Irony Quotes About Life That We Live In Right Now

99 Irony Quotes About Life That We Live In Right Now

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 06:13 am

Looking for some Irony quotes and sayings? There you have it. Here sharing some ironic phrases that you will definitely agree with because that’s happening in today’s ‘so-called’ modern society. 


True enough, life never stays the same, it’s always evolving and every day comes full of surprises. 

But whether to take such an important lesson out of it or simply stay shocked is your choice. 

And if you belong to the first group who wants to be aware of such ironies of life a lot earlier, then we have something for you. 

Here you will find the ultimate list of ironic quotes and sayings that will definitely make you aware of such harsh realities of life so that you won’t be shocked anymore.  

To prepare you for such a hard situation even before it takes place, here we are going to share the bunch of lessons and things that we learned and combined here in the form of ironic sayings and quotes about life. 


The irony of life quotes and sayings

1. Everything else in life is fantasy, except for pain and suffering.

2. They will help you first and when knowing that you’re about to outrun them, they start becoming jealous of you and stop helping you from that point. 

3. Our world will be a lot better if we can provide happiness as easily as we can provide pain to others. 

4. Right now, you regret a missed opportunity. But, if you do that any longer, you will miss another opportunity. And then you will regret it again. 

5. You can be best friends until one of you succeeds first or until one of you finds love. 

6. While people show unity when complaining, protesting, or fighting with someone, they do not show unity even when helping a single person. 

Irony of life quotes

7. They will believe you when you lie or joke. But, you will have to convince them, while talking facts.

8. When they get to know that you have great patience… and everyone around will strive to challenge that.

9. If you’re passionate about something and can do without any money or return… Please never share it with your interviewer. You will thank us later. 

10. When you are an honest, genuine, and overall good person, people around always doubt your true self. No one believes that a person can be this good in such a harsh world. 

11. Most probably you will find yourself ignored, avoided, manipulated, or rejected, especially when you are the real person in the room. 

12. You have such a list of negative things life, that even make karma confused over how to punish you.

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Ironic quotes about life

1. We live in a harsh world, which gives a lonely person all the more reasons to stay alone forever.  

2. The irony is everywhere, but you can’t see it because it’s happening to you.

3. The irony of today is that we have the technology to kill the two birds at one shot, but not a cage to take them in the same one peacefully. 

4. If we also have achieved the same improvement in our minds, the same as in technology, then I think this  world will be more humane.

5. We all know that in the end, we all are going to die and still trying to make the perfect things from everything.

6. While our bodies only need a space the size of our bodies, we still desire to live in big houses during the journey to the grave.

Ironic quotes about life

7. Remember that, people ask questions not to learn something, but to check whether you know the correct answer or not? 

8. You never have to go searching for something bad…it comes to you anyway…But you always have to look outside for positivity and mental relaxation. That’s ironic. 

9. Do not think that I am ignoring your words or that you’re boring, but I just have a habit of listening with closed eyes like I am asleep. 

10. My neighbors are so lucky they can listen to every song without taking any subscription, but the only wrong thing is they have no chance to change the song. 

11. Any joke is one or either way laughable and not offensive… except when it’s about you. 

12. You don’t have to fix everything by yourself, sometimes you just need to place it as it was like earlier and let someone get busy with it. 

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Ironic quotes about love

1. To build trust, friendship, and skill, takes years, even decades, but it only takes one event, a girl, and failure to destroy all of it. 

2. The people are so strange. They can easily hide their love for someone… but can’t hide their hate for someone.

3. People screw each other’s lives and call it love. In the end, it is only the true lover who is totally being used and hurt due to being loyal in the relationship. 

4. First they love you like no one ever has, then they hate you like no one ever will. 

5. People will force you to change and when you finally change they will complain, you are changed. 

6.If you always pretend that someone is thinking of you and someone is seeing you from somewhere. But, the fact is no one has time for that and yes, you’re not that attractive, too.

Ironic quotes about love

7. Beer, drinks, and even smoking are always served to you… But, no one provides you fitness that easily, you have to go to the gym, by yourself. 

8. Each of us has a story in our heart that we know happened to us, but never share with others, not because we don’t want to…but because we don’t know how to express it.

9. If we humans stopped comparing ourselves with others and stopped striving to look better than others…the business of beauty products would be permanently closed.

10. You won’t get their attention if you love them, but if you hate them, you’ll always have their attention.

11. Some people say hate is the only weapon that kills humans. Well, I think it’s love that can kill both parties at once.

12. By one or another means we all are beggars, some just beg for money and some just beg for attention. 

13. Every relationship or friendship gives and takes, but the point is one always believes to give in and others never stop taking. 

14. You don’t always need heavy makeup to scare people. This Halloween, try to come out without any makeup that will be a lot better. 

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Funny irony quotes of today

1. If you have something important to share…be sure you know how to use clickbait.

2. Well, they were our guests but forgot to stop their car or didn’t know where to park. : A road accident victim, after meeting with a drunk, rich driver. 

3. The irony of a career is that they ask for experience.  But, they will never allow freshers who want to learn something and gain the required experience as they expect. 

4. In life, nothing happens when you’re ready, everything happens to make you ready. 

5. We know that we’re not going to take anything with us, but still, we strive to collect more and more. 

6. Even evil preferred to leave this planet knowing that we humans are going to give them tough competition. 

Funny quotes about irony

7. No, ask the foolish questions, it’s’ just them who changed the question after looking at you.

8. Well, the faster you get attached to bad habits. The more it will be difficult for you to have a positive habit to counter them.  

9. Although sarcasm won’t kill people, it will give them suffering until they die. 

10. Take money from the people you want them to remember you for a long time. 

11. There is no need to do everything on your own. Sometimes you have to hire another person(manager) to decide what should be done by the other people. : The Boss. 

12. Of course, mom will love her kids no matter whether they are strong, handsome, or beautiful or not…after all, she is the one who made them. 

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Quotes on irony of relationships

1. Everyone lies to one another, but no one wants it to happen to them. 

2. Time heals all wounds, they say. Ironically, it’s us who just accept reality and adjust to living with the pain in our hearts.  

3. Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be respected. But, they forget they can only receive it…. after they first give it. 

4. I am really confused, how can anyone be so rude, negative and an idiot like you and still laugh without thinking it makes them look ugly, too. 

5. A girl firstly falls in love with a jerk who doesn’t know how to love truly and blames every other guy thinking that they are the same. 

6. I don’t like to cut people off from my life because there are too many. I simply create the group and block them all at once. 

sayings and quotes of Irony of relationships

7. Want to make yourself go to a job without any complaint? Then, get married. I’m sure that you won’t mind working even on Sunday, thereafter.

8. If you want others to feel inspired to work dedicatedly, then admire them truly, like a leader, or simply start hurting them, like a boss. 

9. Want to keep all your secrets remain secret…simply don’t make a best friend then. 

10. It’s better to have to pay guests than just unwanted ones. Ideally, we’d like one to remain there for longer… and for another, praying to leave as soon as they arrive. 

11. Thanks for providing us with a live example of how not to be an unlikeable person.

12. I don’t know what you know or have heard about me, whether it’s good or bad… just for your kind information, I am more than that.

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Quotes and sayings about the Irony around

1. People who are at the lower level will try to pull you down and keep you there, so don’t expect them to lift you. 

2. The irony is the first one who says ‘good morning’ to you, on the way to your office desk,… is the one who is going to spoil your day later on. 

3. Indeed, I love my friends and everyone from my office, just when they aren’t around. 

4. Don’t think that people want to take pictures with you because you’re their friend or because you look great, but it makes them appear more attractive and younger. 

5. Well, there is no solution to backstabbing coworkers, either you change your job or just be like the one. 

6. Some people plan to settle on Mars, and I don’t even know which side is right or which is left. 

Quotes and sayings about irony of today

7. Let the crush remain forever, it’s much better than being closer and finding out that you two are so wrong about each other.

8. Some people can fake their whole life, relationship, career, and everything and here I’m not even passing the fake smile with anyone. 

9. You can call this one your insults, but that’s the reality of life that you have to accept. I am your genuine friend, but not some marketer who always talks good about anything that he has.

10. Every time I feel like I’m lost and not good enough to be on earth…  I simply turn to you and then I feel grateful for at least something. 

11. I wish that you go so far in your life that you never return or you are unable to see us from there. 

12. Don’t think that I’m careless or not paying attention to you, I just give up on myself and my ability to tolerate you.

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Ironic life quotes

1. Life is difficult for everybody, nothing stays well all the time… and there is the one somewhere who is trying to push the door that says pull. 

2. Smile until you have teeth, but I prefer smiling until I am not targeted by them. 

3. You spend money to get educated so that you can earn back the money you spent on that education. That’s ironic. 

4. You don’t need enemies to become stronger; you just need a few friends that become your worst enemies. 

5. The only person who can say that money can’t buy happiness is someone who missed a great deal on something they planned to buy.

6. Be yourself, that’s what you better not say to everyone…because someone is just what they are, an awful person.

The irony of life quotes, Ironic life quotes

7. Somewhere in the supermarket, a lost kid explaining to others that, his parents are lost somewhere in the market. 

8. The hardest part of life is when you have so many funny stories to tell but nobody is there to share or no one can understand them. 

9. I was thinking that we all are different and special in ourselves, and then I saw a video of a laboratory doing a post mortem of someone. Then I realized that we all are the same from the inside. 

10. If people know you by your work, that means you’re that hard-working person. If you are known by your name, that means you find some hard-working person to work for you. 

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Ironical quotes, phrases, and sayings

1. Things always keep happening whether we want it or not. But it’s just us who take all the credit when it works and blame it on luck when it doesn’t. 

2. Friends can cause more destruction to your life than a known enemy. 

3. Our life is such an ironic thing, it puts pressure on ourselves to make us realize how strong we are, and leaves us alone to make us realize what we can do alone. 

4. Those who advise you to be yourself are the ones who already don’t like what you are right now. 

5. I really like the irony of life. It makes you aware of the harsh reality in such a hilarious way that makes you laugh at your situation but ends up giving a life lesson that you will never forget. 

6. The fittest irony is, you still need food to get back into shape. 

Ironical quotes, phrases, and sayings

7. They are not jealous because you are happy… They are jealous because they can’t laugh the way you do. 

8. People will hesitate to speak against you only when you’re beautiful, rich, or both. 

9. Having big dreams is not enough, it’s better to have your own dreams. 

10. We can blame God for not giving us something that we asked for.  But, we can not blame Satan for letting us do something that we shouldn’t do. 

11. People love those who don’t love them back, help them who never asked for. But, completely ignore the one who really needs love and help, actually. 

12. If you take a close look you see that every war that ever fought on the earth is to keep the peace. That’s ironic. 

13. That person has tried to change you for your good, but it cost you that person to realize that you should have changed a lot earlier.  

14. No matter what, these people still prefer the attractive physique over unconditional love, a pure heart, and genuine feelings.

15. Everything good for us actually looks bitter… and everything bad for us actually looks appealing. 

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Final thoughts: 

So, what do you think of these ironic quotes? Do you find one or more from that which describes your present situation, perfectly? Or the one that leaves a deep impact on you? 


Share your thoughts about this irony of life quotes with us. Because we really want to know if we succeed in sending our life message to you or not?