How To Respond To Hey On Tinder

How To Respond To “Hey” On Tinder [15 Ways With Best Examples]

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 07:34 pm

You’ve been waiting for your tinder match to reply and all you get is just, “Hey!”

That’s really heartbreaking and confusing. For guys as well as for girls.  

But don’t get discouraged. 

Further, you’ll learn how to respond to “Hey” on tinder to prevent the conversation from becoming boring, even after the first message wasn’t perfect as you expect. 

Yes, with some unique replies and approaches you can still make it an engaging chat.  


Best Responses To “Hey” On Tinder

When you’re just confused there, not sure what to do after getting “Hey” or “Hello”, these are some best ways to respond to your match. 

First, you don’t need to feel that your match has no interest, if they were, they wouldn’t have sent you this message. 

This list brings you creative, funny and better replies to your tinder match on ‘Hey’.

Pick a way to respond that feels more relevant (and engaging) based on your expectations plus the type of person they seem to be.

Best Responses To Hey On Tinder

1. You can just give “Hey” back to your tinder match. 

Nothing to be shy of sending just ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello’ back at them.

Take this way, your match wants it to be relaxed and friendly, so you reply with the same energy.

It’s just a cute way to respond to a ‘Hey’ text from your tinder match. 

Alternatively, you can make your response like:

  • “Hey, (Your match’s name)!!”
  • “Hi, I’m glad that we’re matched now!”
  • “Hey to you, as well!”
  • “Hola, Hello, Hi!”
  • “Well, Hello, there!”


2. Add some questions, like when you meet someone around. 

Possible that your match also wants to start the conversation, but doesn’t know how.

So they just sent you, ‘Hey’ on tinder.

Well, they’ve taken the first step anyway, now you can reply by asking some questions as a response to them. 

You can ask regular questions like: 

  • “Hi, What’s up?”
  • “Hello, good to hear from you. What are you doing?”
  • “I’m excited, and I hope you are as well. Are you?”
  • “Hey, how are you doing today?”
  • “Are you having a good day so far?”

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3. Thank them or compliment your tinder match. 

When a guy or girl you just met on tinder, sends you a ‘Hey’, you can also thank them for matching or just share something complimentary.

Well, complimenting your match could be the best way to start a conversation after a regular introduction. 

Use such good responses like these examples: 

  • “I’m happy that we’re matched finally, how are you feeling?”
  • “In your picture, you look cute. And, you’re witty in your bio. Great combo!”
  • “I’m impressed with the way you write your bio.”
  • “So, you’re the funny guy, huh? I feel that in your profile.”
  • “Such a straightforward and honest tinder bio, you’ve.”

how to respond to hey from a girl


4. Find a relevant topic from their bio to lead the conversation.

You can learn a lot from your match’s profile. Regarding, who your match is and the type of connection they’re seeking on tinder.

Refer to their profile, to learn their interests, their personality, and preferences. 

Here are some examples of how to respond to Hey based on their images or tinder bio:

  • “Wow, you’ve been to Paris! My dream destination to visit.”
  • “I see that we both have similar music interests, that’s cool!”
  • “You and your dog both look cute in that picture.”
  • “If I’m not wrong, you’re a family man, right?”
  • “Hey, I was also in the same city, now I’ve moved on.”


5. Focus on the common ground: your mutual interests.

When you don’t know what to discuss or how to respond to ‘Hey’ text on tinder, a good place to start is your common hobbies and interests.

Hopefully, they’ve mentioned it in the bio. 

The following examples can help you get started if you have a similar interest: 

  • “No way, you’re a bungee jumper. I tried just once.”
  • “I love nature, too. Getting in the woods and exploring the real beauty of the earth.” 
  • “Your interest in the arts brings me here, you’ve got some great photos, though.” 
  • “There’s just one thing that catches my attention, Guess what?”
  • “I’m also hoping to visit those on my next vacation.”

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6. Ask some fun questions about your match as a fresh start.

No rush when you only know what’s in their profile. Before getting further, ask some good questions to get to know them.

The only right questions are your support when they’ve not shared enough ‘about me’ in their bio. 

With questions like these, you encourage your match to speak freely and take you seriously:

  • “I have a question: Have you created this profile by yourself or hired a dating expert?”
  • “What is your go-to music for the long ride?”
  • “What is something that you admire the most in someone?” 
  • “Do you enjoy playing electric guitar or acoustic?” 
  • “How long have you been using tinder?” 


7. Play question games to flow conversation both ways. 

When a girl just shares your just ‘hey’ on tinder, she wants you to bring this conversation to a fun level. and, playing some chat or question games would be a good idea. 

To make it a fun first interaction, there are some good question game ideas, that we already have on our site: 

how to respond to hey from a guy


8. Share some funny replies to Hey to you tinder match.

It might feel like ‘Hey’ is a conversation closure, but it’s still not.

Having a hilarious response to Hey shows that you got a sense of humor.

Share something that makes your match laugh out loud and sends you a good response next time.

Here are some funny responses to “Hey” on tinder:

  • “Hey, let’s see how far we can go with this?”
  • “To be honest I have never gotten so ‘sexy Hey’ this before.”
  • “Seriously, that’s how you treat a guy who can be your dream date.”
  • “No this time you- a girl will come with a proper response.”
  • “Thank you so much for making my day!”
  • “Oh, here you’re. I finally found you?”
  • “If you’ve been two minutes late, I might have another match.” 
  • “Dear, you have taken a long time. Sorry, better luck next time.”
  • “Ok, what next?”


9. When you feel it right, try some pickup lines on your tinder match. 

Pickup lines are a great way to get a conversation going. But still, these aren’t the best ways to start a conversation.

Avoid using cheesy lines, instead, you better come up with unique lines that fit the situation, precisely. 

You can find more flirty and good pick-up lines here: 


10. Give an innovative response to ‘Hey’ with emojis. 

While texting, emojis are a way to show off your emotions.

Especially in tinder conversation, you better know how you creatively use emojis to make it more engaging and enjoyable.

Some of the examples are as:  

  • “🙌 Hey, good to meet you here.”
  • “For that, I’m giving you a 👏 “
  • “Hey, there🗿?”
  • ‘Your profile is simply 👌.”
  • “😪, I expect something more.”
  • “When you see my match request:🤦‍♀️. When i see your ‘Hey’🤦‍♂️.”

Reply with emojis to your tinder match


11. Make it a sarcastic response, but be careful. 

If you don’t get what can be the good tinder openers, then respond with an ironic response.

Share some sarcastic responses showing that you’re not happy, but they’re cute so you let them go with the message ‘Hey’.

But watch out not to offend your match, you just want to keep it honest. Examples:

  • “I’ve been waiting for your response and all I get is ‘Hey ‘. That’s not fair.”
  • “I hate to say this but you just broke my heart.”
  • “That could make someone hopeless in the dating game, you know that?”
  • “Do you feel any shame to share such regular interactions?”
  • “Hey, Nice to meet with you…Ok, Bye!”

Next, you also need some original and funny things to say to a girl on tinder to keep her engaged in a convo.


12. Better reply with creative responses to “Hey” on tinder.

Instead of placing yourself under pressure, know how to get creative with your ways to respond to hey.

This way you make memorable replies and something that they can’t resist but interact with you at a great level next time. 

Here are some creative replies you can respond with:

  • “If you do this again with me, I’m not playing anymore.” 
  • “How would you respond when someone on tinder texts just ‘Hey’?”
  • “Come on! I didn’t want to start it this way.”
  • “Hey, I’m waiting for you to add something more.” 
  • “I know English, so you can go ahead. I’m listening.”

Responses to hey for guys on tinder


13. Try some variations and alternatives when replying to ‘Hey’.

How you interact with your match for the first time does count, whether you’re on Tinder for friends or dates.

Take a look at this some friendly and good responses you can give to your match.

What else you can reply to your match, normally:

  • “Hi, finally you get time to reply, right?” 
  • “What a surprise, I’m just about to send you a message.”
  • “Happy that at least a girl has sent some message.”
  • “Hey. Now it’s your turn.” 
  • “Hi, you’ve no idea how excited I’m to meet you.” 


14. Discuss your preferences- your purpose to be on tinder.

Forget about the perfect start. You better act normal and start a conversation like you always should.

You can discuss your interests or goals and their preferences, it works for you both. 

After some early interaction, you can ask such important questions to your tinder match: 

Responses to hey for girls on tinder


15. Go with the flow and Start slow.

Come on, it’s just hey. Nothing else. You don’t have to expect things to be perfect. Everyone has their way to present themselves.

When your match only texts you ‘Hey’ on tinder, know that he or she prefers to have some time to get to know you better.

Maybe this person is either serious about this connection or shy. 

And, you better be flexible by responding in such ways: 

  • “Hi. I’m well, how about you?”
  • “I like your name actually, what’s the story behind it?”
  • “Hey, Let’s share two lines about each other. I’ll start. So, I’m…”
  • “Let’s share some good reasons why we’ve swiped right on each other.”

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How To Respond To “Hey Beautiful” On Tinder

When guys start with “Hey cutie” or “Hey beautiful”, not every time they compliment you, but also try to flirt with you. 

But, whether that’s your style or not, you can give them some tight responses showing that you’re not impressed or liked it. Such as:

How To Respond To Hey Beautiful On Tinder

  • “Hey, handsome!”
  • “And, how many girls did you send the same text message to?” 
  • “You’re such a cute guy, I didn’t expect that.”
  • “Well, I’m beautiful. But this feels no good to me.”
  • “Can you explain what you find good about me?” 
  • “Thank you, but we’re just friends!”
  • “I don’t think this is the right way to start a good chat.” 
  • “That’s good to know you, Bye!”

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How To Respond To “Hey Handsome” On Tinder

Well, but this works differently for guys. When instead of keeping it limited to ‘Hey’, a girl sent you. ‘Hey handsome’ on tinder, better reply with some special and nice replies.

How To Respond To Hey Handsome On Tinder

  • “Oh, thank you very much.” 
  • “Hey, cutie. How are you?”
  • “Thank you for boosting my confidence.” 
  • “With this message, you make my day, thanks.” 
  • “So, what can this handsome man do for you?” 
  • “What’s the order for this handsome, Miss beautiful?”
  • “I knew it, you’ve got a better taste.”
  • “That’s cute. Dear.”
  • “I’m handsome and you’re beautiful. That’s called a match!” 

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When your tinder match sends you ‘Hey’, no need to overreact or feel confused.

Understandably, not everyone is comfortable sending a flirty message to say that “Hey, I’d like to date you tonight” or that “I’ve been crushing on you since I first saw your profile”. Not every time.

Some people do well with a simple and regular approach. 

Maybe they’re shy to open up too much, or they need to get to know each other before opening up… because remember, you two are still strangers. 

Not everyone feels such a great level of comfort with someone they just met or matched.

When they take time to grow a connection, that’s not a problem. 


So, next time when you get the same, be patient before you respond to “Hey” on tinder whether it’s from a girl or guy.

Share your positive response or creative ones. Let them know you’re a good match truly.

Ask the right questions and provide good responses, too. And, with small efforts and respect through they feel comfortable opening up with you.