This or That Questions For Couples

192 [Funny, Romantic And Dirty] This or That Questions For Couples

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 05:50 pm

‘This or that’ question game is a fun & cute couple game that you can play with your partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Learn together why your relationship is so special with this perfect list of this or that questions for couples.

Overall, it makes your relationship even stronger after knowing such similarities and differences in opinions.


What is ‘This or That Couple Questions Game’? 

We have a list of all the ultimate ‘this and that couple questions’ for every mood. But before we get to that, let’s get an idea of what the game is all about. 

This or that is similar to the would you rather game, which involves questions with two options.

It could be anything from a person’s personality to their lifestyle, preferences, tastes, and choices. 

By making your partner choose between two choices, you give them a chance to express their honest opinion regarding what they like, dislike, prefer, or expect something in a certain condition. 

There is no right or wrong answer; it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner’s personal choice to pick the one they want. 

Next, depending on their responses, you get to find out something special, surprising, and strange about them that you didn’t already know.

With so many topics you can talk about with your partner, here we are going to share a separate list of all ‘this or that’ game questions for couples.

So that, you can ask the right questions to them depending on how you both feel and what information you want to know about each other. So. let’s get started. 

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Good This or That Questions For Couples

You have the desire to know each other more when you are just beginning a relationship. Don’t get too rushed and ask stupid or strange questions.

Instead, try this one appropriate this or that questions for developing a relationship. 

Good This or That Questions For Couples

Long-distance or Short Distance? 

Indoor or Outdoor? 

Family or Friends? 

Texting or Calling?

Friendship or Relationship?

Ford or Toyota?

BMW or Ferrari?

Car or Home?

Bar or Museum?

Movie or Stargazing?

Modern or Retro?

Funny or Clever? 

Constant support or Independence? 

Happiness or Money?

Successes or Fames?

Personality or Wealth? 

Time or Money?

Enjoyment or Responsibility?

Crazy or Cool?

Make a Move or Wait?

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Fun This or That Questions For Couples

Whenever you want to make your partner laugh or share a good time with them, all you need is the right topics or fun questions.

So, here are some funny this or that game questions that you can ask your partner to enjoy each other’s presence having witty fun. 

Fun This or That Questions For Couples

Who cooks the best: Mom or Wife?

Parents or Kids?

Love or Hate?

Pool Party or Small Gathering?

Night Out or Stay home?

One girl for a lifetime or New every three days? 

Alien or zombie? 

Dieting or Eating? 

Split the bill or Not at all? 

Cooking or Baking? 

Tiktok or Tinder?

Hinge or Bumble?

Rich or Get rich together? 

Readymade or Self-made? 

Working woman or Housewife? 

Your Parents or Mine? 

More than four children or Not a single one? 

Dream date or Dream house?

Cute girl or strong woman? 

Girl or woman? 

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Cute This or That Questions for Girlfriend

When you wish to find out more about your girlfriend or to plan a surprise for her special day, you need more information. and how do you get that with the right questions?

Check out these sweet this or that questions and make her feel admired in the cutest way. 

Cute This or That Questions for Girlfriend

Dogs or Boyfriends?

Shopping or Diving?

Tattoo or Piercing? 

Investing or Saving? 

Action or Romantic? 

Boyfriend or Brother?

Thriller or Animation?

One-piece or Two-piece?

Joint family or Independent? 

Living with your parents or Away from them? 

A Home loan or Car loan?

Fire or Ice?

Surprise or Co-plan?

Long drive or Shopping? 

Actor or Singer? 

DJ or Musician? 

Cooking or Ordering food?

Shorts or Skirts?

Truth or Dare?

Veg or Non-veg? 

Shy or Outgoing?

Summer vacation or Winter Vacation? 

Rock music or Soulful? 

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Nice This or That Questions for Boyfriend

Want to be sure that you are taking good care of your boyfriend or have a desire to know how the two are getting along so well?

Then, here are the caring this or that questions you can ask him so that you can treat him well for everything he’s doing for you. 

Nice This or That Questions for Boyfriend

Cats or Girlfriend?

Soccer or Sex?

Royal Enfield or Harley?

Naked Beach or Private pool?

Fishing or Golfing?

Date or Friends’ birthday?

Running or Jogging?

Girlfriend or Sister?

Passionate or Calm?

Sunset or Sunrise?

Hot or Cool?

Beard or Clean-shave?

One-night stand or a Serious relationship? 

Via cash or Card? 

Driving or Walking?

Hometown or New city? 

Plane or Boat?

Partner in a crime or File a complaint? 

A Hot shower or Cold shower?

Computer or Mobile?

Invisibility or Flying power? 

Money or Love? 

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Romantic This or That Questions for Couples

Well, valentine’s day is not enough to celebrate your loving relationship. The perfect day is every single day.

You want to make them feel loved and special by any means, by whatever chance you can get.

So here are some romantic this or that game questions to ask your partner when together to celebrate your unique connection. 

Romantic This or That Questions for Couples

Ideal on the first date: Kiss or Handshake? 

Painting or Picture?

Am I your baby or Honey? 

Beautiful voice or Hot body? 

Win the competition or Let her win? 

Arranged marriage or Love marriage? 

Navel or Neck?

Legs or Hands?

Fruit or Vegetable? 

Jam or Nutella?

Ghosting or Clear rejection? 

Looks or Character? 

Personality or Money? 

Playing or Watching? 

Homemade or Ordered? 

Complete dark or low light?

With clothes or Without?

Date: Twice a week or every day?

King size or Queen size?

Work or Workout?

Bird or Animal?

Give and take or Only take?

Dependent or Independent? 

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Deep This or That Questions For Married Couples

If you’re looking for deeper insights into your relationship or want to find out more about your partner, this is your list.

Here you will find the personal this or that questions to ask your spouse to know them better so that you can love them the best. 

Deep This or That Questions For Married Couples

Disneyland or Paris?

Pet or Kid?

Online or Offline?

Tall or Short?

Cruise or Theme park?

New home or New vehicle? 

Restaurant or Banquet? 

Self-control or Regret?

Documentary or Fiction? 

Soap or Liquid?

Concert or Art gallery? 

Museum or Club?

Rain or Sunny?

Night or Morning?

Christmas or Valentine?

Perfume or Powder?

Video or Audio? 

Yoga or Gym?

Divorce or Adjustments?

New city or A new country? 

Lottery or Secret treasure?

One dollar every morning or One million in a bank?

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Dirty This or That Questions for Couples

As a passionate couple, you wish to tease your partner, discover his fantasies, or fulfill her sexual desires in the best way possible.

And if you’re in situationship, there are some flirty text messages for friend with benefits to have dirty talk.

But, for the deeply in love couple, here are the dirty this or that couple questions to ask to ignite his or her passionate desires. 

Dirty This or That Questions for Couples

Diamonds or Other D?

Fat or Fit?

Bed or Against the wall?

Chubby or Toned?

Long or Thick?

Submissive or Dominating?

Sex before love or Love before sex? 

Shaved or Hairy?

Breast or Butt?

Kiss or Makeout?

On the face or In it?

Oral or Anal?

Sexting or Live-action?

Love or Sex?

Hair or Bald?

Romantic or Aggressive?

Bikini or Lingerie?  

Loud or Silent?

Magazine or Video? 

Oil or Water?

With it or Without it?

Sex: Desire or Need? 

Strawberry or Chocolate?

Romantic movie or Adult?

Standing or Laid down?

Face facing or Back?

Roleplay or Regular?

Goals or Holes?

Goal or Balls? 

Can wait for a partner or Anyone?

Date for laid down or a Serious relationship?

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Best This or That Questions For Couples

When taking your partner out for a date or sitting together for a late-night talk, you want to have some good chitchat with your partner.

And to make that time the best, here are some best this or that game questions that you can ask for an engaging conversation with your partner. 

Best This or That Questions For Couples

A Golden car or an equal amount of Money in cash? 

Successful lifestyle or Comfortable life?

Celebrity or Infamous rich? 

Bitcoin or Poperty?

Local police or FBI? 

First world war or Second? 

Smart ass or Round-ass? 

Bootylicious or Skinny? 

Caring girlfriend or Hot one? 

Rich boyfriend or Respectful? 

Rihanna or Lady gaga? 

Mile Cyrus or Nicky Minaj?

Horror or Romantic movie? 

Amazon or eBay? 

Artists or Businessmen? 

Model or Actor? 

Hungry or Angry?

Dragon or Dinosaur? 

Dieting or Tasty food? 

Labrador or German shepherd?

Chihuahua or Golden retriever?

Forgive or Forget? 

Son or Daughter?

Guitar or Piano? 

Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Aniston? 

President of the USA or Kind of England? 

Canada or France? 

Honest or Hottest? 

Vanilla or Chocolate? 

Mountains or Sea?

Sky or Land? 

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Why Do You Want to Play ‘This or That’ Game With Your Partner?

Simple. Because you want to improve your relationship. 

But that’s not all; by asking the right type of questions, you also get to understand your partner’s needs, learn about their preferences-choices, and even surprise them if they’d rather prefer hiking over going to a movie on their upcoming birthday.

When you play this or that game with your partner, you…

– Get to know how well you know each other.

– Both are having a good time doing something together, then watching TV.

– Together share a good laugh, exchanging funny reasons for such choices. 

– Understand the differences and celebrate the similarities as a couple. 

– Learn about the personal choices of your partner, that you should consider. 

– Can discover something more, something unique about your partner. 

To make it a fun game, you can ask the presented list of funny, romantic, dirty and overall the Best ‘this or that questions for couple’ as guessing games. 

Add some rules to follow like answer in five or ten seconds.

Or you can also add points to every correct assumption or when your both’s choices are the same. 

In the end, the one with the highest points will not only win this game but also going to get a surprise prize from a partner, (That treat or prize, you better decide what it could be).

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We have provided with you the best this or that couple questions, now it’s up to you to decide which set is perfect for you. What’s more, make sure you check your partner’s mood and situation in order to select the right question list.

Have a great time with your partner!