Why Cutting People Out Of Your Life Is The Best Decision

Why Cutting People Out Of Your Life Is The Best Decision, Ever.

Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 06:27 pm

Just like being with like-minded people is a way to improve yourself, cutting people out of your life who have zero value for you, is such an important decision.

And if disconnecting the toxic people is hard for you, then this is the article for you.


When to cut negative people out of your life?

Find your best friend, date’s or even colleague’s behavior a little bit confusing after a few weeks? 

Are they being too demanding, mean, and ignorant to you? Do you always have to put their happiness before your own?

If all answers are yes, then these are signs that a friend, date, or family member is being toxic to you. 

There is a possibility that they carry something that could shock you or cause you to leave them behind. 

cutting someone completely off from your life

As a responsible person and caring friend, you have tried every possible thing that you can to change their approach towards you.

You even let go of something which they don’t like about you.

But, if you find yourself completely disconnected from your life purpose and your comfort in life just because of someone else, then it is time to let them go.

Absolutely, you have to realize that you can’t force others to change their feelings for you. 

But, you can change yourself, instead.

When someone gets too competitive, negative, or jealous about your progress in life as a result, you eventually feel bad about yourself. 

And it’s time to cut people off from your life. 

Read on to find more reasons why cutting people out of your life is the most difficult but worthwhile decision you will ever make. 


9 Reasons to cut people out of your life

Whether it’s for personal or professional connection, sometimes it’s a good idea to get rid of someone.

If that’s your friend or a guy you fell for, there comes a time when you have to back off from someone.

Because you’re not getting the same love and respect that you deserve. 

1. When someone is not the same as they used to be.

Totally agree that ‘a someone’ is your childhood friend and the one who has saved you from college bullying many times.

But, just because they were good to you in the past, doesn’t mean they will remain loyal and true to you forever.

Especially when you two are in the same life stage, working, growing, and supporting each other to get better every day, your life will be easygoing, enough.

cutting people completely off

But, there comes a time when the friend senses that you’re growing faster and they’re falling back.

Later on, you get to see their true faces and uncover those feelings which they have been hiding for a long time.

And that’s how most friendships come to an end.

Remember, you have a life to create on your terms, and dreams to achieve what you made.

When you keep busy trying to fix your relationship or something in your friend’s life, you won’t be left with enough time for yourself, in the end.


2. When it’s not a give and take relationship.

You don’t have to try hard to find the selfish one, they just are easily available anywhere.

Even you may have that one friend in life, who is a bit more jealous than they should.

They stay with you till they find that something is beneficial for them, but as they get to know that you are about to ask for their help, they just vanish from the world.

Friendship or relationship has to be two-sided and both people have to give in the same as they want to take something out of it.

And if you have a mean partner, colleague or friend, who just wants to take, you better stop giving anything which they are readily available to take.

Just take care of yourself and your time in life. 

Be with the one who equally supports you.  You deserve someone who gives the same respect as you give to them.

Till then, then move on from such people in your life that aren’t respecting your time.

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3. When someone used to play as a victim.

Like it’s said if you want to grow in life be with positive minds and someone who can lift you up.

But, there is also the one who stays negative and never shows any confidence even though you support them most of the time.

They just need you anyhow, anytime. 

It seems they’re too dependent on you. And you also have to keep a distance from them as well.

Cutting People Out Of Your Life

Such pessimists not only stay negative alone but also take you along.

It’s better to cut such negative people out of life, who share no positive approach to your life, as well. 

Stop being too much available to someone, not everyone needs you all the time around.  

Give them support, give them care but never make them too reliant on you.


4. When someone forces you to change as they want.

It’s commonly found that someone who tries to control others is not confident in themselves. They can’t grow plus improve as they should and so they want others to limit at their level.  

You may have that friend who interferes in almost everything that you do with your life.

When you are too much around such toxic people your behavior and thinking also get influenced by the same.

You may start feeling low confidence or unhappy with yourself following dreams which you can’t achieve.

And that’s how negative impressions work.

They directly don’t stop you from making the right changes in life, but they influence your mindsets to not try or think about anything which they don’t want.

Most of the time they will control your time, behavior, words, and even thinking. They expect everything you do in life, as per their plan.

Forcing you to be perfect, constantly bullying you or over-demanding are the signs that it’s time to cut someone out of your life.

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5. When someone doesn’t want you to change or grow in life.

Simply, they don’t want you to change or improve. Because they are insecure within, thinking they will be left alone.

They also are threatened by you, that your progress may reveal their weaknesses and limitations will be accessible to the whole world.

It might be weak-minded friends who use you to hide their failures or an irresponsible manager, who is mostly found lying on the chair and taking credit for the team’s efforts.

cut people out of your life

Either through silent treatment or manipulating with their negativity, they will keep you away from such growth opportunities available to you.

Yes, they force you to ignore such chances that may bring you to their level or even ahead of them.

Stop being driven by such negative influence of someone, you never have to prove anything to them, just distance yourself from them.

And if they don’t make it possible, then simply cut them off your life. Simple.


6. When they criticize you or others, all the time.

All they get to notice is your failures, limitations, imperfections, and all.

Even if you’re making good progress in your office, such toxic managers or colleagues always find something that may either spoil your work mood or progress.

Really, you better stay away from such toxic people who are there just to damage someone’s morale and confidence.

Distancing can definitely help, but you also have to be ready to simply cutting people out of your life.

Instead, letting them inject their negative emotions into you, keep yourself focused on the right thing.

Even if they’re not talking about you and gossiping to others secretly, you need to stay away from such critics and negative people.

As what they can do to others on their back, they can do the same to you, too.

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7. When someone has no respect for you, your life, and your boundaries.

Having clear boundaries in any relationship or connection are required.

No one ever has to do something to you, which you never can with anyone else. Indeed, you understand and give the right treatment to someone’s boundaries in life. 

But that doesn’t mean they will do the same.

Some people are just not aware of it, while some do that for a purpose. 

Never let someone take you for granted, because your time and efforts must be appreciated well, whether you expect it or not.

They definitely deserve an exit door of your life when they have no respect for you.

Reasons to cut people off

What you did to them as a friend, colleague, and a family member, if they hadn’t valued it, they would never do it in the future as well.

Of course, you never have to expect everyone to encourage you because not everyone is actually that supportive and caring enough.

But, you never have to let anyone degrade your respect and life purpose.

Respect your time and life and cut them off your life, they don’t deserve you.


8. When you feel like cutting someone off from your life.

Our mind is much more intelligent than our heart is.

No matter how many people are there in your heart, but your mind knows who deserves to be in your life.

Anytime when you feel lost, ignored, unappreciated, used, and not growing, there must be a toxic person who leaves their negative impression on you.

Following a similar experience, you get to develop certain thinking that may prevent you from doing anything in the future.

If you feel emotionally and mentally drained after talking to someone or are not interested in joining their plan are sure signs that someone deserves to be cut out of your life.

Indeed, your gut feelings help a lot there, as well.

Simply check your thoughts and feelings while seeing their name as an incoming call or text message from them.

If you seriously don’t want certain people in life, that’s fine. You never have to put pressure on yourself just to keep the relationship with someone.

After all, you need to take care of yourself, because no one will do it as you do.

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9. When they don’t know when to stop.

Knowingly or unknowingly, such toxic people constantly cross the boundaries that one relationship has.

They simply don’t know when to stop. Nor have any respect for your time, priority, and personal space.

Even if you let them know that you’re not happy with certain acts, they constantly do the same.

cut off people out your life

It clearly means that they like seeing you frustrated and annoyed.

Stop waiting for their behavior to cross all boundaries. Do something before something worse or uncomfortable happens to you.

Just give last chance and if nothing is changed then take it as a good reason to cut someone out of your life.

And that’s the best what you can do for them, at last.


Stop hating yourself after cutting negative people from life. 

With such discussed reasons to cut people out of your life, we don’t want you to be mean, remove every connection that anyway feels toxic at some point.

No, of course, not.

Not every people are that toxic as we think they are. Some need to give a last chance like free discussion or temporary distancing.

After all, we all need each other to make our life better and worth living.

But, to keep our life easy-going and focused on our goals, we better move on from such people and things that are holding us back to them.

You can openly discuss with someone about their behavior that you don’t accept or expect in the future.

You can also express your interest to give them the required support to change their behavior and thinking.

But, instead of understanding your own negative behavior when they blame you and show their rudest side, then they are signs that it’s time to disconnect yourself from such friendship or relationship.

And to cut people who aren’t adding value to your life, does not mean you are selfish, after all.

It just shows that you respect your time and prefer your happiness, more than theirs. Plus, you know when to spend your time and efforts in. 


Believe me, cutting people out of your life is not less than a challenge.

But after doing so, when you experience the developed thinking and openness in life, that will certainly make you realize that you have made the best decision of your life.