Tricky & Funny Who is Most Likely To Questions List

184 Juicy and Funny “Who is Most Likely To” Questions To Ask

Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 06:59 pm

Well, playing question games like “Who is most likely to-” is a good choice to have fun with your friends or family.

Plus, it also offers you a chance to see how well you know each other.

In this unique collection of who is most likely to questions, you will find the lists of funny, interesting, dirty yet appropriate questions for having fun together whether on the weekend or get-together party. 


Of course, Two truths and a lie game, Would you rather, Never I have Ever, or this ‘most Likely questions games’ are not limited to party games alone. 

But, such games can be a good way to learn more about someone from your family, your siblings, at school, work, or even to start a conversation with someone. 

So, whether you want to play this game with your friends at home, with siblings or cousins at a family function, or with your fellow couple friends at a long vacation, we have the best questions for every situation. 

However, there is only one condition. 

Be honest and accept their point of view when they are correct. And don’t feel hurt, it’s just a game after all. 


Best Who is Most Likely To Questions for Any Situation

A great thing about the most likely question game is that it can be played with anyone with whom you have a strong relationship already or with whom you wish to develop one. 

The game is interactive, revealing many things about each other. And, the key lies in asking the right questions. 

Here is the first list with some of the best questions to ask anyone playing this game. 

Who is most likely to…

1. … run and win the marathon?

2. … win the lottery prize?

3. … show up at work/school without bathing?

4. … hide the most things from others?

5. … envy others’ success and achievements? 

6. … become a crazy person in a minute?

7. … get angry for no reason?

8. … achieve fame and success? 

9. … become the rich and stay the rich? 

10. … go bald first among our group? 

Best Who is Most Likely To Questions for Any Situation

11. … fumble a lot at important events? 

12. … have bad luck every time? 

13. … lose themselves in daily life struggles? 

14. … become a monk or religious leader? 

15. … be on the television reality show?  

16. … make the most of their life? 

17. … go to any limits for the money? 

18. … get the most job rejections? 

19. … trick everyone with their smartness?

20. … own a villa first among the group?

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Funny Who is Most Likely to Questions for Adults

Don’t want to waste your weekend watching a boring show? Why not play the most likely question games with your friends when they’re all here together?

That’s a good idea, but now you’re thinking of some hilarious questions to ask. 

Nothing to worry about, here’s the list of the funny most likely questions to begin playing with friends over the weekend for great funny moments.

Who is most likely to…

1. … hide the food when we visit their home? 

2. … have the funniest pet names from family?

3. … be a secret agent from the enemy nation? 

4. … have the fakest smile in our group? 

5. … pee themselves watching a horror movie?

6. … get addicted to Netflix? 

7. … stay active on social media most of the time?

8. … have the craziest bachelor party? 

9. … have the most boring conversation with? 

10. … cancel every plan at the last moment? 

Funny Who is Most Likely to Questions

11. … forget their car keys in the car? 

12. … chat with other boys in the name of girls? 

13. … become the worst pet owner? 

14. … never return a favor? 

15. … get motivation from an unusual source? 

16. … become a micromanaging boss? 

17. … steal money from their own home? 

18. … be the worst person to spend a weekend with? 

19. … watch childhood cartoons still? 

20. … get slapped the most for asking nonsense questions?

21. … become the Disney voice-over artist? 

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Interesting Who is Most Likely to Questions for Kids

Apart from some party fun, this ‘most likely…’ game can be a lot of fun for kids who are excited about everything.

Likewise, as parents or as a family member, you want to have some right questions before playing this game. 

And this list is the whole dedicated list we’ve prepared for the same purpose.

Refer to the perfect most likely game questions list that includes some interesting and creative questions you can ask kids or teens for a game day.

Who is most likely to…

1. … become a doctor?

2. … get the top score in the house?

3. … cry when lost in public?

4. … finish every food in the refrigerator?

5. … have two degrees first?

6. … become an artist?

7. … play more than two musical instruments?

8. … become a scientist at NASA? 

9. … bunk a school for anything? 

10. … serve the nation as a public servant? 

Interesting Who is Most Likely to Questions for Kids

11. … get caught eating in a class? 

12. … have the most interest in maths?

13. … become president one day? 

14. … spend most of the time in a library? 

15. … get punished at school every single day? 

16. … have creative minds? 

17. … lose their stuff at schools? 

18. … enjoy styling more than playing? 

19. … forget to do their homework always? 

20. … read more books in a week?

21. … enjoy the most at the school than home? 

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Good Who is Most Likely to Questions for Siblings

A game like this is the perfect choice when your siblings or cousins feel bored at home and you all want to make some best time together. 

Particularly when your cousins and you meet after a long time, or your siblings with whom you rarely spend time during a busy week… this is your chance to learn more about each other. 

You can use this list of great most likely to game questions list to play with your cousins or siblings. 

Who is most likely to…

1. … spend their life the best way?

2. … visit the foreign country among the family? 

3. … settle in a distant country?

4. … going to marry first in the house?

5. … buy the new house first?

6. … have the worst phobia?

7. … faint while skydiving? 

8. … remain a bathroom singer for life?

9. … hide food from their siblings?

10. … travel to most countries? 

Good Who is Most Likely to Questions for Siblings

11. … stuck themselves in the bathroom?

12. … have the best IQ in the family?

13. … own a car first in the family?

14. … have a great presence of mind? 

15. … have the solution for almost everything? 

16. … make the parents happy and proud

17. … lose on every family vacation? 

18. … get mature before anyone else?

19. … have patience in the hard times? 

20. … manipulate the parents to get things done? 

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Great Who is Most Likely to Questions for Friends

Whether you’re planning a get-together party or weekend fun, you want to make sure everyone has fun.

Plus as a handy option, here are a few fun most likely questions to consider before you host the party at your home. 

Because the next list contains some funny and unique most likely game questions to ask your friends, this is the perfect list for having a memorable weekend time together. 

Who is most likely to…

1. … age well or the worst among the group?

2. … leave this group first?

3. … go broke in the nearest future?

4. … get behind the bar first?

5. … have a secret crush on their best friend? 

6. … behave too proud of themselves?

7. … have the worst job interview experience ever? 

8. … have the weirdest TikTok posts? 

9. … fall in love with their boss? 

10. … backstab a friend when the time comes?

Great Who is Most Likely to Questions for Friends

11. … get infected with the zombie virus?

12. … stay at home on weekends? 

13. … reject the plan or say no to anything? 

14. … have the maximum number of fake social media accounts? 

15. … get fired from the job for weird reasons? 

16. … have trouble saying ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’?

17. … still, have a crush on a school teacher? 

18. … show-off and then fail miserably? 

19. … have the highest number of crushes in life? 

20. … cry after doing some pranks or jokes with?

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Cute Who is Most Likely to Questions for Couples

You are going to love this list, if you have a large circle of friends that includes many engaged, married, and relationships- couples.

So, in this most likely game questions list, you will find cute, and loving questions that relate to your friends’ love lives. 

Additionally, this perfect list will help you have fun with your closest friends, sometimes sharing stories about your relationship or learning more about your partner. 

Who is most likely to…

1. … forget the most important day of the relationship?

2. … fall in love so easily? 

3. … win the partner of the year award?

4. … live with their parents after marriage?

5. … make the perfect partner, the soulmates?

6. … have a long-lasting relationship?

7. … forget the ring on the wedding day? 

8. … change after their marriage? 

9. … see the more romantic movies together? 

10. … have the most unusual proposal? 

Cute Who is Most Likely to Questions for Couples

11. … look like childhood friends turned into a couple?

12.  … have the most failed relationship? 

13. … take so much time to get ready for events? 

14. … visit Paris within the first year of their marriage? 

15. … have the most awesome honeymoon? 

16. … make the move in approaching their partner? 

17. … have the most inspiring love stories?

18. … marry the last in our group?

19. … become great parents?

20. … start a new life together in a foreign country?

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Juicy Most Likely to Questions to Ask while Game Time

Well, it needs to be an engaging and fun game. There is no need to ask dull and routine questions that make no sense at all. 

You all are friends or want to have the best time together, right? 

Here is the next list of questions that you can use to have some good times playing the ‘who is the most likely game’ with your friends at home, at a party, or virtually. 

Who is most likely to…

1. … meet their celebrity crush for the first time? 

2. … survive the zombie apocalypse? 

3. … be chated in a relationship so badly?

4. … have the worst tinder bio?

5. … use the cheesy and best pick-up lines on girls?  

6. … be a gold digger? 

7. … cry when watching an emotional scene?

8. … have a criminal mind?

9. … steal towels and soup from the hotels? 

10. … marry a foreign partner? 

Juicy Most Likely to Questions to Ask

11. … have a bad taste in their choices?

12. … be aware of their looks and style?

13. … get to any limits for winning? 

14. … gossip a lot at work? 

15. … overreact and overact at everything?

16. … destroy this planet with superpowers?

17. … have the west habits to tolerate?

18. … get hungry before anyone else in the group? 

19. … become a great villain in movies?

20. … turn into the scariest ghost?

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Dirty Who is Most Likely to Questions to Ask with CARE

If you have those closest friends who know your nature and every dark secret you have, it is sometimes fun to rewind those wildest memories once more. 

Watch out before moving ahead with this dirty most likely questions list, as it includes some personal and sensitive topics that are not safe for work or when the family is around. 

But, having a best friend around and with the same experience, is a good list to follow.

Who is most likely to…

1. … die a virgin?

2. … kiss most awkwardly?

3. … have the highest number of one-night stands? 

4. … sleep early on the first night? 

5. … flirt with their friend’s mom or dad? 

6. … cheat on their partner for a friend? 

7. … have the dirtiest mind?

8. … have the worst date experience?

9. … remain dissatisfied for life?

10. … get naked for one million dollars?

Dirty Who is Most Likely to Questions to Ask

11. … have an addiction to watching ‘that’ movie?

12. … have very dirty and dark fantasies? 

13. … hook up with the older partner? 

14. … come to the party without undies? 

15. … embarrass their partner at the big events? 

16. … have more than two partners to feel satisfaction? 

17. … have the membership of the strip clubs? 

18. … change their partner many times in a month?

19. … visit the nude beach first from our group?

20. … think of an ex when doing it with their current partner? 

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Ice-breaking Who is Most Likely to Questions for Social media

In the age of online dating and social media websites, you need to have the right topic to initiate a conversation with someone online.

Whether you chat with someone online or wish to play an icebreaker game with them, most likely a question game is the right approach. And for the complete stranger, follow these Interesting questions to ask strangers

Here in this list, you’ll find some of the most interesting and cool who is most likely- questions that you could ask your followers, friends, or the person you’d like to date one day.

Who is most likely to…

1. … become the top influencers in five years?

2. … makeover their whole look the next year? 

3. … cut off the connection for no reason?

4. … become a chubby person due to overeating?

5. … do the kindest activities ever?

6. … say the truth on the face no matter how hard it is?

7. … take the most time to create the perfect post?

8. … visit the space and get lost there forever?

9. … interrupt everyone on the serious talk?

10. … act smart but later ask dumb questions?

Most Likely to Questions for chatting and dating

11. … be a secret superhero or villain?

12. … score the best in an exam without preparing?

13. … succeed with their new year resolutions

14. … work for an animal shelter or care center?

15. … propose to their crush before the valentines?

16. … mislead someone with their nonsense talk? 

17. … cheat the most during this or any other game?

18. … pretend a strong while being a coward inside?

19. … forget their driving license while driving?

20. … put others in trouble for no reason? 

21. … get a punch in the face from Tyson?

22. … achieve the 100K followers on Instagram first before anyone else?

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Final thoughts

Like many other party games, the ‘who is most likely-’ game is the best idea over routine activities like playing video games or binge-watching television.

To get started, all you need to do is choose the appropriate set of questions.

Based on the participants, choose the right topic to discuss and good questions to ask. 

In this article, we have focused on every aspect from family members, kids, cousins, partners, and friends, and prepared this unique list. 

Also, this is the ultimate list that covers every aspect that you can use to play the game.


Feel free to use the right set of who is most likely to questions for your game time and have some best moments together!