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176 Crazy And Deep What If Questions To Ask [For Friends and Couples]

Last updated on February 7th, 2023 at 05:17 pm

A hypothetical “What If…” question game leads you to have unique and stimulating conversations with someone.

If you’re looking for some icebreakers or something great to talk about with your friends or loved ones, then here are the crazy, deep and funny what if questions to ask from kids to couples.

By discussing such creative ideas and thoughts these topics allow, you open up a whole new world of imagination. 


What If… Questions Game

When you don’t have a topic in mind for what to discuss with your friends or you’re looking for some new and good questions to ask, it might be worth asking somewhat if-questions. 

Such questions are not your typical get-to-know-you questions, but allow you to be creative.

Answers to What if questions are never predefined. The possibilities for such answers are endless.

It depends on how clever and imaginative one can be with their answers. 

Have you ever wondered how deep your partner can think or how crazy your friends’ imaginations are?

Then, refer to this ultimate collection of best what-if questions that suit almost every scenario.

All right, Let’s get started.


Nice What if Questions to Ask a Girl

With the first list, you will find some perfect what-ifs to ask a girl when you are about to initiate the conversation or simply want to discuss some cool things with her. 

Best what if questions to ask a girl

What if you were a queen bee? 

What if you found yourself on the top of the Burj khalifa? 

What if this entire planet becomes a place without a man? 

What would you do if a celebrity fell in love with you? 

What if you could paint the entire world as you wish? 

What if you could turn everything into gold by simply touching it? 

What if you get everything you want just by thinking about it? 

What if the roles of man and woman were reversed? 

What if you could transport yourself in any human form? 

What if televisions and all entertainment options are no more there? 

What if you could go back five or ten years in your life? 

What if we can grow money and have trees of that? 

What if no one wants to have a friendship with you?

What if you’re hired as the manager of an international celebrity? 

What if you only had one job throughout your life?

What if we can talk with each other in just emojis? 

What if you can start over your life as many times as you could? 

What if you discovered that you were in the middle of a zombie outbreak? 

What if you can travel anywhere you want in just one minute? 

What if you found that you’re a healer for the earth?

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Good What if Questions to Ask a Guy

When you want to know how fast and effective a guy can think, you can use this set of what-if questions that allow you to discover more about him. 

Good what if questions to ask a guy

What if it rains beer instead of water?

What if you could run at the speed of light? 

What if you forgot your memory? 

What if we can travel to space as far as we can? 

What if there were no money on earth? 

What if everyone who knows you forget about you? 

What if you could predict the future?

What if we live in a world without any facilities we’ve right now? 

What if all of us became superheroes with unique skills?

What if you turned into a girl when you woke up the next day? 

What if you become a celebrity? Which would you like to be?

What if no one can see you anymore?

What if all the technology suddenly disappeared from Earth? 

What if dinosaurs returned to earth as they once existed? 

What if we are in the cage instead of the animal?

What if you are stranded on a lonely island? 

What if you were the only living person on earth? 

What if we all live as long as we want? 

What if we could relive every memory that we have? 

What if you remember every single details that happen in your life? 

What if the next day you wake up and found that you’re on the moon? 

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Interesting What if Questions for Students

If you want to know how sharp the kids at home are or if you want to ask some great questions to students at school, here is a list of what-if questions to ask those genius minds. 

Interesting what if questions for students

What if you could fly like a bird? 

What if we humans never evolved from monkeys? 

What if the first and second world wars never happened? 

What if we humans and every living thing never die? 

What if the animals could talk? 

What if we went back to bartering again? 

What if the night never comes and it’s sunny the whole day?

What if the weekends are gone forever? 

What if a day lasted longer than a month? 

What if the foods and water from the earth are no more available? 

What if there were no animals and birds there on earth anymore? 

What if you can travel to the moon without any suits on? 

What if we can touch the sun and can rotate it the way we want?

What if we can travel to other countries without any passport? 

What if we live in a world where pokemon do exist? 

What if you were born during ancient times, back in centuries? 

What if you get a chance to meet Albert einstein? 

What if you’re the first person who visited the moon? 

What if we could live and travel to mars just as we can anywhere on earth? 

What if your life suddenly transforms into your favorite game? 

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Funny What if Questions to Ask Your Friends

Your closest friends let you discuss whatever you like. To have a weird and crazy discussion with friends, here are some fun what if questions to ask in your free time or weekend gathering. 

Funny what if questions for friends

What if you suddenly became king of this country overnight? 

What if you found that your grandparents have a secret treasure somewhere? 

What if the next day you found that your parents are now your kids? 

What if we can go to any century and time we can go? 

What if you become the richest person on the planet? 

What if you wake up and see that you’re completely changed by your look? 

What if you can play any instrument you touch? 

What if the doraemon’s anywhere door exists? 

What if you know every single language on earth, but forget the one you know already? 

What if you eventually become fifteen years older or younger? 

What if a ghost came out of the televisions as we saw in a movie? 

What if you realized that you are dead? 

What if you lost all your teeth? 

What if you found yourself on the alien planet the next morning? 

What if you win the lottery worth a million dollars? 

What if you became the principal and your teachers are your students now? 

What if you found that you are the terminator? 

What if you jump out of the plane and realized you’ve not had a parachute? 

What if you become allergic to your favorite food? 

What if your mind stops working? (Or sorry, it already isn’t working)

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Flirty What if Questions to Ask Your Crush

You have many things to share with your crush. But, save it for the right moment. Instead, you can ask hypothetical questions to ask your crush’s love interests and desires to collect as early hints to gain better insights via these what-if scenarios.  

Flirty what if questions to ask your crush

What if you never get married?

What if you get a chance to meet your crush? 

What if when I say that I have a crush on you

What if you fall in love with someone who doesn’t know your language? 

What if you got the chance to meet your celebrity crush? 

What if we both are the only living person on earth? 

What if you become a mermaid? 

What if you have that ability to catch others’ mind and heart desires? 

What if you have to decide between beauty and intelligence? 

What if the genie asks you for the three wishes? 

What if when we get married one day? 

What if you could change something about yourself? 

What if you found that we both are bound to be together for life?

What if when you wake up next time you found yourself in a new country? 

What if you found yourself becoming a famous personality? 

What if you have to move to a new country, which country it would be? 

What if you got the ability to trick anyone to fall in love with you? 

What if your parent selects me to marry you? 

What if everyone around us sees us as more than just ‘friends’? 

What if God comes into your dream and informs you that your life is meant to remain single?

What if I have a secret crush on you and everyone knows about that except you? 

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Deep What if Questions for Couples

Together, you two have excellent chemistry. After all, you are a power couple, right? So, here are some deep and serious what-if questions to ask your partner, boyfriend, and girlfriend to test your bonding and level of commitment. 

Deep what if questions for couples

What if we never got married? 

What if we were siblings instead of couples? 

What if we have to wait a long time to get married? 

What if I cheated on you or you do the same to me? 

What if our proposal would be at the Eiffel tower? 

What if both of our parents also move with us to the same house? 

What if someone approached you to merry before me?

What if we become a celebrity couple, who would we be? 

What if you have to choose between our relationship or your career? 

What if I have a dog allergy and you want to have a dog? 

What if you saw that I’m falling in love with someone else? 

What if I suddenly stopped talking to you? 

What if you found someone beautiful or richer than me? 

What if I bought a private villa for you? 

What if I forget that’s it’s your birthday or our marriage anniversary? 

What if we only got one date to take the final decisions of our relationship? 

What is our relationship is a long-distance one? 

What if we both are from different cultures and different countries? 

What if we never meet each other? 

What if I said no to your proposal? 

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Crazy What if Questions for a Weird Conversation

Would you like to add more weirdness and craziness to your discussion? Then this is the list of crazy what-if to ask especially your best friends or the one in your circle who is creative by nature.

Crazy what if questions for a weird conversation

What would you do if you found yourself in the belly of a blue whale? 

What if you touched anyone and they became just like you? 

What if the powerful nations right now disappear from the earth? 

What if we humans have the horns like porcupines? Could we do ‘that’?

What if everyone on earth has two heads? 

What if you found out the next morning that you had given eggs? 

What if you can transform yourself into anything from other animals to stuff?

What if you’re appointed to maintain the peace on earth?

What if Thanos asked for your help to eliminate the half universe?

What if you can determine the age and life of others? 

What if you found out that you were live broadcasted from your bathroom? 

What if the five years from your life are just gone anyhow? 

What if you lose everything you learned from speaking to writing and reading? 

What if your sound suddenly changed to the most annoying sound?

What if you found that you become tiny as ants? 

What if God assigned you to start a new life on earth? 

What if the earth and moon replace their place?

What if you can replace your private parts with anything else? 

What if there’s a button on every one of us to turn them on/off? 

What if the whole world is about to destroy in two hours? 

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Best What if Questions about Life

No matter to either friend, family members, office colleagues, or whoever you’re going to play what if questions game, here is the perfect list for you. This list covers life-related what if scenarios to discover someone’s best interests, desires, and fantasies.

What if questions about life

What if you have to start everything over again?

What if you discovered there are many versions of you in the multiverse? 

What if you can control the entire galaxy? 

What if you can change the life of others, but not yours? 

What if you are the first person to come on earth? 

What if your all online friends come to visit your place? 

What if you become the head of the finance department of the nation?

What if you never age and stay what you are right now? 

What if one day all animals select you to become their representative? 

What if you can help others to find the purpose of their life?

What if you found that your family no longer loves you? 

What if God appointed you to spread happiness and positivity on earth? 

What if you can travel to different times? 

What if you found that your parents abandoned you? 

What if we humans have three legs and two long teeth?

What if you found that your ancestors were historical philosophers? 

What if someone wants to write your autobiography? 

What if you are the tallest person on earth right now? 

What if you found that you will never die? 

What if everyone on earth starts to hate you for no reason? 

What if you have the ability to watch across the walls? 

What if your nation is at war and you have to join it? 

What if you can solve every problem on earth? 

What if you found that someone is living in your home secretly? 

What if there’s an invitation for you to join any reality show? 

What if you become the cartoon character from the 90s?

What if you have the ability to find everyone’s dark secret? 

What if the fantasy world in your mind becomes the reality? 

What if you have to exchange your life with someone else’s? 

What if people come to you to buy happiness

What if you are living two different lives at the same time?  

What if money is no more important in our life? 

What if we humans are never able to connect and converse with each other? 

What if your life has the greatest purpose for the entire earth? 

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Final thoughts

If you think that asking questions is too boring, you definitely want to try playing the what if questions game with someone. 

Although it’s a questions game, its creative and hypothetical approach allows players to put themselves in different situations and answer by using their creativity and imagination.

Use them as the perfect icebreaker questions or for having a good time conversation…

And this is the ultimate list of the funny, flirty and best ‘What if’ questions to ask your friends, family, kids, colleagues, or someone you met online.

There are so many things and possibilities you can think of with what if questions about your career, relationship, friendship, or life in general. 


With the unlimited possibilities of an answer, you can further exercise your creativity to think of as many what if scenarios type-questions as possible to have an awesome conversation with someone.