What To Do When Someone Takes You For Granted

What To Do When Someone Takes You For Granted? (8 Ways to Deal With It)

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023 at 06:20 pm

Being taken for granted in a relationship or friendship is normal.

But what you can do about it and how to never let it happen again to you, is a major concern.

In this post, we will discuss the best ways over what to do when someone takes you for granted?


No matter whatever connection you refer to, at some point there comes a time when you feel like you’re taken for granted by your friends, partner, family member, or colleagues. 

Instead of overthinking regarding that someone has no value for you…

First, you should know that it’s ultimately you who has given them the chance to do so. 

Indeed, when you make yourself too available or only you’re the one ‘that giver’ in the relationship, sooner or later you will regret being too nice and kind to someone. 

Want to know, how to stop being taken for granted in any relationship?

Then, here are some direct approaches you can follow when someone takes you for granted and does not see your value.


8 Things to do when someone takes you for granted

1. Have an open discussion with that person. 

Undoubtedly, talking to someone with whom you have any concern is much better than thinking, judging, and panicking yourself within. 

Tough one, but effective approach for sure. 

Yes, just talk to her or him. Let them know what you’re feeling inside and what’s going on in your mind. 

You never have to let those negative emotions decide what to do with your life, think of your good memories, think of your future. 

Discuss when they take you granted

Think of the mutual feelings that you shared earlier.  

When someone takes you for granted, better if you do nothing extra for them.

If they can understand try informing them of their recent behavior that hurt you.

And if an open discussion is not possible, then move on to other ways for the same purpose. 


2. Make sure you have your priorities in life. 

Well, you never have to join and help everyone who calls you more often. 

There is no sense of selfishness or busyness.

It’s just letting them know that you have something more important to focus on instead. 

When you have no priorities in life or are not sure how to set one, you often find yourself running here and there serving them anyway. 

Priorities in life to avoid taken for granted

Having priorities not only informs them about your availability but also helps you to focus on the right things at the time.

It’s important to have priorities to keep a balanced life. 

Spending time with your family or alone on the weekend ensures that you have other things to focus on rather than one person or a relationship.

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3. Distance and space is always appealing, So keep it.

Really, there is nothing fun and exciting in being around your partner, friends, or colleagues all the time

No matter how strong a relationship is, distance is crucial. 

Moreover, to stay away from being treated as granted…

You first have to understand why and how to maintain such boundaries and distance. 

When Someone Takes You For Granted

Such limits and principles not only describe who you are as a person but also make others aware of your worth when you are not around.

Want to make your relationship refreshing and alive, then give them enough space. 

Sometimes a timely break in a relationship works better than talking or meeting every day.

At least it gives a person to think about other aspects of life plus to realize the outer world than that person. 


4. Spend some time with your friends and family, as well. 

You and your time are limited, you can’t be everything for someone. But you can be someone for everyone. 

Aside from your relationship and partner, you have your family and friends to focus on. Never neglect present relationships in exchange for future ones. 

Indeed, you don’t have to give too much of yourself and your life. 

Just spend time with your parents, best friends, and nearest ones. Remind them that you really care for them. 

Be with your families more often

When someone takes you for granted, you might feel regretful

But instead of that, you can spend a lot of time with someone like your family who respects you. 

Be with those who love you unconditionally, rather than thinking that someone at work takes you for granted. 

Those who care for you, are worthy of your time and attention. 

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5. Be yourself but without losing your value. 

You are a unique and different person in this world. 

Just because someone couldn’t find your importance or doesn’t value you, that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy enough. 

You have the right to receive respect and appreciation. But without begging for it. 

Remember, those who have respect for you will show it anyhow. Plus, those who love you never fail to express it. 

How do I stop being taken for granted

The best way to avoid being taken for granted is to prioritize who deserves your time of life. 

Don’t reveal too much about yourself to someone who can use it against you.

Learn to recognize the person and their secret intention behind the relationship.

Stay what you’re and express your true self, no matter how hard it for them.


6. Learn to say NO when you want to say it. 

We know that you don’t want to be rude and unsupportive to them.

Yes, you are the right person to ask for help since you are actually the one who offers it. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be with them whenever they want you. 

There is nothing wrong if you’re not readily available at the time or are busy with something important.

After all, you have your priorities to take care of, too.

Learn to say no when they don't value you

Remember you don’t have to be arrogant to say no, simply say it.

And, you can also use other ways to say ‘NO’ instead, we have some good options there. 

Especially when someone takes you for granted, and never values you enough… then maintaining distance from them is the right thing you can do for them at last.

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7. Stand up for yourself, make a clear point.

Maybe you are too worried over what others will think of you or feel like you always have to do something for your relationship or to prove your friendship.

Helping others and making others happy and there is nothing wrong. 

But, sacrificing your inner happiness just to keep someone else, that’s not a fair deal. 

Whenever people know that you won’t refuse anything and are scared of conflict, they will use this to get something done by you. 

takes you for granted

Especially, those who do not have their own opinions and views on something, often end up being taken for granted. And, that’s the fact that only the right one suffers the most in a relationship

To avoid that, you need to express your feelings and opinions freely without thinking much. 

Don’t think that they will value or understand your priorities when the time comes.

You just need to inform them occasionally that you’ve some other important thing in life over them. 

Definitely, it may take some time to change your perspective, but all worth it just to stop others from taking you for granted anymore.


8. Value your time. Value yourself, when someone doesn’t.

What is the point of such a relationship if your contributions are completely ignored and you are not given enough respect? 

Friendship or relationship, no connection is better than your self-worth.

You should let go of someone and a relationship when they have no value for you, even if they’re your partner or best friend. 

value your time

Remember your life is not supposed to stay that lost and regretful. It must be full of happiness, memories, and fulfillment. 

Be with those who actually give you love and respect without even asking

Be with those who make your life worth living

After all, your time in life is limited and you’re limited, too, so why not invest in the right cause for the one who actually values it. 

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Never let anyone take you for granted anymore.

Totally agree that Saying is easier than actually doing it. 

We also know that it’s heartbreaking to leave someone for whom you have so many things to share. 

But when self-respect and your love are one of those things then you really need to know that…

Are you sharing your time and self with the right person or not. 

Discussing openly with your partner about your feelings is essential to protect your relationship. Similarly, moving on from such a person who doesn’t respect you is a way to protect your self-worth. 

Moving on from such a toxic relationship is itself an opportunity for a deserving & right person to enter your life. 

Of course, it is complicated to manage yourself when someone takes you for granted.

But, instead of thinking much over your hurt feelings or urging them to change their behavior, you better move on by yourself.

Start with small changes and moves to make it clear that you value your feelings more. 

After all, you’re going to change your image, which actually you have created and set in the minds of others, from the first phase of the relationship.

You can take these things as a lesson to learn from the past relationship.

Really you have to completely shift your kind attention and feelings to someone when they don’t value it or don’t deserve it.


Be prepared by yourself. Because…. it’ll be much more challenging for you than it’s for them, at first.