What are the wrong reasons to get married

32 (Crazy And) Wrong Reasons To Get Married

It’s not always the wrong person, but your wrong reasons to get married can cause lifelong issues.


‘Getting married’ is the biggest event in one’s life, also an important decision. 

After marriage, your life starts to change. With the right partner, nothing could go wrong.

But if you get married for the wrong reason, (even with the right partner), everything falls apart.

It isn’t just couples who suffer, but the families. 

Hope that doesn’t happen to you. So, ensure the reasons you are getting married are not one of these wrong, crazy or horrible. 


Wrong Reasons To Get Married

Either you’re not sure this person is right or can’t decide if you’re ready for marriage now.

If you’re making a marriage decision with unsolved confusion, you’ve the wrong reasons to marry someone.

Wrong Reasons To Get Married

1. “What do you mean? Can’t you see I’m getting older?” 

It makes sense that you worry about growing old. 

Also, this is a common reason that scares single people to get married somehow.

2. “I should get married within three years max.” 

So you see marriage as a target to reach a certain age. 

Don’t think of it as a mission, but a responsibility to take when you feel ready.

3. “I feel pressured to prove that there’s nothing wrong with me.” 

People will also talk about when you get married and won’t have kids in the first two years. 

Getting married due to social pressure and not for you is such a wrong reason. 

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4. “I think I found the one, even if it’s just two months, I know enough about him.”

You’re going too fast, sis. Please take time to get to know him more. 

enjoying this dating period. Don’t worry, you still have time to marry. 

5. “There’s a lot going on in life. I wish things will be better after marriage.”

You can’t expect marriage to fix your life problems, who knows this could create more. 

6. “I feel so alone, thinking I want some company now.”

It’s better to be single and enjoy the company of like-minded people. 

That’s even better than getting married and expecting the same attention from the wrong person. 

7. “Most of my connections are married and only I’m single.”

Who cares if you’re happy with yourself, that’s good for you.

On asking ‘why are you still single, you can tell that you’re still searching for the right one. 

8. “My boyfriend forced me to get married and he’s right in some way.”

Currently, he could be a good lover. It’s better to look into why he’s forcing you. 

Avoiding your priorities and trying to make someone happy are the wrong reasons to get married. 

9. “Everyone is asking when I’m getting married and I think I should now.”

Don’t think you can stop them from asking such personal questions when you get married. 

Until you find the right person to marry, you can just avoid showing up to them.

10. “I think having someone in life would be fun, what do you say?”

You’re seeking entertainment in life and more drama. 

With this childish reason, you’re going to get bored too soon or have to live with frustration.  

11. “I want to get married because I want someone to love me.”

Expecting love isn’t the wrong reason. 

But seeing marriage as fulfilling your desires is not a good reason to get married.

12. “My gran wants to play with my kids.”

Compared to your grandma’s time and now, a lot has changed. 

Your granny has no idea it’s not as easy as it used to be to find someone so perfect.

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Crazy Reasons To Get Married

Well, the wrong reason can be a mistake. 

Then some people want to get married for nonsense reasons, which sounds crazy.

Crazy Reasons To Get Married

1. “Because marriage is in trend now. This is the right time to get married. Maybe you should, too.”

You’re so influenced by social media couples and celebrity engagement photos. 

Now you wish to get married to someone, as well. 

Not to mention this is just a millennial’s reason to get married these days.

2. “I want to have fun, maybe for life. who cares?”

This party can be a life-changing experience. 

But you get bored easily if you expect too much or are impatient. 

3. “I want to share a lot of pictures of my wedding for social media.” 

Your Instagram followers are asking about your partner. You don’t want to appear alone. 

Or maybe you want such a big event in life to get more attention.

4. “I’ve been in many relationships. This time, I will just marry.”

Never compare two people or connections likewise. 

They all are different. So better to settle only with someone right for you.

If you pressure yourself, this could be horrible reasons to get married, there’s a risk.

5. “Nobody wants to die alone, do you want me to?” 

Of course not for you, nor for anyone. 

But I also don’t want to die every day, while married for the wrong reason with the wrong person. 

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6. “Even younger ones in the neighborhood are getting married but me.”

It is fine to compete for school marks, but you do the same in marriage decisions as well. 

This is indeed a childish reason to marry someone. 

You don’t check to see if you are ready for marriage mentally.

7. “My best friend just got married, maybe I should, too.”

Seeing your bestie with their partner, you also need someone like you in your life. 

You’re looking for someone to fill that space. You can also have another friend, too. 

8. “I love my boyfriend, but he’s childish. Hope, he will change when we get married.” 

So, you think after marriage, he will act like a man and take your relationship seriously? 

Indeed, one of the bad reasons to get married to your boyfriend. 

9. “I’ve dated enough, now I think to settle with someone.”

If meeting someone new every month bores you easily, wouldn’t it also be boring to see the same face every day?

Also, check why you can’t find the right person after so many dates.

You don’t seem responsible here. 

10. “What do you think, don’t you have any desires to fulfill?”

Of course, I have. 

But I rather take marriage seriously and have patience until I meet someone worthy enough to share everything.

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Horrible Reasons To Get Married

And, some reasons to marry someone are so horrible that they ruin each other’s lives.

That can end up giving each other a trust issue.

Horrible Reasons To Get Married

1. “I think he will treat me well once we get married.”

It’s good to be hopeful, but it’s frightening to think marriage could change that person.

2. “I think I’m already late, so I will marry anyone who accepts me.”

Thinking about the ideal marriage age makes you impatient. 

This further makes you force the wrong person to get married.

3. “I don’t think I will get any better than him.”

Of course, you could meet. Feel confident about yourself. 

There’s the right person who accepts you as you’re. 

4. “I don’t marry for love, I want financial stability.”

Career and relationship are two different aspects, better not to mix them. 

This person comes with new expenses and not just extra household income, think about that, too. 

5. “I am so scared what if I will remain unmarried for life.”

It might be a chance to move out of the toxic relationship. 

But don’t think that you have no chance to meet someone right in the future. 

You just need to be more dateable

6. “I also want to make reels and videos with my partner.


You could do it by hiring a girlfriend or boyfriend to get this done. 

What’s the point of getting married then? 

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7. “I want to have a life partner right now, anyhow.” 

Maybe you feel pressured to marry someone for whatever reason. 

If you can’t see any positive ones, that means it’s the wrong reason to get married. 

9. “I need some change in life, everything is just getting regular.” 

Of course, marriage could give you change or it can change your life forever.

If you easily get bored, then you wish to get married every five years then.

As after some point things will be remain same again. 

9. “I’m advised that I should find someone to marry. As, I won’t ever be this young forever.” 

Of course, nobody stays the same.

But the right partner will make you feel alive forever, but the wrong one. 

10. “I know he’s not the perfect one for me. But we’ve spent many years together.”

There are people leaving jobs even after working for decades. 

Your happiness is more important than the time you spend understanding someone.

You have a whole life to think of. 

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When You Have Wrong Reasons For Marriage, Already…

If you find that you want to get married for one of these wrong, crazy, or horrible reasons, you better stop. 

And, think about where it can lead you in life. 

The marriage decision must be taken considering your mental, emotional and financial stability. 

Because if it’s mistaken, this impacts all areas equally. 

When you have the wrong reasons to get married, you must be patient and wait for the right person to meet at the right time.