Unique Mind and Heart Quotes

79 Mind and Heart Quotes (The Battle and The Peace)

Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 02:22 pm

Find unique mind and heart quotes that present the routine battle between them, as well as what they’re trying to say with their different perspectives. And, we are not just talking about the ‘battle’ within but also the ‘balance’ quotes about brain vs heart that help you to make the best use of your ‘logical’ thinking and ‘gut’ feelings. 


It is not easy to make a decision when your heart wants one thing and your mind thinks of another. 

But you can avoid confusion if you listen to both carefully at first.

We neither solely advise you to follow your heart nor let the mind take all the decisions. Hence, these quotes refer to the thinking and desire of your brain and heart separately. 

So that, you can understand the underlying message within and make the right choice. 


Fight Between Mind and Heart Quotes

We mostly feel stuck when what we think and how we feel are completely different. 

And in the routine battle of deciding which side to pick, here are some quotes about conflicts between mind and heart for you. 

Fight Between Mind and Heart Quotes

1. Believing in yourself shows you follow your heart. Accepting yourself shows you know to use your mind, too. 

2. Heart always thinks of short-term happiness, while the mind focuses on long-term comfort. And that’s why there’s conflict most of the time. 

3. Don’t force yourself to love it when you don’t feel it. When your mind says that something is not working out, see what’s missing and why it’s not working out. 

4. If you are on something and something is stopping you, see what’s that. Start working on it because your mind is helping you to reach your desires in your heart. 

5. Passion and patience come from the heart, persistence from thoughtful decisions. 

6. Your heart has all the answers to what you want in life. But, your mind has the solution for everything, letting you be aware of your needs and desires. 

7. When you listen to your heart, that’s enough to take the first steps. While your mind is always there to help you in the following journey. 

8. For dreams and goals, look into your heart. For solutions and planning, check into your mind. 

9. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to your heart or check your minds, everything is going to be alright. Because they both know you very well.

10. Take your heart as the map to your destination, while your mind is the fuel to your vehicle. The combination of both will never leave you lost.

11. Although your heart always reveals what makes you happy, your mind always shows you the logic behind that. And, that can’t be ignored.

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Balance of Heart and Mind Quotes

Maintaining a balance between your thoughts and feelings is not an easy task. 

However, sometimes you have to think of all aspects when following your dreams. Next, we have a list of quotes about balancing heart and brain to accomplish the best.

Balance of Heart and Mind Quotes

1. The one who knows how to balance their mind and heart successfully knows how to manage themself and their whole life. 

2. Use your heart to see the probabilities and take your mind to check the possibilities. 

3. The heart’s purpose is to love rather than think. The mind’s work is to think, not to love without any reason. So don’t think with your heart and love with your mind.

4. The relationship between heart and mind is awesome, it always has some excitement to feel but also worries to think about. 

5. When you love someone, do it with all your heart. When you support someone, do it with all your mind. 

6. Don’t blindly follow your heart, it doesn’t know or think about everything, it just feels.

7. Have dreams with your heart and set the goals for those dreams with your mind. 

8. Heart comes with desires and dreams, but the mind comes with a checklist to remove unnecessary things, so you can achieve what is important. 

9. I wish I could do all my heart wants me to, but I can’t deny that my mind is talking facts. 

10. No one can beat you and stop you from achieving great goals when you know to use your brain and heart the right way. 

11. Your heart helps you start, your mind keeps you going. But, when you’re in trouble, both come together to guide you. 

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Funny Heart vs Brain Quotes and Sayings

Well, the battle between heart and brain sometimes makes the person in uncomfortable or hilarious situations. 

So, in the following list, you will find some funny heart and mind quotes that express the confusing situation that one feels due to separate viewpoints.  

Funny Heart vs Brain Quotes and Sayings

1. Heart always wants anything, no matter what, while the mind thinks of every positive and negative aspect. And so, you feel confused later on. 

2. Heart loves everything it sees. Because the heart has no idea how much money is in the pocket, but the brain does.

3. When you have time in life to experience, follow your heart. When you have no time to experiment, think from your mind. 

4. Zombies eat the brains, not the heart. It’s humans who hurt the other person’s heart the most. 

5. You don’t need a brain to fall in love with someone. You get to know its value when you finally get married for five years and now have kids at home. 

6. Don’t blame your mind for negative thoughts. Sometimes, it only stops you from making reckless decisions. 

7. If you keep your mind and heart letting you be confused, someone else will come and steal your plan while you’re still doubting your abilities.

8. Heart: Your crush has a crush on you. Mind: Nope.

9. When your heart and brain are fighting I suggest you do nothing, just listen to who is shouting loud.

10. Always follow your heart when you are in the creative field. But, if you are in the financial or health industry, consider whatever your mind says. 

11. Your heart: You can do it. Where your mind: Yes, you can. But, only under the following circumstances.

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Inspirational Mind and Heart Quotes

You can achieve the best outcome when you merge your ideas from the head and your emotions from the heart.

The next list of quotes will help you feel inspired and motivated while choosing the right decisions with the best use of your brain and gut feeling. 

Inspirational Mind and Heart Quotes

1. Not sure what you want from life, follow your heart. Not sure how to work on something you want, use your mind. 

2. Minds and Hearts are nothing but organs. The real troublemakers are your inability to distinguish the needs and desires.

3. Right now, you need to stop listening to others who don’t know about your dreams and abilities. Just listen to your heart and mind. 

4. People will look at you for inspiration when you follow your heart. But they will come to you for advice when they know you have a mind. 

5. The brain always needs some information to form ideas and thinkings. But, heart, it just generates everything within, without prior research. 

6. If you are young I always advise you to listen to your heart. And if you’re older, I highly recommend you listen to what your mind says. 

7. All regrets and pain are stored in the heart, not in the brain. But only the brain knows how to recover from it. 

8. All the weapons in the world are created by the minds, not hearts. But still, in the end, the hearts who have to suffer only. 

9. Heart sees no logic, but your mind can and it eventually helps you do anything crazy or beyond your limits. 

10. Follow your heart and others will feel inspired or motivated by you. Listen to your mind and others will respect you. 

11. I neither listen to the brain nor the heart. I only listen to the one who comes first with this proposal. 

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Always Follow Your Heart Quotes

If you belong to that passionate group that just follows the heart and thinks nothing extra, then you will certainly live this list of heart-over-mind quotes and sayings. 

This list we dedicate to all those who are driven by their passion and feeling in their heart.

Always Follow Your Heart Quotes

1. Whatever your heart feels isn’t right. Whatever your mind thinks isn’t accurate. 

2. When you follow your heart and do what you want to do, success is guaranteed. 

3. The only reliable and ultimate option is, Follow your heart. 

4. Always follow your heart but don’t forget to check what your mind is saying. 

5. Don’t get confused between the battle of mind and heart; they are just doing what they are good at. 

6. My only two best friends are brain and mind. But when they fight I feel lonely and lost in life. 

7. Dear heart, don’t be so sad. You have no idea when the mind can feel it’s a good idea.

8. You can not replace the position of legs with the hands. The same goes for the brain and heart. 

9. Heart is the friend who is ready for no matter whichever the plan is. And your mind is that friend who always denies the plan, habitually.

10. What the heart can think, the brain doesn’t feel that. 

11. Mind or heart, whatever you follow or check. Make sure that your decisions are purely yours and no one else. 

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Mind Over Heart Quotes and Sayings

Well, some prefer logical thinking before making any irrational decisions. 

For those who are thinkers and planners, we prepared these mind quotes to encourage their sharp reasoning over simply drawing to gut feeling alone.

Mind Over Heart Quotes and Sayings

1. Maybe right now they’re advising you to follow your heart, but when you fail eventually, later the same people may say ‘you needed to use your brain, too’. 

2. The battle between heart and mind either creates the mystery of time or the history of a lifetime. 

3. Dear brain, don’t act too smart, you have no idea what hearts can do. 

4. The heart does not ask for a reason why it loves something or someone, it just does. But, the mind always takes time and finds the reason before doing or following anything. 

5. Heart is like my best friend who always has some awesome plans for me. But, my brain is my true friend who is always by my side, even when it’s no longer fun anymore.

6. No matter whatever the situation is, the heart has only one plan-A, that’s it. While the mind has to think of the rest from plan-B to plan-Z. 

7. Your brain either works in the full capacity or the half, but the heart works at its best or does not work at all. 

8. Although you may feel that your mind is always full of negative thoughts, keep in mind that it could save you from being in a troubling situation. 

9. Without a brain you can somewhat manage to live on this planet. But without a brain, you won’t survive a second. 

10. Brain does one thing best that sometimes separates you from the rest. While heart, it eventually makes you pair with someone anyhow. 

11. Hearts seek joy in everything, the mind seeks reasons in everything.

12. When you know to balance between mind and heart, you successfully can overcome any challenges in your life. That’s for sure. 

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Peace of Mind and Heart Quotes

For those who very well know how to follow their heart and how to make the best use of their mind, our next list of quotes is just for them. 

In this list of mind and heart quotes, you find the sayings about balancing your feelings and thinking to make the best results for you. 

Peace of Mind and Heart Quotes

1. Hearts give you a goal. But, it’s the mind’s job to decide how to reach that goal. 

2. every time your heart beats and mind ticks it is the chance for you to make something out of your life. 

3. To fill your account with money you need to first fill your heart with desires and the mind with lots of best ideas. 

4. When you make mindful choices, you can make the most of yourself. And your heart is where most things stay within. 

5. It’s a good idea to follow your heart and do whatever it says. Plus, it’s the perfect idea when you use your mind to see the logic and understand the possibilities. 

6. When you do what your heart wants, you get happiness. When you do what your mind plans, you get success. Use both wisely and you will get happiness from your success. 

7. I don’t just jump to the conclusion that the mind is right or the heart. I always take time to decide whose idea is the good one and then work accordingly. 

8. Stop choosing the one among the mind and heart. Think from all aspects and do what’s right for you now and in the future.

9. Go in with all your heart or don’t do it at all. But at least listen to your mind, whether it’s suggesting you the better option or protecting you from the threats. 

10. Making decisions solely by following the brain or solely by following the heart can lead to the worst or the greatest outcomes.

11. It’s not the fight between heart and brain, whatever they are doing, they want to support you to become successful and happy at the same time. 

12. Mind needs the right time and right things to do something, the heart only needs the right person.

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Final thoughts: 

We hope you liked these unique hearts and brain quotes that we wrote for you. 

We are often told to follow our hearts, but sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to what your mind is trying to convince you or be aware of. 

Not every thought from the mind is there to stop you from doing what your heart demands. But sometimes, it’s there just to ensure the possibilities of that. 

All the best you can do is, Learn how to adjust your thinking and feeling correctly. 


In the end, after these unique minds and Heart quotes, we want to ask you: Which drives you more, logical thinking or a gut feeling? A Mind or a heart?