Quotes About Yourself To Start Believing

72 Quotes About Yourself To Start Believing In YOU Right Now

Last updated on September 15th, 2021 at 04:22 pm

In the end, you have to believe that no one can make you feel better about yourself, but you. So here is the unique collection of quotes about yourself that will help you maintain your faith and confidence in “YOU”. 


Inspirational quotes about yourself to keep you going

First of all, let’s begin with some inspiring quotes about yourself that let you feel inspired for what you have achieved so far whether it’s a lesson or a success. 


1. You are here for your purpose, not for others. 

2. Never doubt yourself, just because someone doesn’t trust themselves, not necessarily you have to do the same to you. 

3. What you know and how you manage your time to use that information, does matter. 

4. Losers focus on mistakes and get lost, again. Successful people focus on the chance of success and achievement that finally. The choice is yours only. 

5. Life gets more interesting and alive when you have daily struggles and challenges awaiting. 

6. Never stop dreaming, because they are the purpose, motivation, and inspiration in themselves. 

7. Enough of believing in someone else, now try to believe in yourself, at least ones.  

Inspirational quotes about yourself

8. You have the power to change this world. Not for others, but for yourself. 

9. You don’t miss opportunities, you just ignore them by yourself… either not knowing or knowingly. 

10. Let go of something that isn’t letting you grow by yourself. Because your bright future is waiting for you, and these things only drag you back to your past. 

11. Never ignore those inner feelings and occasional positive thoughts that you have out of nowhere. It’s actually a way of trying to discover your true identity. 

12. Let them talk about you behind your back. Let them spread rumors about you. It is impossible to change them, but you can change your place. 

13. If you’re being true to yourself, you never have to feel sorry for yourself. 

14. The only thing that most people prefer is true feeling. Have you got one?

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Good quotes about yourself to make your day

These good quotes will definitely improve your mood and so it’s better to refer to them when you need something good to hear about yourself. Or you can also say this to yourself in the mirror when you first see yourself in the morning. 


1. What others are thinking and talking about you, is not your business. 

2. You have to be yourself not for others, but for yourself. 

3. Don’t be the guy who wishes for something to get better.  Be the one who does something and changes that accordingly. 

4. If you have faith in it and can imagine yourself achieving success, that means you have to do this. 

5. Well, it’s okay to give up and accept your limitations. After all, you are limited and made for some special purposes, not for everything. 

6. Change yourself first, the world itself manages to change, itself. 

7. It’s okay to cut someone off from your life when they are not being positive, or valuable to be part of your life.

Good quotes about yourself 

8. Every day is a new opportunity for you to shine, but why do you still prefer to wake up with old feelings and thoughts? 

9. Dude, your ability to overcome negative feelings is impressive. You make me so proud. 

10. Never expect anyone to respect you or love you, if you can not do it for yourself. 

11. No one can describe yourself, better than you can. So make sure you are well-aware of your abilities and strength.

12. You are already running out of time. But, why are you still listening to them?

13. Just want to remind you that you’re doing a great job. Never let those idiots change your mind, a bit. 

14. Well, you are not hopeless, it’s just you who relied on others too much. 

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Confident quotes about yourself to give a gentle push

Looking for a confidence boost? Here are some quotes about self-confidence that will help you feel better and gain the confidence needed to take the first step to achieve your challenging goal. 


1. The pressure will be there. But, you need to decide. To whom do you give your trust: the world or you? 

2. Do something that makes you happy and confident about yourself. Something like you can teach others or make them come for inspiration. 

3. The only way to keep going is… to go alone. 

4. No one can make you feel demotivated or negative about yourself, without your consent. It’s just you who permits them to make you feel something that you’re not. 

5. You always have the power to change something from your life that you think you can’t change. 

6. Don’t wait for an opportunity to knock on the door, instead break the entire door. 

7. You always have a chance to start it over, but why start again, when you can accomplish it by yourself, right now. 

Confident quotes about yourself

8. Stop complaining, stop arguing. Stop regretting. Just start trying something anyway. 

9. Don’t make a complete change in yourself. But, be better than your previous version, that’s it. 

10. Whether you make it or break it, but never hesitate to take responsibility. Because your role in your life is more important than anyone else. 

11. Be yourself, even if others are laughing at you, criticize you or do anything that you don’t like. 

12. Start to love yourself and you can see that your life gets better every day. Because no one can love you as you do to yourself. 

13. Every time you compare yourself with others, you give yourself a chance to doubt something that you are destined to do. 

14. You can do everything you believe in, but it’s also you who stops yourself. 

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Positive quotes about yourself to see the bright side of you

Of course, positivity doesn’t last, but in order to keep trying and learning, we better have that sense of positivity to give us hope. When no one believes in you, your ideas, and your plan… you better help yourself and these quotes will help you a bit for that. 


1. They will love you, they will hate you. But what matters for you is, Do you love yourself? 

2. Want to impress them? Then stop looking like you’re trying to impress them. 

3. I’m ready for today’s adventures. It’s not bothering me anymore, but it excites me. 

4. Don’t be discouraged if you’re going through a tough time, there’s some purpose within.

5. If you think your road ahead is challenging for you, remember you are already far from where you’ve started.

6. Thank them all, those who haven’t supported you or ignored you. Because of them, you can do it all alone, by yourself. 

7. If something makes you feel good about yourself, then never hesitate to do it. 

Positive quotes about yourself 

8. Nothing feels more frustrating than trying to be like someone that you are not actually. 

9 . It’s ultimately your decision to make the best of your life or the worst. 

10. What they can do, not necessarily you have to do everything. But, what you can do, that’s possible that no one can do it, better than yourself. 

11. The best gift that you can ever give to yourself is ‘a trust in yourself’. 

12. Ideas have no limits, just our thinking that gets narrow by being with the negative minds. Don’t let it happen to yourself. 

13. Be the superhero of your own life. 

14. Never stop wishing that someone good will come to you, do something and make it happen.

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Feel good quotes about yourself to have better feeling within

If you are not confident about yourself, feel confused whenever being asked to describe yourself in five words in an interview or even to yourself, that means you still don’t know yourself truly. Check out this collection of feel-good quotes to get to know something positive about you. 


1. Nobody is perfect. So stop copying others’ personality or lifestyle, have your own. 

2. You are already beautiful or handsome. You just need to believe in yourself a little more than the rest of the world.

3. Well, I tried hard, but being someone is too hard for me. Then I decided to be myself, and it’s a lot easier.  

4. Just want to tell you that you have a purpose, find it and work on it. 

5. The only way to be recognized in this world is by being your true self. Because everyone is trying to be someone else and ignoring their original self.

6. If you have never achieved or done something great in life, that doesn’t mean you will never make something by yourself. 

7. You are thinking of others, the more they think about themselves. 

8. Relax yourself, focus on today’s schedule. Forget about the long-term goals now. 

Feel good quotes about yourself

9. Do what is the best you can do with the time right now. 

10. You believe in yourself, that’s it. And it does not matter who doesn’t. 

11. Well, there will be negative people everywhere wherever you go. So be prepared and have a bunch of positive things to remind yourself. 

12. The only way to check whether you can do it or not, is to just do it more than once. 

13. Promise yourself to be you, and never let yourself be changed by someone else’s pressure. 

14. Definitely, people will try to change you but it’s your final decision to do what they want from you. 

15. If you believe in yourself, practice self-love, and proudly can stand up for yourself, people will either come to fight with you or to take inspiration. So be ready for both. 

16. You really are a free bird, but your inner negativity puts you, in a cage. 

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What are your views on these ‘quotes about you’?

So these are some special and unique quotes about yourself that we like to share with you.

Have you found that one quote which has resonated with you? Or more than two? Then please let us know what you think and how you feel. We love to hear that, too. 


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