You are Strong Quotes

74 You are Strong Quotes To Remember During the Hard Times

Need some inspiration during these hard times? Keep yourself inspired by these You are strong quotes and sayings when you feel like losing faith in yourself while going through your developing phase in life. 


Self-doubts and feeling low are the most obvious emotions when things aren’t going well. 

However, this time will pass anyway, no matter what we do. Yet, you can make the best of yourself by overcoming all of life’s challenges and troubles, if you want. 

Keeping the faith and believing in your strength is really hard when you are fighting alone. 

So, in this post, we are going to share unique and powerful quotes to keep you inspired and believe in your strength especially when you are going through a tough time in life.

Such a set of inspirational quotes about strength will let you know the other option than just ‘giving up. 


You are Strong Quotes To Believe in Your Strength

1. You are strong, the chosen one. That’s why you are here. 

2. As long as you are alive, you always have the power to change something in your life. 

3. When you want more, you can definitely accomplish more.

4. Make your life journey so unique that it becomes an inspiration for others. 

5. Nothing comes easy, so it’s better to prepare in advance. 

You are Strong Quotes To Believe in Your Strength

6. You must stop expecting when you are not willing to put in your best efforts. 

7. Stand by yourself when everyone doubts and no one believes in you

8. Keep faith in yourself and never give up on yourself. 

9. You don’t want to be average and weak, Are you? Then, Do the best you can. 

10. You are strong enough to make a great life by yourself.

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Inspirational Quote to Be Strong

1. If your life is full of challenges, that shows that you are strong to handle them. 

2. Weak people pray for an easy life, strong-minded people ask for strength to endure the challenges. 

3. Be the reason someone looks up in their lives, taking inspiration from you. 

4. Until this night, cry all you want, but when you wake up the next morning, be sure not to cry again. 

5. You never have to be stronger to make the best out of it. In some cases, you just need to be smarter. 

Inspirational Quote to Be Strong

6.  The people who know how to adjust themselves during tough times are stronger than anyone else.  

7. Be confident enough to handle yourself in the hard times. Be strong enough to try over and over again. 

8. Just because you have been treated as weaker, doesn’t mean that you are weaker forever. 

9. You can tell you’re strong when others’ doubts don’t affect your dreams or decisions.  

10. Strong person is not the one who never falls behind, but the one who knows their own strength and takes the right decisions without any fear or doubts. 

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Stay Strong and Positive Quotes

1. Embrace this challenge because you won’t have to struggle forever. 

2. When instead of complaining you prefer to grow through the challenges, you are a stronger person than you know. 

3. Challenges come to those who are capable of tackling that. 

4. God’s plans are always greater than ours, so trust in God and have faith in yourself. 

5. Promise yourself to stay strong and never give up no matter what happens. 

Stay Strong and Positive Quotes

6. What you think you become, so make sure you think positive and stay strong. 

7. Above all else, what you think about yourself matters the most. 

8. You are stronger than you think, so stop thinking and do something now. 

9. Well, every day is the reason to stay strong and try it one more time. 

10. In the end, you will be grateful for the difficult time you are facing now, which makes you realize how strong you are and what you are capable of. 

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Quotes about Being Strong

1. You can achieve anything you wish for if you work on yourself without much expectation or worry.

2. Your ultimate goal has to be to become a better version of yourself than you were before.

3. Giving up is much easier than you think, the real strength comes from persistently trying even if you feel the going is tough or others keep doubting you and trying to pass the negativity.

4. When you have fewer options, you get to find the best ones. When you have no option, you get to know your actual strength.

5. When your journey becomes increasingly difficult, it means you’re very close to your goal.

Quotes about Being Strong

6. You should never discuss your dream with anyone… maybe they doubt it or laugh at you because they have no idea how powerful you are.

7. If you are following something you only believe in, you better have patience and a great amount of strength to keep going. Because it’s a long road and you are the lone survivor.

8. No matter how hard it feels to go on, but I still want you to stay strong and never give up. Because you are not here just for giving up.

9. May it feels that life challenges are there to paralyze you, but this is the time to analyze yourself and make the best out of yourself.

10. If you take a closer look you can use the hard times to work upon yourself and be the greatest version of yourself, like never before.

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You are Strong Quotes for Him

1. Believe in God before you believe in others, and you will never be left behind. 

2. You may feel a bit unlucky, but you can be stronger if you want to be. 

3. Strong people are not the one who rule the weak, but the one who helps the weaker one.  

4. You don’t have to bully others in order to appear strong and powerful. 

5. Be with yourself, invest in yourself and make a better version of yourself

You are Strong Quotes for Him

6. You discover your true self not during the best time, but during the worst time. 

7. Not every battle is fought in the field only, some are kept hidden and result in making the person wiser, braver, and stronger than ever. 

8. Make yourself ready for the new challenges every day, if you want to be a better version of yourself. 

9. The weakness lies in the mind first, and if you wish you can make an impact. 

10. It’s all fine when you are alone during the hard times, keep fighting alone. 

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You are Strong Quotes for Her

1. Girl, you are already stronger than you think. Never underestimate yourself. 

2. Never let anyone decide your value, make sure you know your worth very well.

3. Love yourself, because nobody does it better than you do. 

4. You can live your life on your terms, but first, make sure you have your ‘terms’. 

5. When you appear bold and strong, you inspire other women who haven’t found their strength yet. 

You are Strong Quotes for Her

6. No matter what, make sure this day you fight stronger than yesterday. 

7. Be a strong woman who knows how to forgive and forget. And move on to the next chapter of life, with lifelong learnings. 

8. You are stronger than you feel, beautiful than you see, and braver than you know. 

9. Never let anyone degrade your self-worth, not by any means. 

10. You are not weak, you just haven’t any idea of your actual strength. 

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Quotes About Strength in Hard times

1. When you see yourself as weak, you will find challenges anywhere…when you believe in your strength, you see opportunities in everything.

2. You have my respect when you believe in yourself when everyone just doubts your dreams and tries to stop you. That proves you deserve to be successful later on.

3. Be a hero of your life, who comes out with the greatest strengths out of every challenge.

4. It is impossible to achieve success without dealing with failures and learning from them.

5. If you want to grow, then you need to take them as a developing phase rather than seeing them as tough times.

6. You can dodge the problems in life right now, but that’s not a good option. 

7. Start you every day with new thoughts. And when you have updated thinking, you feel great strength in yourself. 

Quotes About Strength in Hard times

8. That smile during the hard times is proof of how strong a person you are. 

9. When you believe in your strength, forget about those who don’t. 

10. Once you make yourself habitual to life challenges, you never have to feel pressured by them anymore.

11. Focus on your weaknesses and you will achieve nothing. Focus on your strength and you will achieve everything. 

12. Prefer to compete with yourself. Because there’ll always be the one who is weaker than you plus someone who is more powerful than you. 

13. You can either let the troubles break you or make you. The choice is yours only. 

14. Being positive and staying strong of course requires great efforts, but all are worth it. 

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Final thoughts

Although you might do everything to avoid life problems as much as possible, there will always be challenges, which you could not run away from. 

If life puts you in a challenging situation, instead of finding a way to ignore them, learn a lesson, work on yourself and become stronger, wiser than ever before. 

We hope you love this unique set of You are strong quotes and sayings to motivate you during the hard times. If you find inspirational quotes about strength helpful, then feel free to share with someone who needs to read this.