Insta Caption & Short Quotes On Life Lessons

48 Insta Caption & Short Quotes On Life Lessons

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 06:12 am

Are you learning enough in life? Really, this life offers so many learning opportunities for us. And these Insta captions and quotes about life lessons and moving on discussing the same. 


Don’t limit such one-liner quotes and captions about life limited to random words only. 

These are actually ideas, concepts, and thinking that firstly change your approach and then can change your entire life. 

Such a list of short quotes on life lessons is enough to keep you focused on the right option. Indeed, it’s all about making the right choices at the right time.

And when you think of your future, rather than keep holding yourself back due to the past, then these lists of life-leaning captions and quotes will be a perfect match for you.


Quotes about Life lessons and moving on

It’s no fun to live in the past and keep thinking of something that isn’t beneficial to your future life.

Indeed, letting go of something is hard, but not impossible. And if you can’t release yourself from any regrets or failures, then this is a list of quotes about moving on in life, are just for you.

1. Stop reading old chapters of your life again and again. Your life is supposed to keep going and growing, rather than stopping at some stage. 

2. Things and people are never the same as your (negative) mind is trying to show it to you.

3. Never let your past failures hold you back from the future success that you’re destined to achieve. 

4. No matter what, just never let yourself feel down, just because of someone else who has doubts about you. 

5. Your life will no longer feel that stressful… when you finally learn how to let go of something

6. Want to achieve the desired success in life, then stop thinking about your failures. And count the lessons from that instead. 

7. You always have an option to make an impact. It’s just you who controls you from creating the future, thinking about the negative past. 

8. You can’t change your past. But yes, you are strong enough to change something related to your future

Quotes about Life lessons and moving on

9. When you start feeling confident about yourself and accept the way you are, you will realize the true meaning of happiness in life. 

10. Of course, you can do anything. Just stop thinking and start doing something. 

11. We are saying you to “move on” in life that doesn’t mean you have to forget everything, even the important lessons that were there for you. 

12. When you keep thinking and thinking… you will remain thinking later on too. 

13. You’re not lost. It’s you who decided to walk on someone else’s road. 

14. There are so many things in life to do, rather than regretting over and holding yourself back. 

15. Learn how to let it go and see how your life got changed in a second. 

16. Don’t expect too much. Dream about anything only if you want to do something.

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Short quotes on life lessons

When you’re on an edge to make a drastic change in your life, but that slight negativity stops you somewhere, then you need some short quotes about life learning.

Take a look at our next list, as these will surely inspire us to move forwards in life. 

1. Keep moving forwards and choose any path you choose to go in life. Because you’re a human and not a tree. 

2. It’s not about getting something done anyhow. It’s all about enjoying the process. 

3. There comes a time in life, when you have to make a bold move by yourself, without thinking about anyone else and without worrying over anything else. 

4. Want to do something for your life, then start today and not tomorrow. 

5. When you change your approach you will find an opportunity in the difficulties.

6. Every morning is itself a chance for you to do something for tomorrow.

7. Of course, every dream can come true…just start doing something for them as well.

8. Agree that letting go of something is hard, but it’s definitely worthwhile when something is stopping you.

Short quotes on life lessons

9. It’s not a time that heals everything in life…it’s just you who now understand the reality and start living with it.

10. ‘Move on’- is quite easy to say to someone. But, harder to follow when it’s for us.

11. Your time in life is precious. So make sure you have a person who is worth your time in life.

12. Time to turn the page. The page of life book… to see what’s new there for you.

13. Spend your time wisely. Make sure you spend less time on problems and invest that more on doing the right thing for your life.

14. It takes a lot of courage to let go of something in life. And if you can, then I truly appreciate you, my friend.

15. Stop expecting that you can change everything in life. Learn what’s there for you and what’s not.

16. Your present situation is not permanent… So never give up and keep trying.

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Insta captions about life lessons and learning

Well, life learning quotes are great.

But, do you want some life quotes for your Instagram post? Then here is the right list for you.

Here, you will find some fresh and unique Instagram captions about life and learning to keep you inspired in life.

1. Work and keep working. Things get better eventually when you do something than just thinking. 

2. You’re just one step away from making a great success in life and that is “one more try”. 

3. Don’t think of avoiding the problems in life, these problems have something valuable for you, like a lesson of life.

4. Accept the way people and situations are, and never expect too much other than yourself. 

5. No matter whether you do something for them or not, some will never feel happy and some will never expect any extra from you. 

6. You begin. You try. You fail. You learn. You grow. You succeed. 

7. In the future, you will be really happy and confident about yourself, because you’ve let it go at the right time. 

8. People will come and go. But some will stay there for you and some leave after giving you a lifelong message. 

Insta captions about life lessons

9. It’s better to fail. At least you’re moving forward and not just thinking of the past.

10. Your Real life starts as you step out of your comfort zone. 

11. Relax, it’s just a single day that is bad. Don’t act as if your whole life is bad. 

12. Thank them who rejected you and said no to you. Only because of them, you can do it and get to know your true potential. 

13. Don’t give too much present time to your past, that you don’t have enough time to build your future. 

14. Learn a lot or Hurt a lot. Make your choice wisely. 

15. Believe that you can change your life. You have the power to do anything you want. Just never let anyone or even your negative emotions spoil every opportunity there is for you. 

16. Trust someone blind and you will have a person of life. And, if not then definitely a lesson of life.

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So, what’s the most important lesson you learned from life?

Well, these are some of the best short Instagram captions and quotes on life lessons that we want to share with you. 

And we hope you love these short quotes… as much as we love while writing them for you. 

Do you have any special insta caption about life or probably short quotes on life lessons? Then let us know in the comment section below.