What To Do When Someone Puts You Down

When Someone Puts You Down (7 Ways To Stand Still)

Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 01:17 pm

You will always come across someone who will try to damage your reputation and name, no matter what you do. And if you’re in the situation when someone puts you down, here is what you can do to save your name and reputation that you built so far.


7 Things To Do When Someone Puts You Down In Front of Others

You might already be for it or not, but there will always be haters and jealous people.

Although you may not attempt to outrun anyone, usually people will look for as many chances as possible to bring you down to their level. 

Most likely, you will react with anger and reflect your true emotions when someone is trying to ruin your name and reputation. This is perfectly natural. 

However, sometimes, when you are overwhelmed with emotions, you accidentally do things they secretly wanted you to do.

Be careful not to fall into the trap they set for you. 

Do you have a co-worker or group member trying to put you down?

Here are some ways you can deal with such people if you want to keep yourself confident and focused while working on your dreaming, and making an impact in life. 


1. Ignore those who try to put you down. 

Ignore them who wants to put you down

Definitely, it’s hard, but you have to for yourself. 

Because ignorance is the best response to such ignorant and negative people who are trying hard to put you down. 

When you ignore them and don’t respond or react in a way they are expecting, they no longer feel motivated to play this game with you. 

You may be being tested more than before to see if you can control your emotions. 

But it is better to wait and watch instead of reacting instantly, which could put you in a troublesome situation beyond your control. 


2. Think before you do anything. 

when someone puts you down in front of others

There is no need for an instant reaction. Let’s wait for a while and see what happens. 

You should know when someone puts you down that, as soon as you react immediately when you see that, you become a vulnerable target. 

This simply shows that you care about your image and will do anything to protect it. Additionally, you don’t have confidence in yourself. 

For them, it’s’ your weaknesses that they try again to destroy you. 

No matter what you think of doing, just think twice before you say or do anything. Since you could fall into their trap and become the one they are trying to make you into.

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3. Let the person know who they’re dealing with. 

How do you respond to someone who puts you down

Having patience when such happen is good But, some better know why you prefer being silent. 

When you have jealous friends or backstabbing coworkers who are always trying to put you down in front of others, you need to sometimes let them know not to mess with you. Or who they’re going to deal with. 

In that case, you can either talk one-on-one with them or simply give them a message via your actions, showing them that you’re different from their previous targets. 

If you act confidently plus boldly when facing criticism or putting down games, the haters will suddenly find out who you are. 


4. All you better say to your haters is… “Good luck”.

You can simply say them “Good luck”

Even if it’s negative, such people contribute well to make you a better person

Of course, you should thank those who reject you and who avoid helping you when you need it. Those people are the ones who help you recognize your strengths. 

Thank you such an insecure colleague or un-supportive friends, because they invested their time and energy to help you the person you’re right now. 

Even though negative moves, they indirectly inspired you to work harder on yourself. They are working hard behind you and you better wish them ‘good luck for keep working on it without losing hope. 

Since that shows, you’re self-made, destroying your reputation won’t be that easy. 

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5. Stop putting them down as well. You’re different than them. 

Stop putting them down as well

Of course, you’re a completely different person, and not like them. 

Due to their jealousy and insecurity, they want to bring you down and limit your success. By themselves, they cannot make any impact in their lives, so they want to prevent others from doing the same. 

Well, you’re a connected and strong person by yourself. Stay focused on being the best person you can be, and never get involved with such useless things or people.

You are more likely to appear similar to them when you do the same as they are doing to you.  

Don’t be just like them, Be confident and inspire others who deal with the same criticism. 


6. Be with positive and supportive people. 

when someone constantly belittles you

There are some people out there who truly think well of you and who help you whenever you need them. 

When there are people who are trying to put you down, look for someone who is also pulling you up. You should focus on the people who are there to keep your faith alive and to support you. 

You should not entertain those who feel jealous or insecure about you. 

Surround yourself with people who know your journey, understand you very well, and sincerely want to see you succeed. 

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7. Keep doing your best work, without any worries. 

Keep doing your best work, without any worries

Another great response to haters is double efforts and greater success. 

When someone puts you down by criticizing you in your absence or doubts your success, you can either be there and clarify everything at the cost of your precious time. 

Or you can simply avoid them and keep working as nothing happens. 

You will always encounter negative people and haters, anywhere you go. So why not focus on something that matters to your success? 

Well, they are confused people who don’t know what to do with their lives, but you do. Improve your efforts and continue to do the great work you’ve been doing. 

Let them do what they’re good at. While your work on something that you plan. 


When Someone Puts You Down Quotes To Make You Feel Confident

Now it’s time to have some inspirational and motivational quotes when you see that someone is trying to put you down in front of others.

Such quotes will inspire you to feel confident about yourself, while avoiding those who try hard to stop you from being successful.  

1. We care so much about those who hate us that we forget about those who love us. 

2. Don’t ignore the contributions of those who didn’t support you.

3. It’s always fun to laugh and talk trash until it’s about someone else. 

4. When someone tries to put you down, that means you are above them and they can’t tolerate it. 

5. I don’t understand why you bother to make other people jealous instead of making people happy with you. 

6. Don’t take it seriously, they don’t take themselves seriously either. 

7. Never let the people hate you for no reason, always give them a reason. 

8. Feel grateful for your haters because they are doing the hard work for you. 

9. When someone talks behind your back, they clearly shows their character which is not a positive or good, either. 

10. Don’t look back, there are a lot of people talking about you. But this is their mentality, which is none of your business. Always, have your eyes on the goal ahead of you.  

11. When you learn to ignore and avoid, you can save yourself from many negative things in the world. 

12. Well, they are haters and they will hate for no reason. But, why do you care so much about them? 

13. You work for yourself and not to show off or impress others. But, when that’s what you want,  you will more likely be lost and clueless in life. 

14. It surprises me that someone would go to such lengths to harm my reputation. I wonder what would happen if they made the same efforts for their goal, as well. 

15. I wish I could tell them that you’re wasting your energies in the wrong direction. But, I have no time to explain them and they have no brain to understand that. 

16. You are more than what they can think and what you believe, you are. 

17. When it’s required I’m ready to cut off any connection such as toxic friends, colleagues, or partners who interfere in my journey to become a better version of me. Because I know what I want and what matters to me. 

18. All I have to say to my haters and someone who is trying to put me down is, “It’s not easy, but I appreciate that you’ve very challenging goals.”

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Final thoughts

Whether you’re in school, working for a company or having your own business, haters and insecure people will be there always trying to stop you. 

When someone puts you down out of jealousy or insecurity, it makes you surprised and angry at the same time, but you must accept that some people are like that. 

No matter how genuine a person you are, you can never make everyone happy. Plus, you don’t have to try to make everyone happy with you. 

You can be that furious and react out of your anger. However, that eventually makes you appear worse than you are. 

Especially when you’re self-made and working toward your goals, you shouldn’t indulge in such things. It’s their business. Instead, focus on something that makes you a better person.

You can always pick up some good hobbies and activities that help you become a better person. 

No matter what you do, the right people keep loving you and some keep hating you. 

So, whenever you come across someone who puts you down, keep your distance from them and be with some positive minds who inspire you to grow.