how to stop being lazy and unmotivated

How to stop Being Lazy and Depressed In Life?

Last updated on November 16th, 2020 at 04:57 am

Just like, staying lazy in life… is the simplest thing to follow. To stop being lazy and unmotivated, will be the toughest thing to follow, in the end. Indeed, both are just some habits, but the only difference is the first one you develop doing nothing at all. While the second one needs your dedicated efforts. 

If you are tired of being lazy and depressed in life, and finally tired of asking, Why am i so lazy?

Then, here we have something helpful for you. These are the better ways to stop being lazy and start getting more out of every single day.


How to stop being lazy and unmotivated?

1. First accept that you are lazy.

Self-realization is by far the first important step of breaking any negative habits from our routine. 

In order to stop feeling lazy, you need to realize that you are a lazy person, who is unmotivated and tired from life. 

The idea here is to accept your flaws and think about it seriously this time. Once you check what you need to update about yourself, the required changes to take will be lost easier. 

You can not achieve something, that you are not interested in and motivated personally

So, first, realize you are tired.

If you can’t find out by yourself then ask your well-wishers, they can answer better. Probably your friends and family have also complained a lot about your lazy nature. Plus, they also have shared thier best advice to overcome laziness, earlier, but you’ve ignored that anyways. 


2. Be clear about what causes you to stay lazy.

how to stop being lazy and depressed

Once you confirm that you’re lazy in life, inner you get to know that you need something drastic life changes in life. And, so the next step is to plan your further actions.

This is the stage when you need to find the top reasons why you are feeling lazy all the time. 

Not everyone feels lazy at everything and every time.

There comes a time when even dedicated and passionate people feel lazy while doing things out of their interest, in that case eliminating laziness will be a lot easier.

But, when you feel lazy and unmotivated at everything in life, then here you need some hard steps to overcome your laziness. 

Overall, find the reason what stops you from doing something interesting. And, What supports your laziness?


3. Be prepared for the required change in life.

We have to believe that laziness is a habit and not a part of our life. It’s us who created that and are still following. And it’s only we who can break the chain. 

So positive habits are the best cure for other bad habits. 

Here you need a complete transformation of yourself to become a better person. You need to update your schedule and daily routine.  

So, if you want to know how to stop being lazy, then you have to be ready to take some hard decisions for yourself, first.

For that create a dedicated plan to remove laziness from your life. Set interesting goals and exciting plans that make you driven to work, and not to stay lazy anymore.  


4. Time to set ‘Exciting’ goals for yourself.

how to stop being lazy and unmotivated

The next step to stop being lazy is to set goals for yourself. 

Yes, self goals are better to have to stay focused and ACTIVE on your development plan. No goals, no progress. Based on the earlier finding and research, check where you need improvements and what can change your life positively. 

Be clear about your goals to achieve this week, month or year, and start taking the right actions. Of course, you are beating your inner enemy, laziness…that doesn’t mean your goals have to be high always. 

Aim high. Divide your goals into smaller chunks. Take small steps regularly.

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5. Stay consistent and start small. 

Forget about starting exercising for 2 hours from the next day, you simply can’t and better not to try, though. You can’t gain weight within at the end of next week, when you’re doing exercise for the first time. 

Like said, earlier, Being lazy and unmotivated is a negative habit and you need a special routine to overcome laziness.

It required habits and regular efforts, to break your negative habits.

If you want to stop your laziness you need a powerful route and plan to follow regularly. You can’t be motivated and dedicated within a day or a week. 

So, take your first step, follow your plan right.

Develop good habits and do something worthwhile every day, that gets you closer to your goals. 

Stay consistent in your efforts, that’s what helps you to beat your laziness. The more over-excited you feel at the start, the sooner you’ll be tired again and feel frustrated afterward.

Don’t let your negative habits win over you, show you’re serious about self-improvements goals, this time. 


6. Upgrade yourself and your life. 

how to overcome laziness

To overcome your laziness you really need dedicated efforts and attention from ‘day one’.

The routine you are about to follow must be motivating, indeed. But, most importantly, you don’t have to force yourself to follow it anyway.

The idea of stop being lazy, has to be your own decisions, only. Because only you got the power to make some impact on your life.  

You can change something, only if you are serious about it.

So, have some set of self-improvement goals, that support you to transform yourself for your better. 

Develop some positive habits that feel good about yourself and the progress you’re making. Have a growth mindset that knows how to manage your own life and time well. 

Invest your time in meaningful things that support you in your goals. 


7. Stop being hard on yourself. 

Simply forcing yourself to get out of your laziness, never work.

You can get something done, by forcing yourself hard..but, never make constant progress after a certain phase. Sooner or later you’ll reach your limit, and so due to that frustration and stress…you end up feel laziness to an even greater extent, of course.

Stop being too hard on yourself, agree that you’ve realized your mistakes, but pressurize yourself won’t work always.  

Have some exciting reasons to overcome laziness and procrastination. When you continuously force yourself to become better you end up being demotivated instead.

Simply knowing how to stop being lazy, is not enough you need to make yourself ready to make a change in an inspiring manner, too. 

For that, Start trusting yourself and grow with a plan. Don’t try to figure out everything in so short. 


8. Stop being perfectionists. 

how to stop being lazy and procrastinating

Lazy and perfectionists have one thing in common and that is..they can’t leave their present situation, so easily. 

If you are finally seeing some early progress in stopping laziness, then avoid perfectionism in everything. Do follow your regular plan and routine, and don’t try to make something perfectly every time. 

If you keep sticking to maintaining certain quality standards, too much..chances are you become more conscious about it and end up procrastinating a lot.

Result….you may lose momentum and feel stressed, because you can see..that you’re failing at itAccepts things as they are. Don’t waste too much time, trying to improve it anyway. 

Laziness won’t let you start something, whereas laziness won’t let you stop something.

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9. Be with the highly inspired people

Your environment and people around you, have so much direct impact on your work performance and mindsets to put extra efforts.

You become part of the ones you are surrounded by. 

If you figure out that it’s your lazy group, causing you to stay lazy, then prefer to move on. If you find your space is not motivating enough, then shift to another place, simple. 

Don’t hold yourself back from becoming a better person, by you or any other ones. 

Be with like-minded people who are highly motivated and have something for you to learn from. 

Have a leader who guides you, to stop being lazy and unmotivated, the right way. Invest your time with dedicated and passionate people, who inspire you positively. 


10. Focus on the consequences of being lazy. 

No matter what you do or don’t right now… it ultimately reflects in your future. 

May you feel lazy and tired at waking up early but this habit of enjoying extra sleep…takes you away from your Dreams.

If you start and follow the correct plan, even if it’s slow right now… you’ll reach there eventually. 

So stop being lazy anymore, motivate yourself to do something meaningful.

Think about what your laziness can do to your future self.

Count the cost, you have to pay after…due to feeling lazy and wasting this time, right now. 

Think about what you can do with the available time and do it, without any fail. 

Life never gives you great opportunities over and over again. You need to seize the chance by yourself and make it worthwhile for your future.  

So, before following the orders from your lazy nature….have some set of exciting things to do by yourself. Always think about the future. 

See…Where are you going and what are you becoming, due to what you’re doing today.

Being too hard or giving up on your plan, will result in nothing but losing a battle against laziness. 


How committed are you to stop being lazy?

It’s completely normal to feel lazy and out of mood sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that. All interesting and creative minds feel bored, at some things anyway. So, that’s nothing to do on your part. 

But, the main problem is when you stay lazy and tired of everything in life. When you are not motivated in doing anything, there you need some solid action for your future self.

Here shared ways of How to stop being lazy and unmotivated are a process that you need to follow sequentially.

There are many other ways to overcome laziness from your life permanently. But, the one common thing in all is…It all required your dedicated efforts and willingness to do something impactful in your life.

After all, you are the one who can make or break your future, by your decisions & choices in life… Remember that.