be happy and successful in life, so hard. 

4. Being happy costs nothing. Still, it ends up giving you everything. 

5. Learn to forgive and forget others. Start thinking about yourself. That’s where happiness lies.

Instagram captions about being happy

6. Today, you better decide to be happy and not negative by any means. And follow it as a daily habit. 

7. When things get tougher and tougher, smile because your efforts are working out. 

8. In the end, every event counts when you laugh and enjoy it fully. 

9. Be around those people who make you smile with all your heart. 

10. Being happy and honest are natural things, you can’t fake them.

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Happy Life Captions for Instagram

1. It nothing costs to enjoy life to the fullest. Be happy, anyway. 

2. Stay happy with whatever you have in life and whatever situation you’re in. 

3. It’s not the thing, but the feelings that let you enjoy the moment of happiness. 

4. With a fresh thought and a cup of coffee, you can start your day with happiness. 

5. The happiness of doing what you love brings Success you never imagine. 

6. Life is meant to live and enjoy every moment with happiness. 

7. Do what makes your soul positive and happy about the life you live. 

8. Never make happiness an option, it has to be part of everything you do in life. 

9. Happiness is not the destination, it’s the part of your journey from the moment you start. 

10. You become a happier and more confident person when you spread the reason to be happy. 

11. It’s of course, hard to remain happy in every situation. But, it’s also required these days. 

12. Learn to forget, forgive anything that bothers you. You’re here to make your life happy and not to make it stuck forever. 

13. Like you stay depressed and worried over small things, why you’re looking for great things to happen to be happy in life. 

14. You never have to rely on someone to be a happy person. But, yes if you could be a reason for someone’s happiness, be that. 

15. Enjoy life, doing things that make you happy. And that’s how you live life.

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Short happy captions for Instagram

1. Here is your ‘happiness pill’. 

2. Have you found your reason to smile today? 

3. Don’t waste this day, make sure to smile. 

4. Try to be happy, not to be great. 

5. If it makes you happy, then just do it. 

Short happy captions for Instagram

6. Be happy, Be you. 

7. Learn to be happy with yourself.

8. Don’t be so hard, Relax and just chill. 

9. Smile till you have teeth to show. 

10. You have the right to be happy.

11. Happy thoughts, happy life. 

12. Be happy, Feel rich. That’s it.

13. Make this day count, just smile it out.

14. Focus on happiness or learning. And, forget the rest. 

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